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My pack has at last arrived !!!

Well, they arrived today:) (after being delivered to the wrong address!). I was very eager to find out what I would be living on for the next wee while and had a chocolate orange bar for lunch. They were actually quite nice! I think they will be handy at lunchtimes when I am at work and don't have access or time to faff about with water and blenders etc.
So I am sitting here with my thai chicken soup. Positive I have made it up wrong. Measured out hot water and added it a little at a time till I couldn't see any lumps. Added chilli flakes and a bit black pepper. However there appears to be a sort of skin on the top of the soup which is full of lumps - and has now engulfed the chilli flakes. Not so hungry now:sigh:
Any tips, anyone? I need to master this as I have got them for the next couple of months....
Can't wait to try the shake. Hopefully, I'll not muck that up:wave_cry:
It's going to be a long evening. Ha!
heidi x
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Guess who's back...?
The soups take practice to avoid the froth on the top. To avoid lumps I use a hand blender but I do have the froth to put up with, that some can't stomach!

The shakes are easier... If I were you I would buy a shaker from argos or tesco or somewhere (sold next to protein shakes for bodybuilders)... then you just need to add water and shake! Bobs your uncle!

Enjoy your Exante adventure... is this your first VLCD experience? If so, keep strong in moments of temptation and you will LOVE the fast weightloss. It's incredible!

Good luck! :)

A x
Hi there and welcome, dont feel like you are mucking it up in the mixing process, these shakes and soups are not the easiest to mix. I tried pulling the blender out the first few weeks but it was such a phaff, now I just whisk them with a fork, it doesnt bother me too much as I see them more of a means to an end, a bit like medicine. Good luck x
Good luck Heidi. I use a smoothie maker for soups and shakes. The soups are a bit frothy, but I'm not that bothered about it. It just means that everything is mixed in, no yucky lumps.
I have tried everything so make them. I now use a baloon type hand blender for soups -I got 3 diff sizes in a pack in the pound shop. I keep the small one at work and put the hot water in a bowl and mix vigourously. At home I always put cold water in a pan heat it and add the mix when the water is warm not hot and then mix with a bigger hand blener. Add the chili flakes etc and mix for a bit more. This makes it really nicely and the chilli flakes get soaked in and is yummy! I even had a craving the other day for thai chicken soup!

Shakes I agree with Anna -shakers are the best it makes so eaily with no faff and never any lumps. I use the shaker and shakes if I'm in a hurry or at work etc as I prefer soups.
Thanks for all your advice - Finding the bars ok (possibly because it is solid and I am hungry!). The soup took a tragic turn as I didn't whisk enough and verging on tears, had to force it down as I was hungry and refused to waste it (can laugh about it now...not so funny yesterday!!)
Shakes taste abit....salty... don't laugh! But the strawberry one has that sort of salty/vitaminy taste to it. Whatever they taste like, I am in this long term and need to get over it quick. Those size 12 jeans will be on me by christmas, I tell you!

love heidi x ;)
day 4...getting better

had a dreadful day yesterday - really hungry, couldn't settle or sleep and thought I would starve (obviously not as I could live of my hump for at least 6 months). Not a happy bunny.
Today is better, actually. Feel that I am not food-obsessed and after a bar for breakfast and a shake for lunch I am ok. Is the beginning of this ketosis I have read so much about, I wonder?
Am totally determined to reach my target by mid december and wear something nice for those crimbo nights out. Got 2-3 stone to lose to get to target. Do-able ?
heidi x
Hi Joanne
Originally, Edinburgh but work brought us to Elgin. What about you?

I did have a lot more than 2- 3 stone to lose, but did SW, atkins etc and lost a couple of stone. Now doing this as a 'final assault' to get rid of the rest and find a way of maintaining.
You seem really determined - how long have you been on it?
Thinking about the tomato soup tonight - might add the curry powder and pretend its chicken tikka masala !!!!;)
h x
keep at it! you'll be size 12 by xmas easy :D
Let me know if it works.

Im near Glasgow although until recently was closer to Edinburgh.

Ive only been on it since Monday. Started off on Atkins, then moved to Herbalife and now giving Exante a go. We're going to Ibiza in June and would really like to be at target weight by then so hopefully this will get me there.
Sitting here with it now.....it's not bad:giggle: !!!
Better get to like it,eh?!!
You have lots of time till June - did you lose with atkins ? Having a goal of going abroad and knowing you will be on a beach/round a pool is a great motivator. Good for you. Have you been tempted to buy any clothes for it yet? I have a wardrobe of clothes with sizes that I have bought and never been able to get into (yet). I am terrible for doing that.
Ill definitely have to try that next time then.

Yeah I lost a couple of stone on Atkins but I felt as though my whole life was spent either planning what I was eating, cooking or actually eating. And I also had to count every calorie I ate coz if I was under 1200 or over 1500 I wasnt losing at all.

Lets just say Im hoping that Ill be a size 12 when Im at target, lol. Had to take advantage of the sales after all.
lol !!
Yeah, thats my thinking too...at least I never bought anything smaller than a 12 ...
Finished my soup - actually my fav now. Can def taste the curry powder (1tsp) and it's spicy. A nice change.
Oh well. better get the kids sorted and off to bed soon. packed lunches to make and clothes to sort. I'm also working tomorrow so better get myself organised.
Will update how I get on at work with my bar (hiding it from work mates) tom eve.
Speak to you all later
heidi x
day 5...a good day

Day 5...and I am not hungry. I can't believe that I am writing that - every diet I have ever been on, I have experienced hunger, but not this one. Was working today, so I think that helped keep my mind on things a bit and also even though I am just day 5, my uniform felt like it was't going to cut me in half!
Had fun having lunch with a good friend trying to tell her about the diet I was on. I don't really think many people understand the benefits - they think I am mad, so being choosy who I tell.;)
Haven't had tea yet as, to be honest I didn't feel hungry, but will have a shake later on. Feeling pretty tired, though.
heidi x
Fab stuff - just a couple of days til first weigh-in. Good luck


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