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My sister stuck to it religiously and sts

It's disheartening when this happens but the first question to ask, did she really stick to it religiously? Some weeks I stuck to the plan completely and I stayed the same also and then other weeks I told myself I stuck to it (when I didn't completely) and I stayed the same. So, if it's the former, then my advice is to stick with it, as it will happen and weight loss happens at different rates for different people at different times. If it's the latter, then just track, track, track and it will happen next week. Whichever situation it is, tell your sister to bear with it and it will happen for her if she keeps going!


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Lots of factors can result in you STS.

1. Is it TOTM - monthly water retention can add up to 2lbs of fluid which will show on the scales.
2. As SlimedandToned mentioned, did she stick to it 100%
3. Is she pointing everything correctly?
4. Is she exercising? If so she could be building muscle.
5. Is she eating the same thing all the time? Your body gets used to constant energy levels from the same food and can plateau quite quickly. 6. TMI possibly but she may need to just go to the loo.

There are lots of others that I'm sure people will come with. Please make sure she doesn't get disheartened. In the long run of her weight loss there will be weeks she STS and weeks where she gains. Often it's completely unpredictable. But at least now with her on WW, she's eating a healthy balanced diet with good food attitides, which (IMHO) isn't the case with Cambridge....

Good luck to her. xxx
WW generally expects people to lose 1-2lbs in a week and this averages out over a period of time. Has she switched recently from CD? Sometimes a STS is just the body's way of sorting it's self out.


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yeah if she's just moved from a shake diet she's lucky to have got an sts to be truthful.

If she keeps at it her metabolism will start to rectify itself

and its worth double double checking the nv's on things from esource as they aren't always 100%. (like checking the g of the packet rather than assuming the portion given on esource is correct, and double checking with the nv)
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As well as a lot of exercise affecting her loss, a total lack of exercise can do the same thing too. I suffered 3 weeks of STS and I stuck to the plan 100%. Truth was, I was barely moving on a day-to-day basis and going a little wild on 0pp free fruit (excessively, looking back on it).

Coming straight of CD onto WW will have an adjustment period too.

Can you get a sample menu up for us? There may be something glaringly obvious...

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