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My Sexy Red Dress Plan!

S: 16st10lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st0lb(5.98%)

'Okay...don't panic! The scales must be wrong!' I shuffle the scales over to another area of the bathroom and step on them again. Squeezing my eyes shut, I slowly count to three then sneak a peek at the dial. 'Okay, it's time to panic!' :scale:

My name is Scarlet and I have unfortunately reached the 19 stone mark at the tender age of 21. Now, I suppose it wouldn't seem too bad but considering I only reach 5'3 in height on a good day I do not technically want to be bigger horizontally rather than vertically (if you get my meaning).

My story so far is....rather pathetic. :sigh:

I'm a notorious dieter since the age of 13 when being the fattest in the classroom was beginning to actually register in my mind. While all my wonderful, skinny, friends were off snogging boys in corridors and being cast aside by boy after boy, I was the chubby friend they could all rely on to console them...then find the said boys and give them a hearty punch, just because I was bigger than them. :copon:

My first diet was the 'British Heart Foundation' diet that I found whilst rummaging about in the kitchen drawers. I managed to lose a wonderful 2lbs!....In 4 weeks. At the time I thought 'wow! Diets are easy!' Thinking I was suddenly thin after a 2lb loss....

But then I turned 16 and was suddenly 2 stone heavier and wearing size 18 clothes. I hid behind the fact that I was overweight by threatening boys instead of attracting them. And still I continued to eat and eat and eat and...well you get the picture!

Me and my mum enrolled into Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Weight Watchers again, Scottish Slimmers, then Weight Watchers again since it was so nearby. I only ever managed to lose half a stone on all these diets before I would stop losing the weight which naturally made me lose faith and give up.

17th and 18th birthdays came and went and suddenly I had a boyfriend...a real one! He loved me for me and thought I was beautiful, plus he played guitar in a band...hot!! But then, I began to not feel hot after putting on 3 stone after a 2 year relationship and we ended up going our seperate ways.

I tried diet pills, dodgy diet pills, slimfast, slimshots, counting calories, discounting calories, control pants, cabbage soup, supermarket diets, 3-day diets, 5-day diets (you get the picture!) but I have still edged my way to the 19 stone mark. :banghead:

Monday 3rd January was an interesting day. I stood on the scales and cried. Something I have never done. I have always been happy, even after all the trying getting me nowhere, I would still smile.

I gave myself a good talking to in the bathroom mirror. I am beautiful and this is my year to shine. I will be thin this time next year.

So I bought myself a dress on line. A sexy red dress. A dress for 2011. In a size 14. (See link below for a pic)


I also bought Diet Chef on QVC that I'm going to try out for a month...if I don't lose weight then I will think of something else!

I also dusted off my gym membership card and fully intend on putting it to good use on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.:whacky068:

I would really appreciate any support you guys could give me. I don't want to do this alone!!

xx xx :grouphugg:


Age - 21
Height - 5'3
Start Weight - 19st 0lbs
Clothes Size - 20 Top, 22 Trousers

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Oh wow. I empathise with you so much. So I'm not the only one who buys 'goal' clothing! I bought a dress from Mango in a size 12 this week (which is a Large in there, WTF) but Christ knows when I'll get into it. I'm a borderline 18 just now. I want to wear it when I go to London in July. There's no better feeling than dropping a dress size or three!!

Good luck, I am totally rooting for you, I am determined to make this the best year of my life after a really REALLY crappy first 17 years.

Have you tried Couch to 5k? It's a good starter running plan. You only do it for 20 mins but you can really feel it working!! And all you need is a treadmill.

Cool Running | The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan
Hi scarlet welcome I'm sure this diary will help you to loose the weight.
I also watched QVC this week with diet chef the reviews were positive.
Good luck with your journey x


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Good luck, and keep reminding yourself that this is your year!


Operation Fight the Fat!
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Good luck scarlett. I can relate your post so much, I got to that point summer 09 and I knew I HAD to do something about it. You can do it and you are beautiful :) the forum is great for help and support.

All the best, Sarah x
Hey Scarlett.

