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Hi all

So I got through my first day but that was tough! About me, I'm 33 and need to lose weight to start fertility treatment, I was always underweight for my height and was a size 10 - 12 until I had a very stressful episode in my life and was diagnosed with an under active thyroid, this is hereditary and my mum and sister both have it. I put on a lot of weight in a short space of time about ten years ago and have been struggling ever since. In 2007 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which I have struggled to come to terms with. Two years ago I wanted to get pregnant and at that time you had to take insulin instead of tablets to control the diabetes, this caused me to put loads more weight on and I am starting exante at 16 st 6llb and a size 20, I'm fortunate that I am 5ft 9 so can carry off a bit of weight but not this much, I am an apple shape so look like a barrel, my weight is all boobs and stomach. So I want to get pregnant but have irregular periods, the infertility clinic want to prescribe me clomid but have said I need to lose weight first, I'm useless at sticking to diets and have tried many other ways to try and lose weight including expensive hypnotherapy and pills which haven't helped me. My first day yesterday was pretty horrific, I felt I'll all day and so hungry, however I want a baby so I am determined to do this so here's to day two, I'll let you know later how it's gone! X
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hi ya hun, thats gotta be the best reason to want to lose weight to have a baby, this is day 5 for me and i can honestly say the first couple of days are the worst but stick with it hun, i can honestly say i feel brilliant and not even hungry(although my stomach rumbles sooooo loud..lol) the first 2 days i was clock watching waiting for my next shake thinking i couldnt get through the day without food but last night i had to force it down, day 2 was hard and i even split my powder and the bar in half so i got more meals in the day and it really helped, anyway good luck hun there are a lot of people on here that will advise and help you along the way i for one couldnt have done it without them xxx


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Hang in there, it gets so much easier:)

The first few days are without a doubt difficult, but it then becomes just part of your normal day.

I have found that taking food choices out of my life has been incredibly liberating!

You name the diet, and I have done it. I have lost weight, then piled it all back on. I have clothes in my wardrobe from size 10 to 24:(

This feels so different somehow. I feel fine, and so determined.

Use the support here. We understand, and are all here for the same reason - to lose weight!

All the very best!


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Good luck hun, you can do this, it does get easier I have managed to get to day 15 :)


Doing it exante style :)
Good luck hun, your nearly over the worst of it now :) keep going xx
Well day three is almost done, I felt so much better today, the brain fog has lifted, still feeling hungry though, hope that goes away soon, I'm looking forward to my first weigh in, I just hope it's been worth it!
Day four almost done, today was ok but I can't get past the starving feeling, does it ever go away? My tummy is grumbling and I'm using every last bit of will power not to eat. Grrr
God I'm finding this so hard, I have zero energy and have spent the entire evening on the sofa watching tv, I can't stop thinking about food and have almost persuaded myself to eat something tonight, if I could get past the lack of energy and the hunger I think I could do this, please motivate me to keep going!


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Just think of the end goal hun - If you really need something have another shake to get you through the night - I did the first week on 4 packs and lost weight ;) *hugs* you can do this!!!
Finally! I feel like I've turned a corner, today I have only had three packs and have not felt as hungry or lethargic, I'm hoping this continues, have to admit I had a sneaky look at the scales yesterday and I have lost 8llbs, official weigh in tomorrow so we'll see how I did in week one. I just hope I can keep going!


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Good luck for official weigh in - hope it goes well :)
Haven't written for a few days...... although I've been good I haven't stuck to the plan 100% which i'm disappointed with myself about, I've lost 3llbs this week which although is a loss is not as much as I would have liked, must try harder!
Well done for staying 100% I'm on week two so a couple of days behind you and after losing 8lb in the first week I have only lost 1.25 lb in my sneaky peek too!

Looking at others diaries week two can be a big drop but they go on to hit some big numbers in other weeks so we must hang in there xx

Keep coming on here it really helps :)

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