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  1. Catbus

    Catbus Member


    Well today was the first step to the future, and I have to keep remembering.

    I met with my Cambridge Consultant today and got my first set of packs, I have decided to use the Sole Source option as honestly I think I need a complete break from food and everything that surrounds it.

    I guess as this is my new Diary I should explain what got me to this point so here goes.

    I should be happy! This time two years ago if someone had told me I would have my own home, a loving and devoted husband who loves me for me and not a number on a scale I would laugh at them and tell them not to be stupid, but here I am and not only that I have just had a promotion to a job that I have wanted all my why am I not happy? I should be right??

    Well here goes... in 26 years old 5ft 7 and weight 22 stone exactly, I need to lose half of my own body weight! I should have lost weight for the wedding and that was a plan but then in was pulled forward a year and quite honestly I used the change of date as an excuse not to try. I missed out on wedding dress shopping as I went to a plus size shop and tried on three dresses picking the one that fit ( I was lucky as it was stunning) and I did feel special on my big day, the photos did not overly upset me either.... good photographers are worth there weight in gold.

    I have managed to bury my head in the sand thinking I was still the weight I was after a slimming world diet that took me to 16stone then last Tuesday we went to Alton Towers.... the most eye opening day out in my life.... Smiler ride... fine no problems...Rita again all good. Then it came to oblivion....sat down and that harness was not closing for anyone... I had to get up and walk of the ride, in front of my husband... I could have thrown myself in front of the ride. I was so embarrassed.

    Then the next day a nice walk out to national trust house, could I walk up the hill no, so on returning home I got on those scales.... old mechanical ones that only go up to 20 stone ( I say only like its a small number)

    So I had two options, I could carry on ignoring it or I could do something about it. So I had a look online and found the Cambridge Diet, three consultants later and I found the one, after arranging to meet her today and spending an hour with her going over my options I am all set to start tomorrow just need to pick up a shaker from a supermarket.

    The book says to keep a diary and to put 3 reasons down on why you want to loose weight so this is It the start of my future.

    1. I want to be a Mummy, I want to be a mummy who can run around and play and not worry about people looking.
    2. I don't want to be worried about fitting in anything ever again, unless its a case of be worried my Jeans will be to big.
    3. I want to be able to go to Monsoon or Oasis to get my evening dress for my works awards ceremony next year in April and not have to order something online.

    First Three mini Targets.

    1.Get through the first week 100%
    2. Get below 21 stone.
    3.Be able to walk up the 7th tee at the golf course without stopping.

    Any support would be great, I will be having a read from the other diary's to keep me going :O)
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  3. Catbus

    Catbus Member

    Well Day One Is almost over and I have had my first 100% sole source day.

    Products -

    Ready Made Milkshake - Choc Velvet.... WOW I loved this and I am so glad I had this as my first product
    Ready Made Milkshake - Strawberry .... Not so loving on this one, but it was OK
    Vanilla Rice Pudding - Followed the instructions to the tea, and it was nice.

    Water - 3.5 ltrs. Have to stop now as otherwise I will be up all night!

    I had got 5 ready made milkshakes one for every work day but today went mental, I didn't have my first milkshake at work until 14:00 and then walked in my house at 18:00 to be told we had to go straight out to the mover in laws, so it was either dip into my ready mades or have a double Rice Pudding when we got home. On reflection now I am so glad that I had the milkshake.

    Not to bad today until we had to go out tonight, family drama, sorted quickly but then had to sit there and watch 6 people tuck into a Lamb sunday dinner with pudding and wine.. the exact thing I was hoping to avoid for the first week as the husband was going to eat before I got home to help me get through my first week.

    Im so proud of myself though, it would have been the simple answer to let myself be pushed into having a meal and I could have used an excuse of setting in or doing step 2 for a couple of days to get used to it.... I did think of this, but I logged on and re-read my post from yesterday and got through it... was very thankful of the rice pudding when we did get home just.