Gorgeous red rockabilly dress! Fabulous and wonderful incentive for you.

You can do it and here you will get lots of support.

Good luck hun! xx


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firstly, Your post was interesting to read... loved the way u introduced urself! secondly, you can do it, iv just started this week and iv realised i can do it and its my fourth day now (doesnt seem alot but for someone who couldnt go a day without atleast some junk food or eat excessively its quite an achievement!) and today is the only day iv felt hungry :-S and i think it was simply because i was determined that this year would be the year i lost weight (i need to lose 6 stones) and its been easy sailing... so far! So i would advice you to make sure your determined and have the right attitude :) as for the dress, good idea! it looks lovely and im sure you would look stunning in it! I myself bought a coat, a really nice one and I was at a store and i saw myself in a mirror and i looked so fat and eurgh that i stopped wearing it after the first day, now my aim is to be able to nicely fit into that.. Hopefully il manage it too! and hopefully ul be wearing that dress in no time and looking beautiful! :D
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05 Jan 11

It was my first day back at work since Xmas hols. Everyone had brought in their left over chocolates and I didn't even have one! I felt so proud of myself. I also did some more shopping today!! :D Bought myself an iPod shuffle and clothes for the gym to get myself in the mood!! Although I technically haven't started my diet yet (it hasn't arrived!!) I thought I would begin anyway by being careful about what I choose to eat so had poached eggs for breakfast with a slice of toast, lunch was a tuna salad sandwich and a fruit jelly pot and my dinner was grilled chicken with uncle ben's microwave rice. And snacked on a packet of skips while I watched Emmerdale.

Oscaria - Thanks for the link! I'm going to give it a shot. :) I'm rooting for you too!! Good luck my fellow Scot!

Shanny, elm, Sarah, Girlygirl - Thanks for the support!!

Miss-tri - Thanks! I like to write short stories for a hobby so I had to restrain myself from turning my first post into a book!! I hope you get into your lovely coat soon! And post some pictures when you do!!

Just waiting for my dress to arrive, along with the diet of course!

Looking forward to getting into it!! xx

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21 Jan 11

It's been a couple of week since I was last on here. Unfortunately, two people very close to my family died of swine flu recently so I just want to give them a little mention as they were both amazing people that should never have been taken away from us at such a young age. I hope, wherever they are, they are now at peace and enjoying the new adventures that await them!

My diet chef package arrived last Friday (14th Jan) and I have been following the plan religiously for the past week. The food is surprisingly nice and filling even if you cant be bother going to the trouble to add a salad or veg to the meal, which is great for me! I think I am the most laziest person when it comes to cooking and prep work!

So basically I am having porridge in the mornings which I add either a banana or some raspberries too. They have quite a range of flavoured porridges which is great as porridge on it's own can be very monotinous!!

Lunch is a thick and very chunky (and filling!) soup with a slice of brown bread and I either have a bit of fruit or one of the snacks.

Dinner is great. Just pop the packet into the microwave for 2 mins and done! Adding either veg or salad for a very filling meal.

I haven't once felt hungry this week which is amazing in itself as I am normally starving the first week of any diet that I do.

I normally only drink water as I am not a fan of fruit juice or fizzy juice which probably helps a lot as it does recommend to drink a few pints of water a day which I find easily enough to achieve!

Regarding the standards of food: Soups taste like homemade soup although I do find that they tend to have a bit of kick to them, even the ones without chilli or spicy on the label but if you don't mind a bit of hot stuff then it shouldn't really bother you!! ;)

My favourite main meal is the Sweet & Sour Chicken and the Lasagne. Although they are all very tasty so far, (I still haven't tried them all obviously!!) the macaroni is the only one I was disappointed by, it had an odd after taste - a bit plasticy.

I think I am now addicted to pop corn...seriously, salt & vinegar popcorn is the best!!! I will be ordering them in bulk!! And you get a large packet that is more satisfying than the main brand salt & vinegar crisps!

So yeah...I really like Diet Chef....and the fact that I lost 7lbs in my first week. I had to step on the scales 4 times just to make sure it was right!!!!!!!

