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my son off 2 leeds festival - Ah

My son (nearly 18) has left this morn to go to Leeds Festival camping til Monday morn. Ive had 3 phone calls up to now and he is getting his mate to call for stuff hes forgotten also asked for more cash cos food is so expensive (my growing lad can eat like a horse)
Its lovely to see him enjoying himself never done anything like this before - My handsome son is grown up) its hard to realise he doesnt need his mum anymore! Doesnt stop me worrying though! Or is it just me being soft?
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I am tearing up here. Mine are littler (14/11 and 7) but a very wise lady told me when my eldest started school that from then on parenting was a series of letting go. It is a concept that I struggle with as my 14 year old daughter would probably love to tell you, but I am getting there. I hope that when she, and the others get to 18 I can wave them off (for a short or long time) bravely like you. Thanks for sharing.
My little one is 6'2" and i know can look after himself but it is so very hard not to let them see how worried you are, i admit to having a few tears this morning. He says to me that i cant wrap him up in cotton wool which I dont think i do. My eldest child has been in France since beginning of June she returns in 2 weeks time and OMG how i have missed her as well. But as mothers we have to cut the apron strings it wouldnt be fair to them. Thank you for your replies and understanding.
the latest update of my son and his travels to leeds fest - he's lost or had his mob stolen. So now i cant just text him or fone, i dont want his mates thinking im a paranoid mother -

SONS who'd hav em
Aw bless you! If it helps, its great when your able to talk to your bins about things (bins = rental bins = rents = parents!)

Im 22 now but when I was a bit younger I wish my da had taken an interest (even a concerned interest!) in what I liked to do when I was 18. He doesnt know anything about me anymore and its sad. So good on you! Im sure he'll have a great time and DON'T WORRY!!

ChrisR don't worry, he'll be fine! I first went to Leeds when I was 15, I'm a Leeds fest vet. Only reason I'm not there this year is cuz I've just had my appendix out!

I wish my parents had shown a bit of concern when I went but I'm not sure they noticed I was gone for the 4 days! Incidentally, I lost my mobile on my first year-fell out of my jeans pocket when I was on one of the fair rides! lol

Relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet!
I am sure he is having a great time. He will just have more to tell you about when he comes back now.

Please remind me of this smug post when my little ones are bigger and not calling me!

My eldest daughter (14) has been away since the begining of the holidays she went to Malta with her Dad (my ex) and has then been at guide camp for a week. I am really looking foward to seeing her tomorrow.
Im glad to say he is having a great time his tent is wet but slept like a baby or is he just telling me that when really he hasnt slept at all for all the partying. lol
My son says i show 2 much interest sometimes but i cant help it i love my children very very much. Thank u folks for your lovely posts they are much appreciated x
Aw hun, i know exactly how your'e feeling, my Son went to Reading Fest a few years ago when he was the same age as your son and survived!! also lost his mobile but foned me on a friends fone to let me know that he was ok. Your Son sounds sensible, he will be fine.
My son(19) is currently on a gap year travelling around India/Thailand with his girlfriend and before he went I said to him, that I would miss him like mad but thatI trusted him and I think that meant a lot to him.
As a mum I didn't want him to go but we bring our kids up to be independant and have the confidence to do these things, so a huge hug and pat on the back for you as you have given him the confidence to enjoy lifes opportunity.
Meanwhile enjoy the peace and quiet!!!!
glad to report my 'little one' is back safe and sound. Had a great time and cant wait for next year. I now realise how quiet the house can be and how noisy is it when my no 2 child is here lol
glad his experience was much more successful than mine! I had my tent destroyed and had to leave early :(

My son (nearly 18) has left this morn to go to Leeds Festival camping til Monday morn. Ive had 3 phone calls up to now and he is getting his mate to call for stuff hes forgotten also asked for more cash cos food is so expensive (my growing lad can eat like a horse)

Doesn't need you eh? forgetting stuff, more cash needed, who you kidding hun lol they always need mums no matter how old they get.


I will succeed!!!
I'm 26 and have been living alone for a fair while now but I still turn to my folks when I need to. I even still want my Mum when I am sick more than anyone - what is it about throwing up that makes you cry for your Mum? LOL.

So he will ALWAYS need and WANT you about - and it's a great relationship you share :D

Glad he had fun - what a lovely Mum you are xxx


I will succeed!!!
Awww anytime hun :) x

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