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my sw pg damage limitation food diary!!!


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currently 18 weeks pg and weighing 14st.05 .. seems i have already put on 10lbs so i really want to maintain this weight, or put on no more than 7lbs for rest of the pregnancy . have found my old sw books, so will try and follow food optimising as closely as i can from home.
not able to attend a meeting at the moment due to work commitments, but hope to join once i go on maternity leave in june
im allowing myself up to 15 sins, and a little extra milk .. but i wont stress too much if i go over my syns or veer off the plan a little - will be happy if i can stick to it if only for 5 days out of a week -
will still be eating much healthier than i have been up to now anyhow!
would appreciate any pointers from other pg ladies following sw as not sure if im allowed anything "extra"

day 1:

bfast: small bowl fruit salad, small banana, 2 boiled eggs - 2 coffees with dash of skimmed milk

midmorning snack : 2 kiwi fruits

lunch: ready made couscous salad with small chicken pieces, dont have a clue as to syn value - but will allow 8 + 1 heb for chicken as havent yet done a shop and dont have anything in for lunch!
cup of tea with splash of skimmed milk

mid afternoon snack: small banana & lemon cheesecake muller light 1 syn

4 oc : 2 weetabix (1 heb) + skimmed milk

treat : 2 x fruit pastils 1 syn?

dinner : jacket potato with 2 tsp marge + low fat cott cheese + a side salad

2 small glasses skim milk

total syns = 12
found today fairly easy to stick to despite being around lots of yummy food at work, i dont tend to feel very hungry in the morning so have decided to have fruit, yogs, neutral foods for breakfast and will take 2 weetabix to work to eat @ 4 oc when im absolutely ravenous but only have a 20 min break before i finish my shift @ 9 oc .. 5 hrs such a long time to not be eating anything!!
have decided not to measure my milk as im pg, as long as i dont go overboard i will just have it in tea/coffee, on my weetabix and the odd glass to ease my dreaded heartburn!
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tues 20th april

day 2:
day off work today, so lots of temptation from fridge and biscuit tin!
1 small banana, 1 vanilla muller light
2 cups of tea with splash of skim milk
midmorning snack : 1 sml slice brown bread with tsp marge + 1 tsp jam (1/2 heb) ( 2 syns)
lunch : jacket potato + 2 tsp marge (2 syns) cottage cheese and side salad
portion rice pudding made with milk from allowance + granulated sweetener
midafternoon snack: shape peach & passion fruit yogurt, 1 x chocolate ball (2 syns)
cup of tea with splash of milk
dinner: egg noodles + stir fry veg with 2 tbs black bean sauce (2 syns)
small baked banana with dash of maple syrup (1 syn)
2 small slices brown bread (1heb) 2 tsp marge + maple syrup (4 syns)
small cup hot milk with sweetner
total syns : 13
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What plan are you following? I thought may be green by your 1st post but not sure now. Cooked fruit are syns. An average banana is 4.
Lots of regular eating is ideal for pregnancy. Keep up the good work.


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im following green plan, although only loosely at the moment due to being pregnant . have you followed sw whilst being pregnant?


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day 3

day 3
working today from 2-9 oc so will try and fill up on green foods and take my weetabix with me for 4 oc snack !!

b'fast: 2 x small brown bread (1heb) mushrooms + egg cooked in fry light (3 syns for marge - cant wait to buy v.l.fat spread - waste of syns!)
2 cups of tea with splash of skim milk
lunch: jacket potato, 1 tsp marge, 1/2 tin tesco spag bol + side salad (4 syns)
1 shape fruit yog
cup of tea with splash of skim milk
mid afternoon snack : weetabix (1heb) + skim milk from allowance
dinner: veg stir fry + noodles + 2tbs blackbean sauce (2 syns)
1 vanilla muller light yog
cup of tea with splash of milk
also picked a fair bit at work : fresh fruit salad, med portion macaroni cheese (6 syns),1 pink wafer, 1 rich tea biscuit (4 syns)
total syns : 19 .. woops, but hey ho tomorrow is another day, lol!
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another green day!

day 4
ok, had planned a red day but didnt get off to a good start as someone ate all the ham i was planning to have with eggs for breakfast! so another green day it is ..

breakfast: 2 weetabix (1heb) with s/skim milk from allowance, 1 small banana
2 cups of tea with splash of s/skim milk
midmorning snack: 2 mini baby bel (1hea)

lunch: 2 x small brown toast (1heb) 2 tsp marge,
tin spaghetti hoops + 1 fried egg on the top! (3 syns)
1 muller light vanilla yog, 1 small banana
1 chupa chups lolly (2syns)
afternoon snack : beans on 1 small brown toast (3 syns) 1 coffee with splash s/skim milk
dinner : med pile sw chip cooked in fry light, baked beans, 1 fried egg (1 syn)
1 shape fat free yogurt
2 cups of tea with splash s/skim milk
shape fat free yogurt
2 x lollies (4 syns)

total syns : 13
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day 5

day 5
im 19 weeks pg today, almost half way!
really going to try and make it a red day today for a change, having to have a neutral breakfast though as havent yet been shopping!
breakfast : 2 small brown toast (1heb) 2 tsp marge + topped with 2 fried eggs (2 syns)
2 cups tea with splash of skim milk from allowance
lunch : tuna sandwich using 2 x small brown bread, 2tsp marge (1heb) and little mayo (5 syns)
cup tea with splash of skim milk from allowance
1 refresher sweet (3 syns?)
midafternoon snack: 1 babybel cheese (1hea)
1 lolly (1syn)
cup of tea with splash skim milk
dinner: green salad with 3 slices of ham
1 vanilla muller light
1 cup of tea with splash of skim milk
oh dear ... hubby came in with a chinese take away, and im afraid i couldnt resist - tried to eat meat based dishes, but also had some chips, i estimate my mini blow out to come to approx 40 syns, so total syn value for today : 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
a little disapointed in myself, but i did have some self control as i would usually have really gone for it and stuffed myself silly - so will class todays syns as flexi syns
having said, looking back at what i eat over the course of the day prior to the chinese, really wasnt very much calorie wise, perhaps all is not lost!
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day 6

day 6
think i'll try and stick to green today, i seem to have more self control when im on a green day, lol

2 weetabix (1heb) with skim milk from allowance, 1 cup of tea with splash of milk
1 small banana
2 baby bel cheese (1hea)
lunch: green salad with mushroom omelette and 1 pkt uncle bens grilled med vegetable risotto (yummy!) (6 sins)
1 med orange
2 plums
dinner : spag hoops & 1 fried egg on toast (1heb) (4 sins)
fruit salad
cup of tea with dash of skim milk
total sins (10 sins)
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day 7

day 7
not sure if i will do a green or red day today, i'll have a neutral breakfast and and see where the day takes me ..
grilled mushrooms on toast (1 heb) + (2sins) for the marge
2 cups coffee with splash of s/skim milk
midmorning : same as breakfast, god im hungry today!
(1heb) + (2sins)
2 cups tea with skim milk from allowance
lunch: 2 boiled eggs with sweetcorn + green salad with fat free dressing
midafternoon: 2 tbs lfat houmos with crudites (6sins)
cheese (1hea) + apple
going off track now :
steak & kidney pie, 5 small roast potatoes (in oil, ouch!) brocolli (20 sins?)
1+1/2 magnum ice creams(15 sins?)
4 rich tea biscuits (8 sins)
2 cups tea with skim milk from allowance
ok, not such a good day but i really felt hungry this afternoon, think i managed to keep a self little control and counting my sins helped me with this - will regard today as another flexi sin day and estimate that i have eaten just over 50 sins.
on a positive note, i did managed to stick to the 5 days that i set out to do, with 2 flexi sin days .. tomorrow is another day and im looking forward to getting back on track - not looking foward to my weigh in so much!
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weigh in

