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My pre-surgery diary.

I have decided that if I am going to have surgery within the next 6 months then I need to lose as much as I can in preparation. I am going to try SS'ing or shakes with a low carb meal in the evening, as long as I stick to something it'll be good. I need to make sure I am alright for surgery and that my fatty liver has shrunk,

If I can make it through day 1 I will be pleased. On a scale of 1-10 my confidence for succeeding is about 2 which isn't as bad as I thought lol. I will drink at least 2L a day, no milk in my tea or coffee.

My health is suffering now because there's protein leaking into my kidneys due to high salt intake from the Chinese meals I'm eating. So it's type 2 diabetes, high BP, asthma, depression and a possible kidney transplant if I do not lose weight. :(
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Lyn, I wish you the best of luck.
Good luck Lyn, you have all the right reasons to get on with this. You can do it, I know you can.

Thanks for your replies everyone. :) I done better today. I had 2 CD shakes and a meal and will have a CD soup before bed. Yesterday wasn't too bad either, well until the evening. :rolleyes: I am aiming for no slip-ups tomorrow. Tonight's meal was too carby but will have chicken and veg tomorrow.

Forgot to add I drank 2.5L water.
Today I've had a very late breakfast of sausages and scrambled eggs. A CD shake too. Will try not to eat again this evening. Shouldn't be too hard, I need to do a big shop. :D
Ate some feta cubes with olives, 2 slices ham, 1 slice pastrami, 2 slices turkey breast, 3 ryvita. Another cd shake yummy choc mint. Am hoping to see some loss by avoiding the bad carbs. Not counting cals or carbs, just avoiding bread, chocolate, biscuits and take-aways for now.
Another late brekkie.:rolleyes: 2 nice beef burgers, 4 mini slices turkey breast, 3 strips pastrami, 2 small stuffed green chillies, mediterranean salad leaves with an olive oil dressing. Very nice indeed!

Only drank one litre water y'day, boooo! Need to drink at least 2L today.


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Hi Lyn

Just wanted to wish you loads of luck on your dieting journey.. I have a feeling I will be popping to check in on you and your diary quite often.. I Loveeeee that photo of David Boreanez


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On a scale of 1-10 my confidence for succeeding is about 2
Know you can do. It's something you want, and you're going out getting it ;)

If you've had previous 'failed' attempts at dieting (which most of us have:eek:), then know that you're even better prepared than average :clap:

We can't define who we are by our 'failures', only how we are managing 'now'. Isn't that a great thought? Every second is a new chance to do it right and get what you want. How fab is that :clap:

Keep at it. Sounds like you are doing wonderfully :cool:
Hi Lyn

Nothing's wrong with you, you are human and struggling... it's perfectly natural and normal.

The only way anyone can succeed on any healthy eating / weight reduction plan is to be really ready to do it mentally which means being able to be absolutely 110% totally focussed and want it badly enough to not allow anything to deter them.

It is very rare to be in that place and state of mind, which is why it's so tough and why we beat ourselves up when we simply cannot do it.

I had major health issues too when I made the decision to lose weight. Not the same ones as you have but just as life threatening in many ways.

All I can say is this... if you truly want to lose weight before your surgery then you will need to be very determined, very focused and do a great deal of planning. There is nothing healthy in sausages, pastrami and all that kind of stuff. Seriously... its not much better than having a takeaway...

Have you considered writing a list of all the foods you love.. the recipes you enjoy most... and then trying to see if you can do a low fat, low carb, salt free version of them? It isn't as hard as it seems and it may be the way forward... you get to eat and also learn too.

I don't want to teach my grandma to suck eggs but I have to tell you, my bestest buddy is my calorie counter book that tells me fats, carbs, calories etc etc.... it is frightening how many calories there are in things... if you can put yourself first for a while, plan meals, count calories... etc then it will work. Or you can do the Cambridge / Lighterlife / VLCD route but there is no point in doing it halfheartedly... there are many ways to do it with or without food but the key is in the structured approach. It is very specific and great guidelines and boundaries...

I really feel for you right now because you're in a very tough place.

Do take care, don't be too hard on yourself... finding the key is not that easy... you have to go through a locksmiths stockroom sometimes!!

I do hope things work out for you in the long run.

Best wishes
Hi FFNF and thanks for your message. :) I'm having good days and bad.:rolleyes: I can make an appt in 2 weeks time to see my surgeon again to discuss pre-op diets and dates for the op. I will have to stick to whatever he tells me or else I won't be able to have it.

The only diet I've ever lost weight on is a vlcd. I lost 3.5st 2 years ago almost and am now back to the weight I started. I've spent the past 18 months trying and failing to get back on the proverbial wagon and I just can't do it. I am unsure if it's a mental or physical block but I cannot get past the first 48 hours without caving in and eating. I've gone as far as paying well over the odds on ebay due to my GP not letting me come off my meds to do LT, I have gone to an out of town chemist and told lies to get LT too. But I can't stick with it. I had my 'golden shot' or whatever and blew it.

Am currently using my CD shakes and soups to replace the odd meal and to use them up. I am concentrating on over-riding my emotional hunger keeping myself occupied. I am reading You can Be Thin by Marissa Peer from Celeb Fit Club. It's about changing your thoughts and is very interesting. Better than PMK I reckon.
I've had a good six days now with no junk food. Also no coffee or milk since Sun, am drinking herbal teas instead. I drank about 6 coffees a day and have wanted to give up for ages.
I feel different since last week somehow. I am trying to eat the way I usually do (i.e. overeating) and I can't. It's almost like I've been hypnotised only I haven't! :rotflmao: I was supposed to have a hypnosis session on 30th March and had to cancel cos I couldn't get a lift (oh the embarrassment of being someone who can't drive lol). The guy says "Let me look in my diary (pause) I can't see it, anyway that's ok, bye." I thought to myself oh great so if I had turned up on the day and he'd no record of it he'd probably have sent me home.:mad: Oh well, hopefully I won't need him. :p

I'm 21st 2lbs, my highest weight ever.:( I've started keeping a written diary that I'll write in when I take the notion. Wrote loads this morning. I am not sure what the point in recording my misery is but maybe some day I'll look back and say I'm so much happier now.

I am still having my Cambridge shakes and soups. I am working towards the old 790 plan, cutting carbs down and hoping to start Fri.
I messed up again yesterday even though I was starting to feel better about things food-wise. I am quite depressed the last few weeks, the doctor gave me tablets but they just leave me feeling 'doped up'. I do self pity extremely well and started thinking of a couple of incidents from childhood that I blame totally upon my weight. I took to my bed at 5pm, cried for an hour or two then slept til ten this morning.

I feel very isolated at the moment. I have noone I can turn to.:cry: