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My mouth tastes like a cowpat

Just been and brushed my teeth (again) feels a bit better now!


is gonna do it!!
It's bloody awful innit! I get really para about it!! especially at work!
Oh well, thats the price we will have to pay to look good!!
You lot been licking cows bums again? teehee.

I use a smokers toothpowder called "eukryl" and its amazing. I use it before my normal toothpaste, and it's like power washing your teeth.

Yum xx
Oooh, I think I might look out for that Leah, thank you!
I know what you mean, my mouth feels blah today, no amount of water or chewing gum is getting rid, just wont get close to anyone whilst talking, I might knock them out
Thanks Leah, good idea.

Excuse the rhyming, I couldn't resist.

I,ve just been to visit my 7 month old niece. She smiled at auntie but as soon as I held her close to gave her a kiss, she started crying and looking around for her mum.

Scaring small children? That's not a side effect I forsaw.:ignore:
Ah, made me lol :)

I also used to gargle with mouthwash everytime i had a pee (lets face it, its quite often on VLCDs aint it). ooooh, and those mouth freshning films you can get - made by extra and listerine and such.
Just a friendly warning! Dont use the smokers toothpaste too often as it is quite abrasive to your teeth, infact it can sometimes cause the teeth to pick up more staining than before ( that way you continue to buy it) its ok as occasional use:) i just use mouthspray or moutwashx
Someone please tell me what gum I can go and buy!!!! I never knew we could have it on Cambridge (not really sure why though??) is it any kind of sugar free you can have???

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