+1/4 weight gain this week .. boo hoo

ok so i admit, with 2 flexi days under my belt shouldnt be suprised, but then i did stick to food optimising rest of the week and the calories on the flexi days were not actually that excesive - i wont deny it, im pretty gutted but onwards and upwards as they say .. i shall try and throw in few more red days and have no more than 1 flexi day a week .. with this weeks one being on sunday at my husbands 40th bday barbecue!

on a positive note, have just read on the net that around 20 wks pg, women start putting on around 1/2kilo week - that just over 1lb, so although i have made a small gain this week .. im on track with the weight im expected to put on during pregnancy !:):)
day 8

day 8
a new week, a new start ... hopefully!

green day

breakfast: 2 weetabix (1heb) with splash of skim milk from allowance
2 small plums
1 cup tea with dash of skim milk from allowance
midmorning: 1 apple & 1 orang
1 cup tea with splash skim milk
lunch : pasta salad with sweet corn, mixed beans and 2 boiled eggs with fat free dressing
fresh fruit salad + shape fat free yog
midafternoon: 1 cup tea with splash skim milk + 2 rich tea biscuits (4sins)
2 x small brown bread with marge (1heb)+(2 sins)
dinner: jacket potato filled with 2 tsp marge (2sins) low fat cottage cheese with chives, with green side salad
1 malteser ice cream (11 sins)
2 cups tea with splash of skim milk from allowance
total sins [email protected] 18
so the malteser ice cream bar took me over my sin allowance, but i (and baby) thoroughly enjoyed it so will just cut back on few sins tomorrow(i hope!)
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I was going to suggest maybe the baby is having a growth spurt. My pregnancies are too long ago so can't remember. Keep going, you are doing great.

Mrs V

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Hi there just reading your diary...firstly congratulations on your pregnancy! Just to ask..how many Hes are you having a day?? You do know that you should have more than you are having dont you?? I believe its 2 Hea's and 3 Hebs, but if you put a question up on the main thread, someone will confirm that. I know that there are a couple of members that are pregnant, or recently had their little ones and will definitely be able to let you know.

thank you

thank you for your positive comments, i must admit i was quite disheartened this morning .. dont get me wrong i wasnt expecting to have lost much, specially with 2 flexi days but being as it was my first week i thought i may have lost at least a pound or two despite baby growth - as i have lost up to 7lbs on sw before in my first week (prior to pregnancy!)
are heb's bread etc or milk - i get mixed up - at the moment im having 2 of each, too scared now to have any more, lol .. im not really counting milk allowance so much though as i guess i need to be having a lot of calcium, just not not going over board!
day 9

day 9
deffo red day today, having far too many greens and baby needs some protein!

breakfast: 2 slices brown bread (1heb) 2 tsp marge (2 sins) + 2 fried eggs (2 sins)
2 cups tea with splash skim milk from allowance
midmorning : 1 choc biscuit (3sins?)
lunch : pork stir fry with vegetables and black bean sauce (2sins)
vanilla muller light yogurt
2 cups tea with skim milk from allowance
midafternoon: 4 small cubes chocolate ? sins
dinner: ended up having a barbecue at my sisters, had a sausage, a lamb kebab thing on a skewer and some chicken .. worryingly after i was halfway through the chicken i noticed parts of it were pink, and come to think of it the lamb kebab on a skewer was cold in the middle - we were eating outside in the dark so have no idea how much of the pink i ate .. im extremely worried with being pregnant as you can imagine, i know i went way over my points as i had ice cream too but thats the least of my worries. apparently it can take 12-72 for salmonella to develop .. great, going to be worrying about it all of tonight, weds, thurs and friday now! after looking on the net, and being scared silly at all the things that can cause salmonella, im now going to try and stick with green days only.. have been eating soft boiled eggs like their going out of fashion - not good, from now on (if i eat them at all!) i shall be making sure they're boiled the whole way through .. not even going to point today, im just too upset and want to try and put it behind me .. just have another 72 hrs of worry to get through!
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day 10

