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My Weight lose jouney

Well today is day one I plan on losing between 6-8 stone using slimming world. Feel quite nervous about it but I need to do this as I can not carry on the way I have been. I'm currently a size 18-20 and I hope to be a size 12. I don't know how long it will take me to lose the weight but I will be happy with a steady loss of 2lb a week.
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Here's wishinh you the best of luck! I'm sure you will do it. Don't give up when there are hiccups - I have had a bad cse of hiccups recently - just keep posting in here and people will pull you through.
Well didn't end up starting slimming world until today as we decided to eat the bad things we had eg a pie and other ready made things so they didn't go to waste and I'm glad we did as no temptation to lead me astray. New Wii stuff came inc just dance 2 which I'm looking forward to doing to get me more active. Will be weighing myself and taking measurements tonight so I can track my progress :).

Here's to a slimmer healthier me xx
Got round to weighing myself and I'm 17st 13lb :-( BMI 36 not good at all. Have had a good day diet wise. Started day with baked beans on 1 slice 800g wholemeal healthy extra B choice with 5 laughing cow light cheese triangles healthy extra A. Lunch was a sweet and sour mug shot and muller light and 2 Alpen light bars at 6 syns. Tea was lamb shank with mint gravy with boiled potato and veg and muller light and supper was a kit kat at 5 syns not forgetting the 2tbsp of brown sauce with my beans and 2syns and the 10 M&Ms chocolate guestimated at 2 syns my total allowance of syns 15 so not a bad first day dont feel deprived. Did some Wii fit also xx
Well first week has gone well, I have lost 2lb even though I have faltered a couple of times... I have actually enjoyed it so far. This week I need to do more exercise as im sure that will help. Have worked out that if I lose a steady 2lb a week that would be a nice 4 stone by Xmas which would be fab :).

So my target is 2lb a week. I can't help but wonder what size that would make me and I'm guessing a size 16 (currently a size 18/20 prob closer to 20).

So that's 4 stone and 2 dress sizes, by Xmas wish me luck ;-)
Well been a bit naughty today and weighed myself and have lost another lb so now weigh 17lb 10oz. Considering I have been naughty past few nights and gone over on syns this is not bad, however will be good and if I do have a small gain I know it down to that...

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