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My quest to be at goal for my 21st birthday!

Ive not been on slimming world for long but ive decided to start a food diary to try and keep me on track and to be totally honest with myself. In the three weeks ive been on sw so far ive lost 8.5lbs and I aim to reach two stone by my 21st in August so another 19.5lbs to go...I've also just started trying extra easy days rather than just read and green so would be good to get some feedback!

Monday 25th April 2011

Breakfast; Bacon all fat trimmed off, mushrooms, tinned tomato, scrambled eggs (made with 2 eggs and water)

Lunch; Salad (lettuce, rocket, cucumber, tomato,sweetcorn, beetroot with two new potatoes) two ryvita (heb) with homemade homous followed by a tomato mugshot

Snack: Chocolate biscuit (4.5syns)

Dinner; Spag Bol probably made with quorn mince as no extra lean mince left! with 42g elf cheese (hea)

total syns 4.5 so far may add something later tonight as going to my bf's to watch football so might need something to see me through!
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Tuesday 26th April

Breakfast; 28g porridge (heb)

Lunch; SuperFree Quiche, salad, elf cottage cheese and an apple

Dinner; Quorn bolognaise (quorn, onions,peppers, mushrooms,. cabbage and carrot) with 20g elf cheese (half hea)

Just realised that this is more a green day than ee so will probably have another he when i get hungry later maybe some ryvita with elf cream cheese and tomato. Also looking at today ive had no syns again might have a glass of wine or a chocolate bar later!mmmm.....
Wednesdays menu...
loosing track of the days this weeks what with all the bank holidays!

breakfast; 28g porridge (heb)

lunch; sw superfree quiche apple satsumas and diet coke

dinner; quorn chili with half rice half sw chips

another green day and no syns but saving these for tomorrow night after wi for a mini pizza. may also have a slice of cheese (hea) on toast (heb) later

Just had wi and lost one pound. Which is better than nothing but was hoping for slightly more as gained a pound last week and felt i had a good week. Oh well its a new week tomorrow and im off work until wednesday now so got plenty of time to make superspeed soups etc to keep me on track! had another green day today;

breafast; 28g porridge made with water (i know im not very imaginative with breakfast during the week but its nice and easy before work!)

lunch; superfree quiche (egg, elf cottage cheese, onions, mushrooms ,peppers ,cabbage and carrott) with bachelors savoury rice followed by an apple and satsumas

dinner; tesco value personal pizza ( topped with extra cheese hea onion mushrooms peppers) with homemade sw chips. Pizza is 16syns and is usually a treat on wi night to use the rest of my syns up. Might have a couple of glasses of wine too later....
im posting my planned menu today so just hope is stick to it!

breakfast; strawberries and apple

lunch; Pasta Bake; pasta and sauce with quorn, onion, sweetcorn and peas topped with cheese (hea)

dinner; my mum is going to make a quorn chilli tonight which will be totally free.

off to tesco later so will get some cereal bars for my heb and going for a drink tonight so may use some of my syns there!

Breakfast; 2 slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf (heb) with baked bean and elf cheese (hea)

lunch; quorn bolognaise pasta bake with more cheese (hea2)

dinner; just awaiting my takeaway now! cant wait i've ordered a veggie jalfrezi and im doing my own rice so thats 7.5 syns according to the book i am really looking forward to it and ill probably have a couple of vodkas with it later!


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today has been a halfhearted day regarding my food. for some reason im just not in the mood for anything and have been feeling rather miserable the past couple of days, think it may be due to the fact its coming up to a year since my gran died. Well this morning i had a massive lie in (10.20!) which is not like me and i felt like i couple of slept for hours if my friend hadn't text me. So got up had a shower and died my hair by which time i had forgotten about breakfast so around half twelve i had the rest of last nights curry! I couldn't manage it all and I only had one v. small vodka making my total syns for yesterday 10. Planning a butternut squash risotto for dinner which is one of my favorites so looking forward to that. Been into town to meet my friend for a coffee (had a tea in nero so no syns) then did a spot of shopping got myself a lovely top in the sale for only £6 in a size 12 which i was really pleased with and some nice sandals for summer...had a packet of velvet crunch this afternoon so used 4 syns so far and not used any healthy extras yet so might plan something else for the evening!


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well i was busy shopping all day yesterday so didn't get to update. Me and my bf went to ikea and then to the trafford centre barton square to look for bits for our new house when we move out :) so dragged him round all day!
decided on a red day yesterday as not had one all week so i had a bacon butty for breakfast (2 slices bacon all fat removed, 2 slices 400g wholemeal bread heb with mushrooms and a "fried" egg) which was yummy!
As i didn't know i was off out yesterday i didnt get to prepare any lunch so we stopped at a co-op on the way, i grabbed a pack of fridge raiders southern fried (2.5syns) and a fruit salad as they were reduced and got some fish sticks just to nibble on.
Then for dinner i decided to try the kfc style chicken and it was gorgeous! had it with a massive salad and then later on at night had a pack of velvet crunch (4syns).
Im a big cheese fan as we have ran out not had any hea's so must make sure i use them today! Not decided what day to do today so ill report back later...


