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My Wedding Cambridge Diet Diary!!


Some of you may of read my post regarding my wedding on the 26th July 2008!
Well to sum up i have now booked the church and venue but i have a small - well big problem of having to lose 5 Stone before then!
Which would make me about a size 10 on top which is what i was pre my gorgeous little girl! :D :D :D
So ive had a meeting with my Cambridge Counsellor who is great! ( had a few bad experiences with the ones i met prior to her) :confused:
And im starting tomorrow!! Scared but also strangel looking forward to it!
So i thought i would start a little diary for myself so i can read it if i get a bit down in the dumps!

Feel free to reply as i need all the buddies i can get!

And i will post tomorrow to let you know how day 1 is going?

Also if anyone can let me know how much water roughly i should be drinking that would be great! :tear_drop: :tear_drop:

i was going to aim between 4 and 5 a day is that ok?!!

Lou x
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Hi Lou

Congratulations on your up & coming wedding, i'm sure you will be a beautiful slim bride on your wedding day! I ususally drink between 4 & 5 litres of the good ole H20 :tear_drop: :tear_drop: daily so your target is spot on. Look forward to reading your post, good luck for tomorrow.....xxx
Hi loobyloo!!!

Congratulations on the wedding :character00250:- are you excited already? :DI know if I were gonna get married I'd be like a cheshire cat grinning away!!! lol!

I'm on week 1 of the diet... enjoying it quite a lot actually - it makes it so much easier I think if you can see this a choice rather than a chore / challenge.. you're choosing to change yourself, you're choosing to have no food for a few months, and you will succeed at look gorgeous on your wedding day!!!!!!

Lots of luck hon, keeping a diary is great.. I must admit I read through many that are on here - there's so much where you can read it and think 'god, that could be me that's written that'!!!!

I've been lurking for about 6 months on here, but now I love to read and post - it's become quite an addiction to come here, but these men and ladies on here are so wonderful and the friendliness, support and 'you can do it!!' vibes that shine through are hopefully gonna be inspiration and motivation for you...

We're all here for you, so GOOD LUCK!!! and look forwarding to hearing from you lots as you get slimmer & slimmer!!!!

tinks x
Day 1 - Story So Far

Day 1 - Morning through to Afternoon

So first day on Cambridge Diet, think my little girl must know im embarking on the hardest diet in the world because she didnt awake until 10 this morning so got a little sleep in which was a nice change!

Got up and sorted Ella out first with toast and scrambled egg on!
Shes at the phase where she is nibbling on finger food (shes 9 months old) and she thinks its amusing to keep offering me pieces off toast!

Usually i would have a nibble so it felt strange restraining myself but thought if im doing this right then will have to behave!

First shake of the day was chocolate mint - was quite thick even though i mixed it with 10fl oz water! Might add more to the next one!
But didnt taste half as bad as i thought it would!
Quite scrummy in fact!

Was kept quite busy with the little one during 11 and 2 so kept trying to drink water and because i was busy didnt even think about food!

Suprisingly dont feel hungry!! :eek:

Was wondering about this water lark??!!
Is it true that you should sip the water rather then gulp it down!
Was thinking that if it is true and i have to sip it i could be here all day and night trying to sip 5 litres!!!! :eek: :eek:

Anyway had my second shake at half 3 which was butterscotch!
Now this was yummy!! Made it with more water and also added ice cubes so it tasted more like icecream!

By 4 o clock i had drunk nearly 3 1/2 litres so not doing too bad on water front!!

Dont feel any different just yet but not looking forward to tomorrow as i may get the headaches ive read about and hunger pangs!

Luckily i have been quite busy today!

I know im not an emotional eater because i never have been but i eat when im bored!
And after 7 at night is my worst time so ive got myself plenty of ironing to do and im hoping that time will fly and it will be bed time and that will be day 1 over already!

Next shake at 8 and im having vanilla!!

So far so good peeps!
Hope i can keep it up as i know lots of you have had brilliant success with it!!

Will keep you updated!!

Good Luck to other in same boat as me!! :D

Lou xx
Hey Tinks

yeah im so excited for the wedding but there is so much to do!!

i was thinking that it might make it easier being on the diet though cos im going to be so busy i wont have time to think about food!

Plus ive got a ten month old so i will be busy with her!!

Yeah ive been lurking around this site and found it great!

A real inspiration to join!!

Day one gone good so far!
Read my post above!

Hows it going for you?
Are you in ketosis yet?

Lou x

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