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My Recipes – Rosemary or Thyme Pork Steaks W/Steamed Vegetables


Shake Challenge Diary
4 Pork Steaks
Green Beans/Broccoli/Spinach/Peas
New Potatoes/Sweet Potato/Baked Potato
Vegetable Stock
Olive Oil

Tarragon/Oregano (for greens)
Parsley (for carrots/swede/sweet potato)
Dill (for new potatoes)
(Serves 4)
(Preparation time 25 minutes (60 minutes if baking potatoes))

Prepare your vegetables, take into account the time it will take for your pork to cook, are your vegetables cut too thick? For the carrots, don’t peal them, just rub the skins with the side of the knifes blade.

If you’re having baked potato, they should already be in the oven, covered in foil for the first ⅔ of their cooking time (around an hour in total – so put these in around half hour before preparing anything else). Take off the foil 20 minutes before the end of cooking time.

In a bowl or pestle and mortar, add the pepper (to preference), the rosemary/thyme and around 3tbsp olive oil and mix well. Using a small pastry brush, your fingers or a spoon, lightly coat the pork steaks, with the olive oil mix, evenly on both sides. Place the pork steaks on a grill pan (raised rack) under the grill or in the oven or use a fat reducing grill (most of these half the cooking times).

Get your steamer to the ready and boil a full kettle to fill the bottom of your steamer. In accordance to the pork steaks guidelines, you will need to work out if you need to put the steaks on before or after the steamer. The steamer should take no longer than 10-15 minutes max, once the steam has started, depending on the quantity or size of the vegetables.
Add the hot water to the steamer. In the next layer where the filter is, add the vegetable stock, broken down into powder, this will flavour the vegetables without leaving lots of stock behind. Ideally you’ll have 3 tiers, put the carrots/swede in 1st tier with the parsley, greens in 2nd tier with the tarragon/oregano, and the sweet/new potatoes in 3rd tier with the dill. Don’t forget the lid and set the timer.

Check on the pork steaks, it might be time to turn them over, they usually take between 8-10 minutes on either side.

Once pork is cooked to your preference, take it off the heat 1 minute before the end of cooking time and let it rest, whilst you serve up your vegetables.

If you prefer a little more flavour, add more rosemary/thyme to the pork steaks once served up. Rather than adding salt on the steamed vegetables, pepper them lightly instead or add a touch more herbs previously used.
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