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today turned into another green day! suprise suprise lol i love green days! Had another lie in again today not sure whats wrong with me ive been feeling so tired! Should be better once i get back to work tomorrow and into a routine...As for today i've spent the day sorting out my room putting all my winter clothes into a vaccum bag and put under the bed cleaned out all my wardrobe and drawers and then cleaned the rest of my house. Also trying to sell my car so been out putting signs up on noticeborads etc...
breakfast; oops wasnt up!

lunch; superspeed soup

dinner; quorn chilli con carne with a dollop of fat free fromage frai (quorn mince ,onion ,pepper, mushrooms with can of mixed beans in a spicy tomato sauce and a tin of chopped tomato) with homemade "garlic bread" (two slices of 400g loaf wholemeal bread sprayed with frylight butter, rubbed with garlic and toasted)

no syns again today may have a pack of velvet crunch later on tonight although i do keep picking at other things and not really count it so need to stop doing that!!


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back to work yesterday :cry: didnt have much time to update so ill do it now;

brekafast; 28g porridge (heb) made with water

lunch; sw quiche (mushroom,onion,peppers) with half a pack of pasta n sauce (bulked out with onion mushroom and sweetcorn)

dinner; didnt get home until late so just some pasta with mushrooms onions peppers sweetcorn passatta and topped with 42g low fat cheese (hea) also had my homemade "garlic bread (heb)

breakfast will be the same most days when im working as its quick easy and fills me up but today lunch will be the same as it made 2 portions. WI Tonight im not really sure if ive lost I need to start keeping a tighter grip on my syns and not just guessing and not keeping tab having a read on the forums it seems you loose more if you eat more so ill give it a go next week! ill be back tonight to update on wi....


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had wi and lost 2.5lbs :D which im chuffed with as felt i didnt have the best week. got some personal size pizzas in the freezer for 16syns so going to treat myself to one of them with some sw chips now! then its back on it tomorrow properly going to track EVERYTHING i eat!


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ee day today! gonna give this a proper go this week and see if it works rather than just the odd day doing ee so here goes...

breakfast; 28g porridge made with water (heb)

lunch; 2 slices nimble (5syns) toasted with tuna exl mayo (1syn) and sweetcorn and a huge salad (rocket, lettuce,cucumber,tomato) apple and orange

dinner; spaghetti bolognaise ( extra lean mince, onions, mushrooms,peppers, tinned tomatoes) with 42g low fat cheese (hea)

snack; packet velvet crunch (4syns)

total syns 10

may need to find an alternative breakfast as using my healthy extras so early on in the day limits what else i can have so may make an omlette tomorrow for something different


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didnt go with the omlette this morning as didnt have time before work but off tomorrow so i might try one then...

breakfast; 28g porridge made with water (heb)

lunch; 2 slice nimble (5syns) can of beans with sausages in (2syns) which was lovely followed by apple, 2 plums and an orange

dinner; im having my left over spag bol mix and making it into a lasagne with bisto cheese sauce (3syns) with sw chips and salad and im now reeeally hungry so cant wait for this. ill add some low fat cheese on top as well for my hea


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just double checked at the cheese sauce was only 2.5 for the portion i had so on 9.5 for the day may add a pack of velvet crunch later to take me to 13.5 so 23.5/105 for the week


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got up very late today (quarter to eleven) cant believe i slept so long! so didn't have any breakfast, made up for it with two lunches though! lol

reading on here and thought i'd try the smash pizza so made a small one to try (around the size of my palm) and wish id made more it was yummy! so that was my hea of cheese on that with mushrooms onions and peppers.

then around 2 i got hungry again so had some superspeed soup with two slices nimble (heb)

i had best do a green day as not had much superfree so having enchiladas for dinner.

2 wraps (14syns) filled with "fried" mushrooms onions and peppers topped with homemade salsa (tomato, red onion, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and garlic) and cheese (hea2) with sw chips and salad. may use my other heb for a bit of chicken in the wraps

don't know if you've guessed by now reading my diary but i LOVE cheese! :D

total syns for the week 37.5/105 after three days at the weekend im quite impressed with that!


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need to add 8syns on to yesterday got the munchies in the evening because i had dinner so early so i had a pack of velvet crunch and 2 nice biscuits (8syns). I can really notice the difference when i don't have a proper breakfast i get really hungry later on after my main meal. Anyway I've planned today already so ill update now;

breakfast; 28g porridge made with water (heb) with a chopped up banana in it.

lunch; superspeed soup and two slices of nimble (heb) topped with laughing cow cheese triangle(part of hea)

dinner; quorn cottage pie (quorn mince, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn and peas, gravy made from oxo) with veg probably carrots and might top the mash on the cottage pie with cheese for the other hea

total syns for the week 45.4/105 think i wont have the full 105 syns this week but ill aim for between 70-90. Decided not to have a drink this week and its hard finding other ways to the use the syns lol although im enjoying all the extra food
update to yesterday was going to have some velvet crunch but they are all gone! so had cheese on toast cheese as my hea and 5 syns for the toast so 51/90 for the week.

todays menu;

breakfast; beans on toast (2 slices nimble heb)

lunch; quorn pasta bake (pasta n sauce, quorn mince, sweetcorn and onion topped with cheese hea)

dinner; egg fried rice (rice, mushrooms onions, sweetcorn, peas and scrambled egg made with water) with some garlic piri piri which i dont know the exact syns of but after looking around on here ill say 2
so 53/90 and its wi on thursday night wont use any during the day so that leaves 17 for tonight and tomorrow to get to 70 so will possibly be having a treat tonight!

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