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My new life starts here!

Hi all,

I am starting on CD TODAY!!!! Very exciting. Tried it briefly in summer 2009 but gave up after about a 1 stone loss for a variety of reasons...including that my CDC wasn't very supportive- just defensive and dismissive, and I also ran low on money!!!:)

So I started today. I have a fantastic new CDC who started this day last year and lost the exact same amount of weight as I want to. Freaky coincidence or what?!?!

So, here I am with a little over 6 stone of weight to lose, at the age of 25, and starting my new life....TODAY!!! Please post!

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Perseverance is key
Good luck hun :) im 25 and ive got about 6 and a half stone to lose so it'll be a long journey but I will get there!! Im on day 4 now and its going really well so far :D its very exciting indeed! xx
Day 3- and it's not going well. At all.

I feel crap. I'm craving food- anything. Nightmare.

I just ate tofu- which I love. Thought it might not be too bad as literally no carbs/sugars/fat.

Feeling very crap and disappointed with myself. Have done porridge and shake and 2 litres of water today. Now drinking 3rd litre.

Finished 3rd litre of water- might try for a 4th as feeling ok. Made crisps with vegetable soup pack- they were FANTASTIC! Less crisp-like- more huge biscuits but absolutely fantastic. Will now soak in the tub and stop feeeling awful because of the tofu.
Hey there, cute name missShoes - we share a passion!

Put your head down and dig in my lovely; if everything we wanted in life was easy, we would never, ever feel satisfaction! As I keep saying it has been your choice to embark on this diet and so you can't let yourself down??

Do what I do, everytime I feel weak I go distract myself and talk it through in my head......

Chin up, your doing super well making a start....I'll check in tomorrow!! xx
Hi MissShoes, I have got my first meeting with a councellor tonight. Am terrifed at the moment...I am so desperate to do well, but so scared I will fail at this like I have every other diet!

The most daunting part is when I reach the slump a few days in...

Good luck, and don't feel so bad about the tofu! I wish I could kick myself over eating some tofu, mine is usually a whole pack of chocolate hobnobs!
Thanks for the replies- I'm trying to stay focused (although today I did become obsessed with chocolate as it was sitting right in front of me and everyone was eating it- if i could eat anything it's be cheese or potatoes, not chocolate- but I'd have killed for it!)

Water has been an issue today- so only on 2nd litre now and aiming for 4. Eek!

Weighin on Saturday...not feeling positive at all and feeling quite isolated. Seems like a huge uphill struggle- although I know all the things I crave or feel deprived of will be waiting for me in 4 or 5 months!

Sob...sigh... :cry:
Oh shoes, bless you! Try not to think about it as a life sentence, you'll only be doing this for a few months like you said and everything you crave now will still exist the otherside! I haven't even started Day 1 yet, but I know my biggest fear is going to be those few dark, dark, lonely days. But they will pass and so will yours. xxx

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