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My poor neck. Osteo-arthritis...Any advice....

I just came back from hospital. As some of you know, I got nowhere last week with a deputy so got to see the head of the department to today after my husband chastised them for sending me home in tears!

So...that was the good news.

The bad news - my neck is ferked. :(

I definately have osteo-arthritis - This doc took the time to show mye my films and give me a detailed explanation, unlike the tw*t last week who told me to live with it. I told this doc today, it will be easier "living with it", now that I actually know what I will be living with. The first 3 or 4 vertabrea are fine as far as discs are concerned, there is ample space in between each V. However, I have stalgmites and stalagtytes growing off of them. The are full of bone growths/depositis. Not good.

When you get to the 5th and 6th V's, there are no discs left at all. The V's just sit on top of each other, right on the nerves. He believes the two discs are fused, and empty and dried up.

There is nothing they can do other then try physio to try and strengthen the neck muscles to hold it up, and to stop the muscles spasms. And to put my head in traction, etc. There is concern because my arms and hands go numb at night. If that gets worse, then would look to surgery.

I don't want to have another surgery. :cry:I have already had 14 major ops in my life. I know I have at least 2 more major ones - they reckon 2 knee replacements - both knees - two times in my lifetime. So really thats 4 more. Not to mention what I will probably need after this diet. :rolleyes:

If it gets so bad that it needs surgery, it will mean my vertabrea will be fused to my chest and I will not be able to turn my neck. :cry: That is not the answer for me. No way. THat scares the bejesus outta me.

Does anyone else suffer, and waht do you do to manage it?

I have been in pain with it every day since April last year. I take Codeine when it gets really bad. Ibuprofin is reccomended but that tears up my tumm, particulrly on this diet. I don't WANT to just take pain meds day in and day out. But I don't want to live in pain either.

I am very upset with the news. <sigh>.

I can't even blame it on getting old as he told me I am way too young for this, and he was puzzled I was in as bad a state that I am. I have never ever had a neck injury. The films would suggest otherwise.

SO. Glum. I am going to start looking for nutritional means to help with symptoms of arthritis. If anyone knows any, would love to know.

Will be considering the old glucosomine adn condroitin treatment, fish oils, etc.

Thanks a lot.

I am going to go sulk now. But not eat. Except my soup.:break_diet:
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I am so sorry the news wasn't good, but at least you know what it is. Unfortunately I know bugger all about arthritis, so can't even advise on anything. But would recommend looking into chinese therapies, accupuncture etc. Next time I do a bit of Reiki will send some healing your way:vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes:
Hi BL, sorry to hear about your neck but as you said it's good to know what you are dealing with. As for the ibuprofen it is quite harsh on the stomach especially when on this diet as it is best to have with food. There are quite a few non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs out there so maybe you should ask for a referal to your local pain clinic and have a try of some different drugs and see which suits you the best!

Your definitely stepping in the right direction for managing this condition, weightloss
increasing movement
and physiotherapy are all recommended to help ease the condition. but don't forget no-one has to live with constant pain, make the NHS work for you!

All the best, and i hope your ok xxx :flowers:


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Sorry to hear about your neck. I hope you manage to find some form of pain relief that will work for you.

Take Care of yourself hun.


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God, what awful news! Can you ask for a referral to the pain clinic? It might be some help. You need all the guns you can get for your long battle ahead.
Sorry to hear your news BL. Not much experience in all this except my Oh suffers stiff joints which is helped with cod liver oil and glucosa
mine sulphate tablets and he swears by them.

Glad you are taking this is a positive way.
Thanks Lady. Though I wouldn't say I am dealing very positively. I have been tearful off and on since I got home. I have been scouring the internet reading up on it and its not very encouraging. Its scary actually. I already experience far too frequently comlpletely numb arms. Usually in the middle of the night -thats because oc the vertabrea being right on top of each other squiching the nerves. If the arthritis becomes progressive that can become permanent nerve damage. I know I am getting ahead of myself - but tis a very scary outlook. I am an artist and a musician. I live ot paint or draw, or make pottery, and I love playing my guitar, mandolin and piano. I love may arms and hands. I need them. :( Its just very scary. (sorry if I am being a big baby. It's just shaken me up a little bit - and I have been in pain every day since APril 07 and just desperately wanted them to fix me. Well they can't. So I do have to learn to live with it, and I will, but I am so bummed out.

There is actually a name for it. Spondylosis I think. I don't like having things with names. Aches and pains is one thing, but when they have a name it gets kind of scary. It's very frustrating to know it won't go away - and over years, will just get worse. So yeah. Im a bit depressed. I think I will stop reading websites for awhile.

I hate pain. I have a high tolerance of it, but I hate it. And I am sooo tired of it. Its been hard this year dealing with it, as it s there every single minute of every day. I don;t tend to moan about it because I would be moaning everys ingle day, and how boring does that become!! I just so wanted them to say they could easily sort it.

I am just going to have to make a few changes. And hope for medical advancement.

Oh my brother has that, he has been lucky that his hasnt progressed that much. I cant speak to him, as he is not my favourite brother, if you get what I mean.

He got it when he was 50 and his is now 67. Try and think positive and enjoy the moment now dont try and think too far ahead. Sorry if that sounds condecensding but like you told me once dont worry about something that may not get quite as bad as you think.

As I found out worry and stress dont help at all.

Hope you feel better.