    Here is to hoping Day 2 passes with the same determination as today....
  4. kittycat1

    kittycat1 Full Member

    Well done for getting here and getting through your first day catbus - stick with it and you'll hit your first mini target in no time at all. I'm in week 2 and still weeing through the night- but it's worth it so just have to get used to a disturbed sleep for a while. And a huge well done for resisting roast dinner- you just have to think to yourself food is fuel and nothing more. What would make you happier- having a baby or eating a nice meal- no question right? Just keep that at the front of your mind when you waiver - good luck - kittycat
  5. scobyboo

    scobyboo Full Member

    Well done Catbus on starting the Cambridge Diet. Day one went well for you, as will day two, three, four, five.....
    Make sure you drink plenty of water. And think of the amazing results you will get at you're first weigh in next week, and each week after that. This will encourage you.

    Good luck
  6. Catbus

    Catbus Member

    Thank you Kittycat is it easier in your second week? Any sideeffects? x
    Scobyboo i keep thinking about Monday weigh in it is how i have got through today.
  7. Catbus

    Catbus Member

    Second Day

    Chocolate Velvet milkshake
    Toffee and Walnut milkshake
    Tomato Soup.

    3.5 liters of water

    Was really hungry tonight, it did help that my husband decided to have a soup night as well... o.k his looked nicer but his wont help him loose weight :).

    Quick walk to the park with puppy and a ready for bed.

    Roll on day three
  8. Catbus

    Catbus Member

    Third Day,

    Banana (Ready made milkshake) Next week im only going to get the chocolate and banana ones.
    Maple Porridge - YUK i hate this, i have arranged to swap my porridge's with my CC tomorrow.
    Choclate milkshake (Packet)

    Not feeling hungry at all, weird copper taste in my mouth but headaches seem to have stopped.

    Starting to get easier... that or ive just had a good day... i guess we will see...
  9. kittycat1

    kittycat1 Full Member

    Hi Catbus,

    I have to admit I've been eating a bit of protein and veg this week due to a few business lunches and a friends leaving do, however I have been very careful I have stayed under 500 calories every day though and no sugar or carbs passed my lips. Am still in ketosis so have managed not to stay in control. I have resisted chocolate and feeing strong :) I'll be interested to see the scales on sunday as to whether this has effected my weight loss- my stomach feels flatter though so am definitely seeing a difference. No real side effects. Is it getting easier?- I'd say I'm getting used to it rather than it's getting easier. still weeing like a horse mind!

  10. Catbus

    Catbus Member

    Well first week down, lost 8 lbs.

    Measurements were amazing lost 6 inches of my waist, 0.5 inches of each arm, 1 inch of each leg and 1 inch of my arm.

    Really happy all in 1 week roll on next week :O)
  11. Choppygirl

    Choppygirl Full Member

    Fab loss - well done. I am on Day 3 and have been struggling today, just sliced up a pizza for my daughter and had to have a good sniff of it ! Felt a bit faint today even though my water intake has been fab. My husband is out in his lorry overnight so the temptation is awful so I'm going for a soak in the bath.
  12. Catbus

    Catbus Member


    I find it hard with my hubby being home. Hes a chef so cooks amazing food.

    He is still eating normally and its hell the smell and taste of the food.

    I found day 3 the hardest so i had an early bath and bed, i work with drivers (im a branch manger for a recruitment company - driver based) so i get calls through the night. so its actually nice to get an early night.

    Just remember that you will loose weight and it will be worth it, 1 day at a time and really if we remember that its such a short amount of time over our life and we will gain so much back
  13. scobyboo

    scobyboo Full Member

    Wow 8lb's. You have done amazing well done.
  14. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    8lbs is a fantastic loss, well done, keep up the great work.xx
  15. MrsC999

    MrsC999 Full Member

    Hi Catbus

    How are you doing? Hope you're still going strong after your brilliant 8lb loss the first week

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