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My Tattoo

Yes - deffo have something to eat - a bar of chocolate is fine as you'll need to keep your sugar levels up, I'm afraid. Not very dieticious but it is a wound you'll need to take care of.

Have fun! I want a new tat too!


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Oooh I love it. Is this your first? Where are you getting it?
Sorry I can't help you with what to do before it, but i'm sure someone will be able to give you advice.


Finally a size 12!
Yeah its my 1st one getting it done on my wrist bit nervous but yeah ill eat a choc bar as i know when i got my lip pierced i had to get something with sugar x


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Hi, I just had mine a few weeks ago while sticking to the diet and had no problems. I didn't need to eat. It is a lovely design


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That should be fine. I think if you were going to pass out (which is rare by the way) you would do it anyway. Don't work yourself up about it, just think how great it will look when it heals. I am so wanting another one already even though I just got one two weeks ago, they are so addictive.


Finally a size 12!
How long does it take the heal?? The skin is quite thin on my wrist so i imagine it will really hurt !!! Im so scared!!! :(


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It varies depending on the person and the place but it will be well on it's way after two weeks. They are painful but they don't take too long and as soon as the take the needle away the pain stops. Don't worry about it too much. I have heard very different opinions about the wrist saying it does and doesn't hurt, I don't actually have one there but I have one on the inside of my elbow which is quite similar in skin thickness and it wasn't too bad. You can use Emla cream if you want. It is a skin numbing cream that takes away the pain completely but you would need to speak to the tattooist about it. It really is amazing stuff.
If you want something to help you with the pain take an asprin or paracetimol before you go, it really helps trust me it helped when I had mine done (see my album).
It's really pretty and I'm sure you'll be fine, the pain isn't as bad as some people make out but then apparently I have a very high pain threshold.
It ususally takes 1-2 weeks to heal dependent on where the tattoo is, so being on your wrist it shouldn't take to long at all. You'll have to put piccies on here of it when you get back hun!


Finally a size 12!
Ha ha ha yeah ill defo stick some piccies up. Not told my dad he will flip ha ha ha ha ha ah x


Finally a size 12!
Well girlies rang the tattoo place im in at 1.30 tomorrow :) xx IM SCARED my skin is thin on my wrist


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Good luck, sure it'll be fine! I've never had one I want one but every time I mention it the DH and parents flip out... and yes... I'm nearly 40!!! ha ha ...


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It really doesn't hurt as much as you think!! But it is addictive.

I have now had 5 of them and as soon as you have one you want another one!

My advice is to get Tattoo Goo which is in a little round metal tin, put it on every 3 hours for 2 weeks and it won't go dry and crispy and flake off which may damage the design or colouring.

Don't put savlon on it as apparently that blocks the pours and can be a problem!

Hope you enjoy it!! :)



Finally a size 12!
OHHHHHHH cant wait now cause there so full i have to put a £20 deposit down but im in work!! So my boyf is going to put it down as its round the corner from his work :) xxxx
I had my wrist done last year and it wasn't sore at all :) ( now my lower back tattoo was a whole other story lol)
Am so jealous, have 4 tattoos and I'm desperate to get my next one....just need to save my pennies first lol


Finally a size 12!
Think they said it would be 40 quid you have put my mind at rest Ali as loads of people are saying whoooooo i wouldnt get it done there near your muscles and tendens x

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