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My son made me lunch....

out of play-doh. he said its spagetti and meat balls lol.

The funnt thing is i said oh i cant eat this, and he said hold on. then came back with a play-doh cup with litttle bits of play-doh in and said here you go. i said oh whats this. "its your milkshake mummy...you can have that" i nearly fell of my chair laughing.

he may be 3 but is far from silly.

He's made my day. if i get a craving i may ask for somthing nice...later.

Does play-doh take you out of ketosis i wonder?!!
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PMSL!!! God love him! That's class! Don't be tempted by 'non toxic' sign on the tub! It's not Lipotrim approved -though it would be interesting to see what shapes you produced LMAO
That's so gorgeous - the cute little rascel. You mummy's are very lucky people.


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That is sooo cute :)
Awwie that is adorable!!

I wouldn't trust the play-doh. You know what they say: A moment of play-doh on the lips... lol

At least you have his support! xx
Bless! My 3 yr old does the same :D

She hands me all her food to sniff before she eats it now too LOL

haha Jack done that too. handed me his smoky bacon crisps. and said have a sniff mum!


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Hi Kerry,
sounds like a funny little man alright. I have 3 small fellas at home, 7, 6 and 3 and they have me in stitches most days. Wouldn't be without them, would we!


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Not for a minute would we be without them!!! My 2 boys, 8 and 5, measure my weight loss with how far they can get their arms around my waist, as before the diet they could hardly get them round at all lol. They also give me their food to sniff aswell. They are gorgeous
Awwwwww how cute!!

My brother and his kids have just been up and my brother (very sensitively as ever!) said "I know you're not eating but should the rest of us get fish and chips?"

My 7 year old niece said "For goodness sake Daddy! Why do you want to make Auntie Lucy upset and cry into her milkshake. Then she might smoke and it will ALL be your fault"

He felt suitably guilty and it was very sweet of her to stick up for her Auntie like that! LOL!

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