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My Online Cambridge Diet

I am restarting the cambridge diet as last week did not go to well at all:(.
I have started today and so far I have had some porridge and a choc orange milkshake, which were both quite nice.
I dont feel hungry at all as the porridge is really filling:).
Am looking forward to tonights banana milkshake.
I am also gonna put a colour in my hair to keep me busy in case I start getting bored, its when kiddies go to bed that I start thinking I want something nice to eat:rolleyes:.
So here goes my Cambridge Diet Journey. Keep your fingers crossed for me:553:.
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Good luck :D
I have the same problem; it's also once the kids are in bed that I like to think more about food - especially if hubby is snacking in front of me.
Thanks guys,
Day 2 on diet and so far have had a pint of water,
I am thinking if I have my first meal about 12 then next about 4 and then 8 o clock, I should not want to snack.
Does anyone stick to certain times when they eat or is it just as and when they have time?
Only 10 weeks until my brothers wedding and need to lose at the very least 2 stone.
Forest I know how you feel bout hubby eating in front of you, it is not nice. Last night I made my hubby stew and dumplings for tea, he still insisted on eating his body weight in chocolate afterwards, needless to say we had words and he is going to be a bit more supportive from now on.
Good luck today guys x
Hugs fatfrog - doing cambridge is hard enough without your hubby doing that - my hubby werent too bad but i found i couldnt expect him not to eat in front of me - mayne like me youl find it easier as you get into it more! xxx

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I tend to eat breakfast at about 10.30 - 11, lunch about 3 -4 and then dinner around 7-8. Once you are in the full swing of things you may be like me and not be bothered by others eating, OH sat and ate 3 cream buns that I had bought him watching tv last night whilst I drank my green tea....just didnt bother me!
Hey girls, while hubby was eating his chocolate last night I told him that in a few weeks time when I am thinner, people will look at us and think who is that SKINNY HOTTY:) with that fat bloke. He thought that was hilarious.
We shall see :) :) ;)
Fancy a little something to nibble on, so gonna go to bed with ok mag and a bottle of water. Looking at all the skinny stars will encourage me not to eat :talk017:
Good morning Day 3
Still feeling good about diet and lookin forward to WI next Tuesday.
I am really putting 100% into this, Have a good day x
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Good morning
I am on my day tree aswell so far I am doing well just have 3 CD meals a day, went to gym last night. Feeling good :)
Hi bibiana
how are you finding the diet so far? I have had 3 good days, I hope it goes well need to lose 2 stone before my lil bro gets married at easter. Want him to look back at his pix and be proud of his family rather than me being the first person that jumps out at him when he looks at the pic. :) (Plus I want all his hot mates to think 'Who is that' :):))
Good luck with day 3, we can keep each other company and motivated as we go through our CD diet journey. Take care ;)
S: 11st12lb C: 11st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:) good for you. The worst time is in he office lunch time when everybody has their lovely lunches, so I am trying to go out for walk (exercise) and burn some more calories otherwise I am doing fine. I think I got over the hunger feeling now, what I find that helps is when I start feeling hungry I have a black coffee with one sweetener and that takes that feeling away ( do not why but it does). What I am worried about is my first weekend, must not give in to temptation. Have good day :)
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Does anyone stick to certain times when they eat or is it just as and when they have time?

I usually have my breakfast at 10 when I get into work, then my lunch on lunch break at 1 and then i will have some leftover sachet at 4ish (i try not to use all of it at breakfast so I can have a "snack" during the graveyard shift) and then i will have another about 8. Needless to say - in the evenings im starving!

I understand how I have got so big as I used to have food before i went to work, when I got to work, lunch, afternoon snack and then another big meal when I got home. The day just seems too long to have just 3 times to eat!
I know exactly what you mean bout the day bein so long, I am home with my baby girl 4 days a week and I try keeping busy. I am on here bout 50% of the day so I wont want to snack. I am also halving my shakes because feeding 3 times a day is not enough for me. :)
Day 4, good morning, am having a bit of a bad day. Have had some really sad news and it has upset me a lot. Was quite tempted to just get a chocolate bar for breakfast but then realised that my babies are the most important thing in the world to me and I need to lose weight for them. I dont want to have health issues and end up having a stroke or a heart attack because of my weight, so apple and cinamon porridge her i come.

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