day 10
worryingly after yesturdays raw chicken incident i do feel a little sick this morning .. roll on friday, only another 60 hrs to go to find out if ive developed salmonella - cant believe this has happened!
breakfast : small bowl bran flakes with sweetener and skim milk from allowance. 1 cup ot tea with skim milk
lunch: quorn escalope with green salad and 2tbsp low fat coleslaw (12 sins total)
slices of cantaloupe melon
dinner: brown rice & 1/2 tin ratatouille
slices of cantaloupe melon
cup of tea with skim milk
cpl squares of chocolate (2sins)
didnt have full milk allowance, just wanted to drink lots of water, still worrying about eating that undercooked chicken yesturday but i dont appear to have developed any symptoms so hopefully all is well, have now gone right off milk so looks like green days will be the order of the day
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day 11

day 11
breakfast: 2 x small brown bread, 2 tsp marge (2 sins) mushrooms/fry light
1 cup of tea with skim milk
lunch : jacket potato, 2 tsp marge + low fat coleslaw (6? sins)
ok, so i had my 20 week scan today - all seemed well but there were some concerns over babies abdominal circumfrence (sp?) they were slightly high .. i have therefore been referred for a glucose test next week to see if i have developed gestational diabetes - with this in mind, i think i will speak with my midwife today and see what she recommends i eat between now and next week - as basically its going to be 2 weeks before i get test results back, so think perhaps i should eat as if i have gd.
so just 1 day after deciding to eat mostly carbs to avoid risk of food poisoning, looks as if im going to have to cut down on carbs and eat more protein, lol .. just typical
havent recorded rest of todays food intake as i was so worried about the above, i hardly ate and just picked at some fruit - will speak to mw 2morrow and see what she recommends i eat, then just keep a record of it in my diary .. im still aiming to maintain my weight
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day 12

have decided to eat healthily and try to stick to around 1700 cals .. which should help me to maintain my weight .. have also changed my weigh in day to fri which is the day baby goes up a week, so although hasnt been quite a week im now weighing the same as i did monday - with no weight gain, will weigh myself again next friday

breakfast = approx 400 cals
small amt melon fruit salad
3 small brown bread, low fat marge + 1/2 tin spaghetti hoops
cup of tea with splash of skim milk
midmorning = approx 300 cals
muller fruit corner yog
cup of tea with splash of skim milk
lunch = approx 450 cals
2 x white rolls, low fat marge, ham + brown pickle
midafternoon = approx 210 cals
1/2 plain muffin
2 cups coffee with splash of skim milk
dinner = approx 650 cals
med portion of pasta with low fat mayo, tuna + sweetcorn
small amt melon fruit salad
evening snack = 150 cals
glass of milk, 1 small bown toast with tsp maple syrup

total calories : 2160
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day 13

day 13
breafast = approx 350 cals
2 x weektabix + 2 cups of tea with skim milk
3 small plums
midmorning = 60 cals
1 reachtea chocolate biscuit
lunch = approx 450 cals
2 x small bacon sandwhiches on brown - grilled
dinner = 1000 cals
barbecue, nibbles + chocolate bday cake !!
approx total = 1900 cals
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day 14

day 14
breakfast = approx 400 cals
3 x slices toast, l/fat spread + marmalade
2 cups tea with splash skim milk
midmorning = 250 cals
1 x lollypop sweet!
open sandwich with slice ham + coleslaw
lunch = 800 cals, woops .. not good!
curry + brown rice
melon fruit salad
cup of coffee with splash of skim milk
midafternoon = 350 cals
pkt crisps
2 weetabix with skim milk
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