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My next trip!!


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Hi guys/girls.

Not sure if any of you will remember but when i first started cd 3weeks ago i was dreading a trip i had coming up with work and knew i'd struggle to stay on cd during the trip.

Well i go tomorrow evening to Barbados for a day and night and then fly to Grenada for 3nights before flying home, the problem is all the crew view these trips as party trips and like to go out drinking all day/night on their days off and eating in lovely restaurants.

I was debating on coming off cd for these few days as i know i'll struggle and i don't want to be seen as the boring one who's not drinking, or anti social for not going out for dinner.

Crew life can be very lonely if you don't join fellow crew in whatever they are doing but have decided to take enough packs with me to cover the trip. I am dreading it and can't be bothered with all the questions about the diet so do you have any ideas as to what i can tell them?

Was going to say i'm on anti-biotics so i can't drink but i know they'll all encourage me to come out for dinner, some people just don't take no for an answer and i'd like to stay strong but not put myself in the position of telling strangers all about my diet.

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Im sorry im no help hun, but good luck in whatever you decide to do. By the way did you see that chap again??


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Hi Airgirl, many moons ago I used to fly too and I understand your problem. It is difficult to not join in with the rest. How about doing one of the higher plans for those days and have your shakes when the others are not around. You could easily have lean chicken or fish with vegetables if you go out and as for drinking say you are detoxing.

Have a wonderful trip, I wish I was going with you. Take care
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i agree with dragonfly,

My first timeon LL i stuck to it religiously, for 4 months, but the only person that knew was my OH and a friend... unfortunately i put afew pounds back on.... and have used CD to lose it this time.... this time though i haven't allowed it to affect my social life... If i was you, I'd just say avoid alcohol, have the packs for the meals you can have alone.... and than the meal you have with the crew... just have protein and salad.... and say your on a low carb diet... if the question should arise or that you had a big lunch and cant eat much else x

Hope that helps! Oh and have a fabulous trip.... sounds like heaven x
All you can say is your under the hospital as you have been having allergic reactions to food and the doctor has put you on a special diet to find out what kind of food , so as you told the hospital you will be away he has put you on is formula for the time being if you can't fool them baffle them haha


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Thanks for your responses...Susan, i haven't seen him again yet as just got back yesterday from an awful delayed New York and was shattered but he text this morn and added me as his wife on facebook...dunno what the hell that is about, but i'll update you soon!

Thanks Dragonfly and Nas...my problem is i know what i'm like with food and as i'm on a roll of good weightloss if i start eating healthy i know i'll push it and push it til i finally blow it and end up bingeing so would rather stay on packs.

Summer, thankyou think i will babble a bit about hospital/problems/allergies etc and hope that they feel they can't ask too many questions and so avoid talking about it and just accept it, lol.

Thanks for your help and wish you were all coming too..at least that way we'd all be on out packs together, lol.x


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I remember your post now about the flight from hell, did you sort you cdc out??


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Well i spoke to her husband and she is in hospital, so i hope she's ok!! I went over last night and he gave me another weeks supply, was tempted to ask him if i could jump on her scales lol but thought it was a bit cheeky so just weighed myself at boots instead. I had another cdc leave me a message and says i'm welcome to start going to her when i'm back if my one is still not well.x


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Wow, he's a bit keen isn't he?????!!!!

Now to the original problem...I'd say stick to low carb, I have been doing mostly low GI this week and have still lost lbs. If you think you can let yourself go and then manage the first 3-4 days getting back into ketosis then do that.

I'm also really glad you sorted your packs out, well done :D
Ha ha i know Penny, i accepted it so now my profile says we're married, when i asked him why he did that he said 'i thought you'd like it' but i find that kinda patronising, almost like well you need so much reassurance i'll put you as my wife..maybe i'm being a bit harsh on him but i'm not a charity case he needs to feel sorry for, he'd of been better off saying it was just a laugh...grr i dunno, think he may love himself a bit and it's putting me off.x
Aww thanks Penny, yep i gonna divorce him i think..jeez married, divorced and not even snogged..whats it all about?
Have a lovely time away hun, you deserve a great time with your family.xx
Well lucky i checked my shedule..i'm in Grenada for 4 nights not 3 so won't be back til next Friday afternoon, don't know what i'll do without this site for almost a whole week!!
Oh can I join you??? I would have loved to have had a career like yours. Not sure the the pc phrase is nowadays.. Air-stewdess or Air attendant? Just to be nosey...did you start short-haul (??)flights? Meet any dishy Pilots...the ones I have known are eejits!

I would have thought in that World keeping an eye on your weight is important so they might be cool about it.

For the drink just say you are cutting it down for a while and trying to be healthy with your food. If you go out for one meal a day just have veg etc

I am great giving advice, I am WAY WAY WAY bigger than you have ever been and been doing CD for 5 and a bit weeks and only parents and sibblings know. Just hovered around food with other family. Haven't a clue how I am going to get around my birthday in August when we always throw parties or go for a meal!

Anyway... whatever you decide to do..enjoy!
Thanks EmmaLouise, i'm not very pc myself so don't mind being referred to as a trolly dolly or cart tart is the new expression but cabin crew is how they refer to us or flight attendant.
I have never done short haul as i have only ever worked for Virgin and we only fly long haul, i started of as an inflight beauty therapist...we were the only airline to have them, basically like cabin crew but instead i had a little area in the upper class section of the plane where i would do manicures/massage etc which was complimentary to our upper class passengers. In times of the credit crunch Virgin decided we were costing them too much so they made us all redundant but i transferred over to crew, it is a great lifestyle but not the job i origianally went for so i'm sticking with it for now but plan on returning to the beauty industry in the next few years!!

Most of our pilots are older, lets say and married with children etc although you wouldn't believe it by the way some of them act. Our pilots need about 10years experience flying before working for us so no nice young hot totty for me...although there are a few lurking somewhere i'm sure. I have a rule and that i don't get involved with flight deck or fellow crew....seen it get messy far too many times.

Your doing really well yourself, i hope you have a great birthday and stick with it, you'll get there.xx
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have a great trip airgirl -we'll miss you here and look forward to hearing how you got onxx
Thankyou hunni.xx


Hi Airgirl.

I think you're right - babble a bit about detoxing and allergies etc. and then change the subject. Most people love to talk about themselves, so you can easily answer a question with one for them - works every time! I've had a few meals out and managed to stick to just plain fish/chicken and salad or green veg and people just accept it as a 'health kick'.

As for the 'wife' bit, hmmm - I'd be a bit wary there....sounds like he's a bit full of himself. You can do better than that. Maybe I'm just cynical in my old age :-/
Have a good trip, you sound so committed I'm sure you will be fine x
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Hi, I know what you mean about eating anything, when I'm good I'm very very good, but when I'm bad............ I'd stick to your packs, good job you found out you'd be in Grenada for 4 nights, it would've been a bummer if you were short. Like the allergy excuse and would go for that. As for the guy....well what can I say.....I'd be backing off.... some-one did something similar to me once and said his wife....I barely knew him.. sorry to say he was a real pain in the ass when I called the relationship off....was suicidal, what a nightmare, please think about it while you're away. I really hope I'm wrong. Just wouldn't want to see you go through that cr*p, you deserve a regular guy!!! They have internet cafe's in Grenada - you could hop on when your colleagues are drinking themselves senseless. Good Luck. x