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MY WEEKEND 8 & 9 MAY 2010

Confession Time: Weekend hass not been good for me emotionally which then manifests itself into bad habits but after several heated "text" arguements on Friday (whilst we were both in different places) the air appears to have been cleared a bit but I was still upset at comments made all weekend.:(

Plus I had parents and godmother over sunday and had about 4 arguements with my father (pointless ones as he was talking c**p but won't ever admit he's wrong!!), about what I help I should get for Ben etc, that we are not helping Ben etc, that all the specialist equipement suppliers are taking us for mugs as he could find stuff cheaper on Internet etc - well I took it all and then very calmly said the following:- 1. Specialist Equipement is just that - its specialist and made to each child's individual needs (the prices he see's are just for the basic items w/out the adjustments):p
2. I am getting all the Benefits / Extra Care etc available - and that we have the full support of Dr's / Social Services / Occupational Health etc:p

Then to cap it all Ben had an almighty Temper Tantrum because he was tired and I stopped him playing on the Wii - and gues what according to my dad I am not dealing with these right either.:sigh:

Then he got onto the issue of my weight (here was a case of pot and kettle) and that i never stick to anything blah blah blah - its no wonder I was completely demoralised when they left BUT I DID NOT CRY OR LOSE MY TEMPER.:cry::mad:

If I wasn't on my own with Ben after they had gone I would have got drunk, so instead I hit the food cupboards.:break_diet::break_diet::break_diet::break_diet::break_diet:
Sorry for the rant but I needed to get it off my chest and hopefully out of my head so that I can just get on with staying on plan.

Michelle xx
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God, you poor thing. Sounds like you had a hell of a weekend.

You Father sounds absolutely in the wrong. He has no right to call you about your dieting. At least you're changing it!

Well done you for not crying or shouting, I know I'd not be able to keep my cool in that situation.

Stay strong, don't let anyone drag you down xx


Mad as a Hatter
Well firstly I must apologise for commenting on your thread when I do not know your history or anything... but OMG, I would have have hit the food and booze if I had had the weekend that you have just had

I truly feel for you - but draw a line under it and start again

Shame we cannot pick our family like we can our friends !

I have no idea of your situation, but wanted to say well done you for the way you are dealing with things.

I agree about the fact that you are doing something about your diet, where by it sounds like your father isn't.

Draw a line under the cupboard incident & start a fresh with your head held high!


Silver Member
bless ya, i know exactly how your feeling.

There is always someone in your family with a big gob who likes to run it.

I have many in my family, just the same, i dont even talk to a couple of them now cause i got sick of there know it all mouths.

well done you though, you got through it and you didnt react, which is what they want you to do.
today is another day, do you know what i do with negative comments i have had off fella work mates that kindly tell me " i will never be slimmer" or " i wont stick to the diet",........i use them, when im feeling low or want to have a little cheat, i think about what they have said and how i felt when they said it, and i use that as my motive to carry on and prove them wrong.
so you go ahead and prove your dad wrong

Yet another Confession: following on from my post earlier today I have not been able to STICK TO MY PLAN - I am still very upset after yesterday, and now another salvo has been fired this time from my mother. She's basically told me that we treat them different that we treat my in-laws. I asked why and she said that we see my in-laws more often than them which is NOT TRUE we see them on alternate weekends, in fact we are very concious of causing either of them to have their noses put out.

Also my parents have readily admitted that they don't think they could cope with Ben on thier own anymore, they are both over 70 and have several health issues, whereas in-laws are always asking to have him stay etc.

I am reaching the stage today when if I am not careful I will be telling them all to p***s off. I can't wait until my parents go on their holiday in June and give me 2 weeks break, but then again they phone everyday so it is no real break.


I have drawn that double line as I am determined not to let thier comments get to me anymore but its very very hard.

From tuesday 11 May 2010 not one item that is not on my plan will pass my lips, I am going to stick remminders on the biscuit tin and get hubby to hide the sweets again

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