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My plans for weightloss.


I'm Curvy_lass, I'm nearly 19 and have a BMI of 35+ (according to these online BMI calculators) as I'm 5ft4 and between 14-14.7 stones (I've not weighed myself since my last SW class back in August).

I did get down to just under 13.5 stones on a Slimming World diet but coming to uni meant: (a) I couldn't afford the weekly classes
(b) I couldn't afford the huge amounts of healthy food I have to buy to keep me satisfied
(c) I don't know where my nearest session is up here in Manchester.

So, just before I break up for the Christmas holidays, I'm going to pop to my Uni doctors and get an official weight from her, but I don't intend to lose weight until after the festivities - I just don't have the right frame of mind to shift the weight yet.

In January, I'm intending to have a consultation with my doctor, hopefully getting referred to a dietician if possible and just to get some hints and tips to help change my eating/exercise habits to that of a healthier person.

I've got two issues: (1) I'm in catered halls at uni so I cannot always control my meals (although I have control at weekends).

(2) I'm having to lose weight on a budget, which I'm not sure is entirely possible. Healthy stuff just seems so darn expensive!

So, bearing that in mind...I'm only aiming to lose 1lb a week. I think to aim any higher then that, in my situation, would be a tad unrealistic! Specially given my weakened will power, but fingers crossed with the ongoing support that I know you guys will provide, and clinical support from health professionals, I should be able to shed a bit of weight, and get that dangerously high BMI down - and begin to reap the health benefits!

So, anyone else on a 'general' healthy eating, low fat/low carb and moderate exercise plan like myself? Also, am I alone in the slow weight loss?!

Would you guys mind me using this thread as outlet for my journey? My main reasons for losing the weight is for the health benefits and the confidence boost that will hopefully follow :)

This small image is me yesterday - just look at that size 18 bum :eek:

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I had my weigh in today. Initial thoughts about that stone and half I lost, has crept back on. Took me about 6 months to lose, and 2 months to put back on!!

I came in at 92.5kgs (14.6 stones) and at only 163cms tall (5ft4), that's mighty high. My BP is still normal, but will go up if I don't do something about this soon. The risk of diabetes and other horrid health problems starting increasing if the weight keeps going on.

I have a 4 week break from Uni starting this weekend, but I shall be booking an appointment with the health worker next month. She's said I can go weekly, which is handy.

She also gave me loads of information, food planners. And a useful booklet from the British Heart Foundation.

I found her helpful, informative and friendly. Big thumbs up from me. Such a shame I had to let it get THIS out of control before I did something about it eh? Ah well. :)

Just got to up that exercise ;)


Well done for plucking up the courage to do something about it now, good luck with your journey. Keep us updated with your progress! Vx
I've come across many people here who let their weight rise a lot higher than that before taking control, well done for making the decision. Uni is a difficult place to lose weight, there's a lot of sitting in lectures, libraries, at the computer etc, so any extra exercise you can squeeze in is good. Compulsory meals are a bit of a problem, but if you just have them and go for the healthier options then you should be OK. Sounds like you have great support from the health advisors there, so have a fantastic Christmas and god luck with the diet.


Queen of the Damned
Well done on weighing in, and congrats on losing. Don't get fixated on the numbers as long as you know you are dropping inches and pounds, that's what counts :cool:

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