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[heB] 2 Nimble Toast
Cup of Tea

Pot Noodle sachet (syns?)

Quorn Sausage and veg curry
Roasted Aubergine, BNS and Sweet Potatos

Melon and Berries
2x Pink n White 5 syns

Options wicked white hot chocolate (YUK!!)

Oooh, I really didn't like that white hot chocolate, but I drank it all anyway lol never again. I have had an amazing day and my food today has been pretty good I think? I don't no how many syns in butter or the curry pot noodle sachet I had but I think maybe 1.5 syns. I found two curry recipies in the latest SW magazine and mixed them together to make the ultimate free on green curry! It was hot hot hot... even my dad liked it. Have some left over for tomorrow too :)
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I assume you'll be doing EE or green looking at your menu? Your pot noodle curry sachet is free on green and EE. :D You've made some good healthy choices through out the day :)

If doing EE you need to try and have some more fruit/veg/superfree at each meal or 1/3 of your day overall.

What did you have on your toast? dry toast? What about a mashed banana, that way toast is topped AND its some superfree too :) Also you've not noted a Healthy Extra A at all that I can see? This is important for calcium.

Syns - your options sachet is 2.5 - 3 syns.

Basic/Non Branded Foods Butter, full fat 1 level tsp

2 Syns on Extra Easy Original 2 Syns Green 2 Syns

A good day. Glad to see you enjoyed the recipes and keep going! You'll do well :)
Thank you for the info Lexie!! I have never ever thought about having mashed banana on my toast.. guess what i'm having for breakkie tomorrow :D I am trying to do red and green days when I work, and EE days on my day off. I find it difficult keeping to just one HEB on EE when i'm working.

I did SW a long time ago, but didn't do many red days at all, because I didn't know what to put with the meat lol salad didnt fill me up. But this time around i've been following recipies and i've found new foods that I have never ever tried before, Butter nut squash and aubergine being my top two new favourites!

I assume Sweet Potato is green day?

Today was a green day and I was working a late shift so had my main meal mid-day.


[heB] 2 X toast + butter (1 syn)

Left over veg curry filled with green beans, tomatos, BNS, courgettes etc

Pot noodle sachet
[heB2] 2 x Nimble bread + butter (1 syn)
Pink N White (2.5)

Options Hot Choc (2.5 syns)

I really hate my late shifts as I have my main meal at mid-day, and i'm usually hungry by the time dinner time comes and everyone else is eating main meals! but my pot noodle and bread hit the spot nicely, i'm just home now and I am feeling a bit peckish, but i've a headache so going to bed with my hot choc :) Really loving slimming world!
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