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My New Years comparrison pics

Well last new years I looked awful in all my pictures so much so the ones I didn't delete wern't to bad compaired to the ones I did!!

I swore that come this new years I would be in a black dress & be nice & slim & boy did I feel good this year :D :D

I didn't get a full length one from new years but have one from a few weeks previous.

Thought i'd add my pics now as I am happily maintaining the 4stone loss after I took target 6 months ago :D

Then this years pics

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Amazing job, you look so good! :) Well done!
:wow: well done u look amazing :happy096:
You look like a totally different person in the face! Looking svelt, love your skirt in the last pic too :)

big bear

A bear on a mission!
You are looking good girl...well done on getting to target in 6 months just goes to show you if you stick to it the weight drops off.

I've 3 stone to lose & that's only (lol) 7lbs a month very doable...

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
You're so beautiful - that's the first thing I noticed in all of your pictures.

Well done, hun xx

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
Wow you look absolutely amazing!!!! What an inspiration to stay on plan. Thank you for sharing
Thank you so much to you all for the lovely compliments!! I am blushing sat here!!! :eek:

Great photo's. You must be so chuft:D
Any advice/tips?? 4 stone in 6 months is amazing and to maintain too x x
Hi - I don't have any big tips other than when I first started I would plan my meals for the week so I wasn't rushing about trying to figure out what I could have on the day. Also made sure I wrote everything down as I ate it so I knew exactly how many syns I had had :)

Well done you!!! You are a very pretty girl!!!
Any tips how to loose 4st in 6 months????? how did you manage syns allowance, on the weekly basis or daily???
I always do my syns daily - and 9/10 time would say I def have between 10-15 a day :)

You look really good! Much less "puffy" if you like in the face :D sorry if that sounded mean haha but its really noticable which is fab!
Not mean at all - I reckon I was resembelling the michlin tyre man!! lol

You're so beautiful - that's the first thing I noticed in all of your pictures.

Well done, hun xx
Awwww Thank you x x

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Wow look at you - you look so great hun, very well done and keep up the good work :D You're looking so much better - fantastic job :) Xxxx