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My slimville train on a go slow !!!!!!!!!!


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Dont feel too disappointed as loss no matter how big or small is still a step in the right direction. Keep your spirits up :)


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Its a loss :) It could have been a gain but it isnt! :)

It may be your body just getting used to the new you :D Stick with it no matter what the loss!
At least it's a loss. Sometimes the body just doesn't lose a lot of weight despite what you do.
I'm dreading my weigh in on Friday cos I don't think I've lost and I'm gutted but I know I'm retaining water and it's coming up to totm so I've got to remember to factor those annoying things in.

Hopefully next week will be better for you.


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only a measly 0.5lbs lost this week :cry:l have even increase my exercise this week lm walking 4 mornings a week plus the wii maybe it will show next week l cant help but feel disappointed :sigh::sigh:
chin up its a loss , i know you feel down but dont worry im sure you will have a bigger loss next week , your always one of the first people on here to give good advice when anyones down or had a bad week xxx :):):):)


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Ah bless you chick. A little loss is sooooo much better than a little gain though huh? Try not to worry - you are sure to see a loss next week. I always think things like exercise take a full week to show up. You just stick with it - don't forget you had a huge loss last week - between the two weeks you've lost nearly 3lbs per week!


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Don't worry about it, every loss is a step in the right direction! It can be tough to think about now but just be positive. :)
Hiya its right you now having lost 5lbs last week your bodys adjusting,I know how you feel I do alot of exercise last week I did and was 100% and lost 1lbs ,sometimes previous weeks can catch up wityh the currant week?
Its a loss and its a brill 2 week total hey,it took me 4 weeks to lose the same as you bar .5lbs,you also kept off the 5lbs and lost an extra bit on top :) xx


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Dont be down hearted - after that huge loss last week a small loss should be expected. Its better to look at weight loss as an overall rather than weekly and over the 2 weeks you average is above the recommended 1-2lbs weekly, so be proud of yourself and give yourself a big pat on the back


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I know how you feel - I sts this week and thought I'd worked really hard - but like everyone else has said, a loss is a loss and weight naturally fluctuates so I bet it'll even out to a good loss over a month. You'll probably lose more next week. It is gutting though, eh?

Chin up and stick with it xx


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I've noticed on some people's signatures that the weight loss doesn't seem to have a pattern. It could go 1lb loss one week, to 3lb loss the next. As long as you keep positive you can get the results. I know I get disheartened when I don't see the loss I wanted, but I have to soldier on. :)
A loss is a loss..at least it didnt go up! i know its hard when you expected more..i bet ul see a big loss next week..the hard work has to pay off somewhere chin up girly :)

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