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My wedding is in 23 weeks! How much can i loose


Slimming for my children
if i start 23rd March?

I have ahd my first dress fitting and was ordered in a size 22!!!!

I can have it taken in 2 dress sizes and she said you have to loose a HELL of amount of weight to get through 2 dress sizes but am wondering if she realises diets like CD are about.
I know when I was 14.7 I tried on a 20 which was a perfect fit and at the moment I am 17 stone so i know i can get below 14.7 if i want and I do want to!

Advice please

also have a wedding on 16th May? realistically how much can i loose by then?
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Hiya, congrats on wedding!
I was 17stone 4lb when I started almost 9 wks ago. This morning I had a sneaky weigh in at home and I'm 14stone 2lb.
I have stuck to this 100% and have done everything by the book (barr Saturday when I had turkey and cabbage at my dad's 70th Birthday party- all agreed by my CDC) .
You can definitely get to that weight, if not less!
Good luck!
Helen x


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Aw congratulations and good luck to you both getting married:love047:

Im only starting tomorrow so cant really give advice but looking at everyone elses stats i reckon the 2 dress sizes is very do-able!! (if thats a word?!:p)

Amy xxx
I started at 17.8 and a dress size 22, 9 weeks later im around a size 16-18 and now 14.12 i would think you will lose 3-4 sizes for sure.

Congrats and good luck

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
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Congrats on your wedding date and looking to start CD :)

I don't know the answer, sorry but I'm sure it will be impressive! :D

Can you get another dress if you are too small? What would your feelings be if that happened?

And can I ask (nicely) why you are not starting till the 23rd March? Just being nosey. :)

Good luck! :)

P.S. those that have posted how much they've lost WOW!! :)


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Last year, I spent 19 weeks on the diet, and lost 72lbs (5st 2lbs) and went from a very tight 22, to a 16-18. So you could certainly do it. Good luck.


Slimming for my children
hey guys.

firstly reason i am waiting till 23rd is cos i have no money till then. every single penny down the last pound has been accounted for for the wedding and now i have decided to do the cd i have to wait till pay day.

Second here is my dress and me wearing a sample size 14 when i was 14 stone something back last april....

http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn186/Mikeandloz/Day out wedding dress shopping/24.jpg

http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn186/Mikeandloz/Day out wedding dress shopping/DSC02377.jpg

this was a size 20 when i was 14 stone and wearing a size 18 normal clothes and it fit perfect....

http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn186/Mikeandloz/Day out wedding dress shopping/DSC02382.jpg

and back

http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn186/Mikeandloz/Day out wedding dress shopping/DSC02383.jpg

So if i can get to at least 14 stone by my wedding then i will be happy. If i get lower then i should be ok as i ordered the dress in a size 22 and they said 2 sizes smaller but max 3 which would get me to size 18 dress and normal size 14. which i would be happy with.

Also i felt great at this size when i was 14 stone so should hopefully feel amazing lower!

ps dont want to change the dress its THE dress and love it too much!
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Awww your dress is gorgeous!!! And I agree with the others in saying that you can drop an average of a stone a month so by August you should be at least 5 stone slimmer. For your wedding in May you should be at least 2 stone slimmer.

If you don't want to loose so much that you may have to change your dress, you could start reincorporating food back into your diet when you get to your ideal size and then maybe resume the diet after the wedding/honeymoon?

I'm also losing weight for my wedding, and I can tell you that nothing motivates like a wedding dress can! Almost there now and hopefully by my fitting on the 19th I'll be able to slip into my dress (as opposed to struggling with the zip which was the case at my last fitting in late Jan!) Good luck and you'll do great and wow everyone with your new figure!


Slimming for my children
thank you.
Yea I think what i will do, the dress comes in in April sometime (will have been 14 weeks since i ordered it) and then I go for a dress fitting then. then I go for another in May and then the last one is late July and she will be able to say whether i am ok or need to loose more or what at that fitting I expect.

I cant wait.

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