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my nephew walked straight past me......

iv not really seen my family for a while :( and have lost about nearly 3 st since i did :). i was at my local shopping centre today and my nephew walked straight past me as he didnt recognise me! :party0011::party0011:surprisingly, it felt great that he did cos it goes to show how much iv changed over the last 2 months!

even better is that the size 18 top i just bought has to go back as its far to big but the size 16 trousers fit great, its just so hard to realise im getting smaller. as much as i know the pounds r falling and the inches r less, i still see myself as bigger than i actually am, its so confussing, but bloody fantastic! xx :party0038:
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thank u! its all so strange, iv not been this size and weight for over 5 yrs! :) how r u finding the programme becky? xx


constantly confused
Congratulations! Hope it helps your brain catch up with your body :D

Now you have a very handy way of hiding from people you don't want to see :silly:
aw thank u hun! and that is a very good point, il definately try it out as i often see ppl at work i dont want to see, like ex bf's so il be sure to try it out, tho maybe i should let x bfs see me! ;) xx
iv not really seen my family for a while :( and have lost about nearly 3 st since i did :). i was at my local shopping centre today and my nephew walked straight past me as he didnt recognise me! :party0011::party0011:surprisingly, it felt great that he did cos it goes to show how much iv changed over the last 2 months!

even better is that the size 18 top i just bought has to go back as its far to big but the size 16 trousers fit great, its just so hard to realise im getting smaller. as much as i know the pounds r falling and the inches r less, i still see myself as bigger than i actually am, its so confussing, but bloody fantastic! xx :party0038:
fantastic :D

takes the brain a while to catch up with the shrinking body.....:rolleyes: but it will get there !!!

you doin great !

Debz x
its so nice to hear ppl say that, thank u debz! yeah im sure it will catch up in time, its just not something i thought about til now lol tho i have been told its something we all go through so at least i know im not a weirdo lol. thanks again debz, i appreciate your support :) xx
Thats fantastic Sarah. Funny you should say his as I just posted on my Weigh In thread the same thing: I don't see myself clearly. Never have....I hope to one day.....but I agree, it gets very confusing when your mind sees one thing, and others describe another. Can play games with your head, and every now and then I need a real reality check.

I hope the brain catches up as others said. I thought mine had done OK, but realise, there is still a lot of room to grow into sound mind!! :D

You are doing great honey, and it is so wonderful when someone walks past you. That has happened to me three times - one was an ex-slimming world buddy, and then two co-workers in different departments at work that I used to see in the smoking area. It makes me giggle. And then, it makes me laugh out loud when you see them that one time when the light finally switches on.

Keep up the good work Sarah. And definately - DEFINATLY let the ex's see you!!! :D ;)

BL....u make me smile everytime! u r great! im glad we think the same cos its another sign that all this strange thinking is normal and not me going round the bend :)

when my nephew saw me, my sister was there too and i was holding a size 18 top which she loved and i love, but i felt really embarrassed cos it was a size 18 and part of me knew it should have been a size 16 and she knew it too cos she knew i was a size 18 b4 losing 3 stone so we both knew it would be too big but she didnt say anything and i didnt change it. not that i could as it was the only one there so i might keep it and get it taken in as its gorgous!! i swear she thinks iv gone doo lally :) part of me is scared what ppl r gonna say or what they think, especially family who havent seen me for a while.

did u tell ppl u were on LL?

No Sarah - I didn't tell very many people at all. Only the "need to know". I told my manager, in case I had a funny spell at work in the early days, I wanted her to know what I was doing. My husband obviously and his parents as we go over there quite a lot. Oh, and one other close friend at work as I felt I needed someone "safe" to speak to during work time, etc. Other then that - no one. Not until we went to America in May for my moms 90th birthday.

I didn;t want everyone policing what I was doing, so kept it very private.

Now the cat is out of the bag. By the time I went on holiday I had lost 5 stone, and only a small number of people at work commented on it. Then while I was away in America for a month, I had lost another stone and a helf by the time I came back. That was a few weeks ago, and when I came back to work, the jaws ht the desks....they could not help but notice. So, I have been inunndated with nice comments, even some strangers have sought me out to congratulate me, which is nice, but its all pretty overwhelming, when you are used to hiding in the back of , well, life really - to all of a sudden having people shout across the room about losing weight and looking great, etc., yeah - can be overwhelming. But in a good way. And as I now have new confidence - I can cope with the public awareness that has taken place, and I can now talk about the diet with people, and even how I got to the size I was.....which I could never hardly say out loud to my own reflection.....so that is huge for me.

I guess there really is something to the brain catching up. This is a whole new experience being the latest "buzz" around a very large office, and being OK with that......its a whole new thing indeed.