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It's horrible that your friends have died from swine flu bless them hope you are ok, and good luck with your diet sounds like you are enjoying it.xx
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well done on losing 7lbs! that dress is GORGEOUS and im very tempted to buy something too and hang it on my door so i see it everyday as a bit of an inspiration. Ive got a dress hung up at the moment its leopard print and a size 22, which should have fitted but oh no it doesnt zip up lol. i really like your diary, its long and a good read, just how i like them, mines quite similar hehe. well done and keep up the great work!!!
S: 16st10lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st0lb(5.98%)
25 Jan 11

MY DRESS ARRIVED!!! (finally!!)

It looks so pretty and I want to wear it NOW!

*stomps foot and glares at stomach*

Anyway....it's hanging proudly on my door so everytime I leave my room, heading for the direction of the kitchen I stop and return to my book or whatever I am doing...I do not need 3 biscuits to go with my cup of tea, I do not need a slice of toast just before bedtime and I do not need to indulge in packets of sweets and crisps whilst watching a DVD... I DO NOT! I DO NOT! I DO NOT!

Oh and we now have an extremely hunky engineer at work who was a complete gentleman and grabbed the heavy box I was carrying and took it to my office for me...I think I may be in in lust with his muscles...the were veeery nice! lol! Finally a bit of (eye) candy that won't make my calorie intake go sky high!!!

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28 Jan 11

I've made it past week two and lost 3lbs this week. A total of 10lbs in two weeks!!!

According to the Diet Chef website I should be at my ideal BMI on 22nd October 2011...which I think is a nice little motivational trick on their part, but it still makes me feel giddy to look at it and think I will be a skinny person in a ten months time!!

A problem I have with losing weight is, what if I lose weight and look ill instead of looking healthy?? I struggle to come to terms with me being potentially thin. I have never been thin, I was an overweight child and continued being overweight throughout my teens. Would I suit being thin after being big for so long?

One of my many issues is that until this year I have always looked in the mirror and thought, "Damn, big is beautiful...especially on me!"

I've always been a very confident person but now I suddenly feel the need to hide how I look from people.

This problem in itself caused outrage when I confided this to my friends. They are amazing and jumped at the chance to make me feel better about myself...my best friend treated me to a manicure (she's a beauty therapist) and my other friend gave me a new haircut!!

They gave me that little boost and made me feel great today when I had begun to feel a bit down in the dumps and that made me think; No matter what you look like, good friends always stick by you through thick and thin (pun very much intended!!!)

Thank God for good friends!!!

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20 Feb 2011

17lbs gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello again!!

Sorry for the lack of posts. My internet has been acting up which is dreadfully annoying when you have practically written all of your post and it cuts off...not good!!!

Anyway, this is just a quick update to say that I have past the first stone and I'm heading for the second very soon!

Also, people have begun to take notice of the fact that I am losing weight which I love!! I know you will all understand how good it actually feels when someone casually asks..."Have you lost weight?" and you can proudly reply..."Yes, I have!"

Sadly, this is all I can squeeze in at the moment...the non-virtual life keeps beckoning me to hurry up...the film is about to start! :p

Because I am away to watch the film, and because I feel it's significant to my post....

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17lbs that is amazing! You must feel so much better in yourself.

I just bought myself a new dress as motivation! It always helps!

Also, must know what film you are watching!???


Operation Fight the Fat!
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That is fantastic!!? Well done, you'll be in that red dress before you know it she sexier than ever!! :)

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Hi Scarlet, I am also from Scotland, where abouts are you from?

I totally understand everything you have said! I really like the idea of buying clothing in a smaller size to encourage you to lose weight & fit in it! Think i might need to try this.

Are you still doing the diet chef diet? How did you find it? It looks quiet good.

I have subscribed to your thread, gives me a boost to know that im not alone, and someone else is going through the exact same as me!

S: 13st4lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st4lb(9.68%)
What a great diary, you have a brilliant way with words :D

Well done on your loss so far and good luck for the rest of your journey :)

ps. dress is F.A.B, love it :drool:

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