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My low carb venture! :)

Hi everyone!! - Thought I should come & say hi seen as i'm currently doing my own low carb/vlcd... I've tried all kinds of vlcd shakes etc & although I lose loads initially as soon as i come off plan my old habits return and i gain it all back again. This time i'm doing it different, i've gone down the route of small high protein, loads of salad type meals (basically just healthy eating) instead of shakes, and as the 1st week I started low carbing i was already in ketosis (as i'd just done a week on lipotrim) I've found it quite easy as my hunger was already curbed, being in ketosis really is a big help to me!! :) I do realise doing it myself my weight loss will be less/not as quick than if I was on the shakes but for some reason this time I feel like its a lifestyle change which I can actually stick to, so hopefully, this will be the 'healthy EATING' plan that will help me finally become slim & healthy!!! :) x
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sounds like ur doin well, i have thought of doing this instead of mrp but i dont have the discipline yet! i would end up havin a bit of mayo and then maybe just a cpl of fries and then just one meal off and then a day off and then....etc etc!!

welldone for having such good self control!
Hi... My intentions are to join a gym just after easter, for now though my exercise is mainly lots more walking than I normally do & Just Dance 2 on the wii. Although it doesn't seem like much I've actually gone from almost zilch in the form of excercise to this so i think it does help!! - A typical meal plan is as follows: Breakfast- 2 boiled eggs (or a mrp shake that i've still got left!), Lunch- tin of tuna, handful of frozen broccoli & cauli florets, half an onion & maybe some diced peppers (I kinda just mix them all together, its actually one of my favourite meals!!) Dinner: Chicken or ham salad... I now an then have a piece of fruit too which is the thing I love about doing a low carb diet instead of a full mrp!!! x x x
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Good luck with the weight loss! Sounds good. I'm doing Lighter Life Lite (so three foodpacks, one protein rich meal), but hope once I've lost the weight to maintain by sticking to a predominantly low carb diet. I just feel so much healthier without carbs!

I think your meals sound great. Do you allow yourself any dressing to give it some taste though? Balsamic vinegar on tuna is my fave.

Hope you continue to do well, fantastic losses so far. I can only dream of 10lb losses! xxx

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