You are not alone, and you are not crazy. :D

oh thank u for sharing that with me, i really appreciate it x

the start of your story is a mirror image to mine, iv only told a guy at work, steve as i work with him in the mornings and he is like 'the daddy' of everyone so looks after u. he thinks im doing great but shouldnt get too slim!! then i told sandra at work as i work with her in the afternoons, she thinks im very strong to do this, she eats everything in sight but is a size 12, lucky woman :). i only told them cos like u said, if i were to have a funny spell, they would know why. i also told the in laws as myself and fiance's mum always talk about diets and i hope she will join LL as she is 20st and wants to lose it but dont know how as she finds it hard to lose weight. then of course i told my fiance as i couldnt do this without his support, hez been fantastic, so supportive which isnt like him as he dont really think like that lol but hez been great :) but iv now told my sister, i didnt want to but had to cos wen i last went out with her, i didnt drink, just had water which isnt our usual girls night out! she was thinking i was maybe expecting, something along those lines so i had to put her straight as i cant actually have children now. ivf was our last hope 2 yrs ago but sadly that ended as a twin ectopic which very very nearly killed me, so i had to tell her as pregnancy is part of my life that i have put to rest, in many ways! so, after i told her, i get a mixed reaction from her, not quite sure what to make of what she thinks just yet. BUT other than those, iv not told anyone tho ppl are noticing, some ppl know something has changed but dont know what so i get told 'aw, your looking well' lol. i dont know when to make it common knowledge, i dont think id like the attention of everyone asking about it and so on, id find that hard at the moment. maybe when i get my head round it more il feel different, after all, im only week 6 so i still got a long way to go yet til i reach my goal of 10st!

its nice to know im not alone, cos i know that u, and the other guys here will know exacly where im coming from as well as where iv been! :) xxxx
sorry for the essay! i ramble on at times :0 x
Maybe you will inspire your mother in law Tell her it is not as scary as she might think. I was 20 stone when I started in January and have lost just about 7 stone. What she needs to come to realise, is that this diet and sacrficing food is just a blink of an eye in the time span of a lifetime....its so worth it. Its temporary, and all she loves will be waiting for her at the end, if she still wants it. I think personaly my tastes are going to change after haveing cleansed my pallette from all the naughty stuff! Thats what I am planning on anyway!

WHo knows though - when she sees it falling off you, she may get fired up!

Good luck!
its good to say whats in your thoughts, even if no one is listening, it gets it out the mind.

i do hope my mother in law to be does get inspired because i know how much she suffers. if its ok with u, im gonna tell her about u and how u started at simular weight to her and have got to 7st loss! i dont think she thinks its achievable, but u have proved it is!!! i know the cost is a big thing for her so my partner and i have said that if she wants to do it, we r gonna see if we can help to fund it, will have to wait until im off it tho cos we cant afford to fund me and her at same time. im sure by then she will be very keen to at least give it a go :) xx
By all means hon, tell her. I felt EXACTLY the same way she did. I thought I wouild NEVER be slim. Was very close to very sadly accepting that fact when I learned about LL.

Foe me, it really truly is that "magic pill" I had prayed existed.

Please tell her, there is no price too high for good health and well being. And stress how fast it goes. And how easy it is. Honestly - I never ever EVER in a million years thought I could go without food - good god, it was my lifeline! So, if I can do it, anyone can.

She is probably very scared. I was. Its very daunting to have 10 stone to lose, when all other conventional means had proved impossible (for me) to do. But if she really wants it, then she can have it. It is possible.

Honestly - if she has ANY questions, Idon't mind her even emailing me directly. Just let me know, and if she does I will get my email addy to you.

You can'thelp but feel very evangelical about this diet. But I know she is suffering and I know she is in pain - regardless if she says contrary. It is probably the very last thoguht on her mind at night as she lays her head down, and the first as she wakes. i know what its like, and if I can help, I am more then happy too.

She's lucky tohave you and her son, and your offer to help her is very kind.

I hoe she will consider it. It really will change her life and make the impossible become a reality.

Keep me posted hon!



Silver Member

I can only agree with BL. But also you know and I know and everyone on here knows that is someone told us about the diet 6 months before we started we would have told them they were insane. It took me some time from when I first found out about LL to actually start it. I had to make peace with the fact that it was what I wanted. I think wanting to loose the weight is the very big issue and I wanted it more than anything.

I am sure your mother in law will watch in awe as you start dropping more and more weight but it may take her some time to pluck up the courage to go for it. I am sure you will be there as an encouragement through her curious phase and an even bigger encouragement when she decides to start.

I keep saying its the best thing I have ever ever done and it is. I look good and feel good and am so happy :D
And the US Blonde :):):):)
:eek: I know. ALWAYS has been my problem.

Every time I start a new job, I go in with the attitude, "Right. NO ONE here knows ANYTHIGN about me. I am going tok eep it that way - and be a mysterious woman."

That lasts until the first fag break. Then it all comes spilling out!!! Can't stop myself!!! :D :rotflmao:

At least you didn't add South Africa too to the list!!! :p:D
could someone tell me wot ll actually is and how it works am doin cambridge just now but would like to know other options out there thanks and well done to all off you so far x

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