PS you are not a baby you are just very concerned which anyone would be.
oh BL what a bummer! But what was the other doctor like that you saw the first time ... what a git.

Do you know, I read the other day that there is new evidence that Low GI diet is very helpful for arthritis - so maybe try googling that.

Other things are to avoid acidic foods, red meat, dairy products, diuretics like caffiene, refined carbs
eat oily fish and seeds and nuts, ginger, tumeric, keep drinking loads of water
Thas is why I was so mand Dancing - after what he told me today, I have so much more information. Something to research and learn abut and learn how to deal. The other loser just wanted me to get out of his room. He offered nothing - no knowledge, not concern, no warnings, no nothing .

I am so glad my OH kicked off. While I don't like the answers I got today, at least I know what is ahead.



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BL - my mum suffers a similiar thing but she also has degenerative nerve problems as well. Mum has had surgery on her neck to free up the nerve that was trapped by a vertabrae, she's doing good since. I really do think it's a good idea to ask to attend a pain clinic, mum has found her pain consultant invaluable (my mum is only 58 and has been suffering for a good 7/8 years now)- BL, I send you all my good wishes and really hope you find something to help you cope with the pain


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yes, it's a clinic that most hospitals run to help people manage pain where there is no other means, the consultant basically looks into what may benefit you in terms of pain relief, believe me there are lots of things out there to help


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Hi BL, my Dad has spondylosis also, was diagnosed about 10 odd years ago - he's just turned 56. Other than losing a couple of inches off his height, and suffering with bad back pain, which occasionally lays him up (the operative word there is occasionally) he is generally fine, and it hasn't stopped him from doing what he normally does - he is a workaholic, and designs and makes furniture, so, like you would be devestated not to be able to do anything with his hands. But trust me, he is long way away from disability - he continues to shrink, but that is all.

Keep well my friend xx
Hiya hun I have similar probs in the neck area had mri scan and showed severe osteo arthritis in my neck from c4 to c7 it's horrible I know. I tried accupuncture, physio, route block injections, anti depressants, facet joint injections , lots of codeine and other analgesia all to no avail. I took myself off all these so called treatments in the hope that my body would release it's natural endorphins which eventually it did. Life is much better for me without the perpetual drug induced haze that I was enduring for about 5 years. I have started exercising and try to keep as active as i can. I'm afraid that's all i can recommend other than spiritual healing I went to one for the first time yesterday and have felt almost pain free for 36 hours maybe it's psychological but I'm sure there's something in it. I hope you find your answer big hugs to you


longs to be average!
Spiritual healing ISN'T in the mind - I myself am a firm believer in it, and am also a qualified Reiki Practitioner. It works, and would recommend to anyone to go and get zapped with a bit of Reiki
Thanks for these posts - made me feel a lot better. I did get a little panicked I must admit over learning about nerves in the arms becoming damaged, and i think I just froze on that. That really frightened me. But I am encouraged that you father and brother are actually doing pretty OK. Makes me feel a lot calmer.

And Jakki....that was something too that freaked me out was being told to jut keep taking pain medicines. Like, forever?? Hmmmm.....not really something I want to do , something occassionaly yes, but not regularly. Glad to know your experience, as horrible as it sounds, shows pills aren't necesarily the best way! You have been through it mate. Thanks so much for sharing what is been like for you. x

I can say one thing. I am so glad that I found this out now, while I am doing LL. If I got this news, and was feeling fat and horrible like I did - it would have REALLY got me down and I would have just blamed the neck damage on my being fat...along with every other thing wrong, etc., lol. But today, a couple of months later, while i am bummed and concerned, - I am not blaming myself, and I certainly am not eating because of it. At one point, just a bit ago when my husband advised me my Harley has dropped a valve and the engine needs to come out - a pretty big and moderatly expensive job, etc. - and then the news today - I really did stick my bottom lip out, and said, "sod this. I'm could have an extra pack tonite for all I care.!" But I know that won't fix my neck, or sort out my bike, those probs will still be there tomorrow - so I know I won't. But for a fleeting moment....;)

Anyway - thanks a lot.
Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.My Mother has had the same problem since she was in her 40's.She wore a neck collar for years,but gradually her symptoms subsided and she is now seventy six and has very little trouble.
A few years ago i was diagnosed with degenerative crumbling of the vertabrae in my lower neck,and i have horrendous problems with numbness in my hands and arms.When i wake up in the morning if i have been laying on my arm i have pins and needles ,but this has improved as my weight has gone down,and hopefully so will yours.
The less weight the less pressure on the nerves!!! although i still struggle with dropping things i think i have got hold of.Just make sure you protect your neck from danger situations like falling asleep with your head crooked,going on fair ground rides that jolt your spine or force your head back,use a head restraint on the back of your seat while driving,dont do things that involve workng with your arms above your head,like painting ceilings,or hanging washing.
Try a memory foam pillow,and support your neck while in the bath,take care if you wash your hair over the sink,and try to exersise the neck muscles gently if you can.

Although painful this condition is livable with and i would consult an osteopath or chiropracor.They can give you some good mobility exersises.

Anti inflammatory drugs are the pain relief of choice,but watch codeine as it causes drowsiness and constipation.

As a last resort there is always surgery,which has varying results,but does relieve pain,in the majority of cases.
Dont be too influenced by things you read on the net,because no two people are the same.

Good luck


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