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My name's Kate & I'm a scalesaholic!!!

Ok so I've got serious scales issues. Got to the point I even swapped the bettery with the one from the smoke alarm because I thought it must be duff!

I know its bad as weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day & day to day but I still feel I have to know!

Anyhow 9lb off week 1 of SS & not cheated once (although I did dream about eating bread & woke up feeling very guilty!) That makes 16lb in 3 weeks if I include my 2 low carb weeks before CD.

So anyone else who was a scalesaholic & has any tips to quit I'd love to hear from you!

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If you live with someone get them to hide the scales or give them to someone you know, then go once a week to be weighed on your scales at their house.
I weigh myself everyday.... BUT I accept that somedays their are big variables....

Sometimes it can be strange to see a 2lb gain for no apparent reason... But I know it's my body's water so it doesn't worry me....

If I locked my scales up I would pine!


The Diet Guy
Weighed myself twice a day when I was on the diet and I still weigh every morning having finished it 18 months ago now. It is important to weigh BUT as long as you realise that the scales fluctuate and hence looks at the results over weeks and not hours :)

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:sign0007: I'm a compulsive weigher too. Despite all the advice I've ever given anyone about not weighing, I can't stop myself from doing it. I think it's because, last year, I was on my CD 'golden time' - never waivered, never slipped and KNEW I'd have a reasonable result every week. So I didn't need to weigh to know things were happening.

Now I'm struggling big time and I can't believe that I'll ever see the numbers drop by any appreciable amount ever again ... so I 'keep looking'. I really think I've lost the plot!
Yeah I must say i weigh myself every morning, sometimes before i go to bed too. Can't go a day without my scales!

I must say though they only give me a rough idea about how i have done cos my home scales are completely different to my CDC.

They do for me though, i know if i've lost or put on. Good preperation!!


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I weigh myself about 4 times a day(maybe more) I know its bad but i can't help it and i hate it when it fluctuates. Doing this keeps me on a diet especially if it says the same.

its fluctuating so much today i'm buying another.


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lol I have to admit i weigh myself 3 times a day, but when I get on my scales it say i have lost loads, but when i get on my cdc scales i have not lost as much as i thought.


jelly belly
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i to am a secret scalesaholic lol
very obsessed with weighing myself
every time i go to the loo i weigh

kaz :D
Yeay! Its not just me! I thought everyone else had loads of discipline & could weigh in just once a week. Thank you everyone for sharing your secret! Think I might carry on, just in the morning, to get my fix. I do fully understand that it fluctuates.

Thanks also to the kind people who gave me suggestions on what I could do with the scales. I think once I've finished I might smash them up with a lump hammer & just go off how my clothes fit. Until then... I'm a scalesaholic!


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I'm really bad, i weigh myself at least 4-5 times a day lol. I only get a rough idea though. Last week i thought i'd lost 7lbs but i had actually lost 11lbs by the cdc scales.

Roz x


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Ok the million dollar question!! Has anyone weighed themselves, had a number 2 and then weighed themselves again!! ???


I can do this.
i used to weigh every day, but i've got it down to twice a week now, not to bad,


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S: 14st3lb C: 13st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.02%)
Yes number 2 then weigh( number 1 also) maybe TMI but i like to do it in the nude so my clothes won't put on some.

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