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Pregnancy My pregnancy diary. Baby due June 2014.

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Pregnancy & Breastfeeding' started by charl_young, 3 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    Hey everyone. I haven't been on mini's for ages! Just kinda lost track and had festival and holidays over summer. Previous to this thread I lost nearly 3 stone on a mix of sw and a vlcd in 2012. I have real trouble with my weight and if I don't be really strict and diet I gain very very fast.

    I gained about a 3/4 of a stone back of what I'd lost in the last 2 years over late summer. And then we got pregnant. (Really quickly too! Yay! It only took 2 months :) )

    I quit smoking straight away and annoyingly then gained a stone in my first trimester. You know the bit where most people lose. Grr. I was just so hungry! That hunger has stayed and I'm trying super hard to manage it but I am literally stomach growling hungry loads of the time. Now since that stone I've gained another 1.5!!! So I'm pretty upset that at just 21 weeks into my pregnancy I've gained a shocking 2.5 stone! :( I feel (and am!) Huge. I weigh 16st7 already and am 5ft9.3 . After weighing myself this morn I'm really gutted at how quickly and easily its piled on. I hope and think i'm very bloated too and praying its not all just fat!

    I already have twin boys who are 7, and I didn't gain any weight in that pregnancy as I was very sick all the way thru I actually lost weight. (Then gained tonnes after. Grr)

    Really struggling with keeping to plan. Every time I try I end up eating doritos or some cake about 3 hours later! Craving everything bad and very little good stuff.

    Anyway as I said, I'm 21 weeks so due 15th June. Having a debate whether to go natural or section birth as I have already had a section with my twins and complications are much more common esp with being really overweight now.

    We are having a lil girl which is very exciting! As we have twin boys now. And just started buying stuff.

    I'm going to use this as a normal food diary and mainly a place to express my crazy hormonal thoughts and feelings.

    Please join me :)

    Charl. Xxx

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  3. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    Ok day 1. Start weight 16st7 feeling good today. Going to uni soon to do some reading and I have a lecture at 3.

    Daily food EE DAY - MONDAY 3/2/14

    Bfast - poached eggs on wmeal seeded toast (3syns on dairy free spread)

    Snack : banana

    Lunch - tuna jacket potato and salad at uni (syns?! 4ish for mayo?)

    Snack : apple

    Dinner - slow roast pork with sw roast potatoes, parsnips, and lots of veg.

    Snack : nectarines

    So syns for today - 7
    Hexa - ss milk
    Hexb - wmeal bread

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  4. charl_young

    charl_young Gold Member

    Day 1 fail...although it def could have gone worse!

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  5. spottydoris

    spottydoris Determined to succeed!

    Hi Charl...

    Just popping by to wish you luck. I'm not pregnant yet but actively trying...

    Your story rang a bell with me. I lost five stone in 2009 and since then have put three back on. I am terrified that I'm going to pile on so much weight when/if I get pregnant. (I would wait and lose weight first but I have probs in that area so real priority to try now... starting ivf in April if not preg by then... eep!)

    Anyway... I've just started SW with a view that I can ward off any huge gains.

    Anyway... this is your thread so I'll stop hijacking but GOOD LUCK and fingers crossed we'll both be super yummy mummies when the time comes :-D

    Spots xx
  6. Jess<3

    Jess<3 Journey to 10 stone loss

    Hi, welcome & congratulations! What date you due? I'm expecting June baby too :) x
  7. lisa2

    lisa2 Silver Member

    Hi :)

    I remember seeing your diary in the main section of the board and always thought you had great food ideas.

    Congrats on the pregnancy :)
    I'm 8 weeks (still early) with my 4th and I'm finding it hard to stay away from cakes and other sugary treats lol. Xx
  8. CraftQueen

    CraftQueen Full Member

    Hi!! Here to follow.
    I'm Due end of August so hopefully your diary will show me whats to come lol.

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