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My "mega meaty" pizza


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I had a go at makeing my own pizza tonight useing the warburtons wraps, i used quite a few pp on it as i had a late breakfast,and wasnt really hungry at dinner time, so knew i could make points up with the pizza ... here is what i used ...
hot and spicy chicken
Plain chicken
WW cheese
Black pepper

Total pro points ... 17

I found 6 slices of pepperoni was enough and cut them in half, and just spread them out on the wrap
the chicken i brought in the "ready to eat" packets, and just broke them up into peices

It was very filling, and i could only eat half of it at tea time lol

Next time i will cut back on the chicken, and maybe add some sausage :D

Not the best pic, but you can see how chunky it was

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Looks delicious!!!
Mmmmmmmm will need to try that!! :)

I usually put passata with onions, herbs and garlic. Tear up some ham and dollop on some garlic and herb philli and only a tablespoon of grated cheese. Keeps it to about 6pp an tastes delish, not as filling mind you but nice for lunch!! Or could do with dinner if served with a salad!x
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I had been making my own pizza using the ww pitta bread, very small though but someone suggested using these wraps instead and after looking at yours im deffo getting some on my next shopping trip!


Anna here :D xxx
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oooh looks yummy :) xxx


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Oooo this looks yummy :)
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^ how many pp are ww wraps?

wow looks well tasty how many pro points in the warbuton square wrap and can u get them from sainsburys? xxx
How do you make them please?
Me and hubby had them the other night and they were gorgeous! I just grilled one side of the wrap then spread some tomato puree on the other side, sprinkled some cheese on then topped it with mushroms, peppers and onions then popped it back under grill. You can basically through what you want on it. I might try them in the oven next time though cause the ends went a little bit too crispy, still delicious though!
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Could you use the WW wraps instead?
I wouldn't recommend using the WW wraps, they've very thin compared to the warburton ones, and I've heard tales of them catching fire a little!

For the extra 1pp I highly recommend using the warburton wraps - they're SO worth it.

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