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My S&S arrived today!

Good luck hun, i am sure you can do it, i am on my second week, and i find this diet so so much easier than lipotrim, my banana bars came this morning and i have just had 1 with a coffee, they are lovely xx:D:D


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How are you getting on?
Hi how is it going? Had first shake this morning, banana, was much better than expected! Am starving though, had read other peoples posts who said first day was no problem. Have had litre of water and two black coffees to help fill up but might have my veg soup at 12 as don't think I can wait any longer lol. How are you feeling? X
Hi how is it going? Had first shake this morning, banana, was much better than expected! Am starving though, had read other peoples posts who said first day was no problem. Have had litre of water and two black coffees to help fill up but might have my veg soup at 12 as don't think I can wait any longer lol. How are you feeling? X
Hey, don't forget that it wouldn't hurt to have an extra shake than normal if you feel a bit week on 1st-4th day! Good luck, I know it's tough the first 4 days. I personally get bloated by having 4 shakes a day so I cut mine down to 3 lol.
Thankyou......I have just made the veg soup, again, pleasantly surprised! I am just so determined to lose this weight, and what motivated (forced) me to do s and s is that I start a new job in six weeks, in a senior role, and want to go in to it feeling confident! All those new people and all that....my weight really affects my confidence. I would love to be one of those people who don't care, but I feel that I am treated as a second class citizen cos I am bigger :-( I was slim all through my twenties but when I had my son I got postnatal depression and gained four stones which I have partially lost and regained a hundred times!!!! This forum is great and feel hopeful that this is what I need to stay on track :)


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Do have an extra pack if you really need one rather than go off plan. It won't affect your weightloss. When I started back (I had a short break) the first 2 days I was starving and had an extra pack. Good luck!
Thanks guys :) I have felt TERRIBLE all afternoon, shaking and bad headache, rushed home to make my spag bol packet, it was the nicest thing I have ever eaten lol, tasted like heaven! Will see how I go for the rest of the day and have 4th shake if feel like I need it. Thanks for tips and guidance!


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If you really feel rubbish best thing is to have a shower and an early night. Taking a shower when other people in your household are eating their meal is a good plan, or eating with them with your spag bol and allowed veg if you choose to add that. It does get easier I promise you :). You just need to tough it out a bit in the first few days. Keep your eye on the end goal. You will feel fab and confident in your new role once the weight starts dropping off because you'll like yourself so much more. Believe me I've been there.


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One day at a time. You will get there.
How great will it feel buying smaller clothes for your new job? I know what you mean about having the right image when you first meet your new staff but when you are great at your job then size wouldn't matter anyway.
A drop in weight is a boost to your confidence.
Well I made 1 DAY of the diet, yay! Last night was awful, the OH had gone to bed, the kids were in bed and that is when I usually do my secret eating. And I was sooo hungry. Then I started arguing with myself, "this is torture, go eat, maybe just a piece of cheese" "no, I want to succeed" "but you are starving, this is awful, just a piece of ham, that's just protein".....I am sure we have all been there! Anyway, in the end I had a 4th pack, a coffee and more water and managed to keep my halo from slipping. But jeez, one day! Please tell me this gets easier lol. Having a huge black coffee now and then will have breakfast shake. And about buying new clothes for new job, I don't need to, I have a wardrobe full of clothes that don't fit lol :) have a great day all!


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Definitely gets easier :). By day 5 your starving feeling should have gone, if not before.

I know what you mean about raiding the fridge. When I first started this I was amazed at the number of times I approached the fridge or the food cupboard, just when passing and previously would have had something to eat - hungry or not. It was just habit, I didn't even think about it, and now that I'm on this diet I quickly remembered that I couldn't have anything. Really made me aware that reaching for the food was just a habit and a reaction to boredom or something. I used to do it more when the OH was in bed or not around in case he said something about me scoffing chocolate or whatever so I'd started on the secretly eating path too.

I know what you mean about the clothes. I threw all of my fat clothes out when I reached goal last time I did a VLCD but I'm ashamed to say that although I kept the weight off for quite a while I eventually crept back up again so have wardrobes full of clothes in all the sizes I need going back down again. I had a big sort out when I started this diet. I chucked out everything I didn't want to wear again and I lined up all of the other clothes by size and tried on the clothes in the next 2 sizes down to see how far away I was from fitting into them as you can't always tell from the size label. Every week I try on the clothes that are just too tight the previous week and week by week I start wearing some :). Only downside is that some of my favourite clothes are now too big, and I've got quite a few that I've never worn as they are now too big, but that's a small price to pay.

Definitely treat yourself to some non food treats as you go. I bought myself a necklace for getting through the first day (well truth be known I had to leave the office at lunchtime rather than watch people eat things I wanted!), and then I had a manicure after the first week.
It definitely does get easier. Although somedays I could eat my own arms, this has happened maybe twice in the five weeks I have been doing it. Mostly I am finding it so easy. I enjoy the structure, the timing etc. I have pretty much the same thing every day, porridgeor shake, banana bar and spag bol. I also tell myself if I am really hungry then I can take a bar (i know not supposed to have more than one per day) to bed, which I hardly ever do. Just the thought that I could if I wanted stops me, rather than telling myself I'm not having anything else. If that makes sense!

I also do the shower thing! When I've made my OH and three sons their tea, if it's something I like I take myself off for a shower!

Also, I've bought some teeth whitening strip things off ebay and when I'm dishing tea up I put these on, you can't eat/drink with them on! Result!!

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