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My Weight Loss Diary Of Michelle :)

Michelle :)

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This is the diary of Michelle Maydew,

I have always hated my size and every year I weighed myself i have regretted not looking after myself better as I have just got bigger and bigger, I have wanted to do something about it for so long but to be honest had no self esteem that I would be able to do it and to be honest just didn't feel ready. I used to smoke and tried to quit so many times before and failed but then 3 years ago something came over me and I just quit, never looking back again!
The feelings i have had towards weight loss have been anger to be honest, I hate that I have gotten myself to this point and just wanted an easy quick fix but have finally realised this is not going to happen and I refuse to get on those scales next year to see I have put another stone on - NO WAY this stops today!! Honestly I think I have started to feel very ready to give it a bloody good go for a while but being pregnant with our fourth child delayed things, so here is where my story really starts......

It was May 2011 and we were due to be married June 30th the same year, me and my future husband had joined a gym determined to become healthier for the big day! we both weighed ourselves with my weight being a horrendous 18st 3lbs I was absolutely outraged and disgusted but I tried eating less and working harder and the weight just would not shift, then 1 week before our wedding I found out I was pregnant :eek: I was totally shocked, this was completely out of the blue but at least it explained why I could not shift any weight as I always ballooned up in the first few weeks of pregnancy!!! Obviously i couldn't go on an excessive diet but I did start trying to eat healthier avoiding snacking on sweets and chocolate in the day all through the pregnancy, during this time my sister had started the slimming world diet and had lost a huge 24lb in only 7 weeks :D which I thought was amazing and she looks fab for it too!! I started to prepare myself for the birth and a change of lifestyle I am going to shift this weight once our precious angel is born.
Well, I have given birth 5 weeks ago today! Our gorgeous baby daughter Jessica Rose was born 4 weeks early due to complications but in perfect health at a lovely 6lb 4oz which means the weight loss can now commence haha!

I officially started this new healthier eating last sunday 24th Feb with a start weight of 17st 5 which means I have lost 12lb during my pregnancy, wow was I pleased hehe :D I have been eating little and often all week and introduced fruit back into my diet and natural yogurts! I have found all the books and leaflets provided by slimming world work wonders for me, i enjoy reading them and don't feel alone doing it which I think is important. My husband is a huge help he is so supportive and it helps to talk.

I had my second weigh in on sunday 3rd and came in at 16st 13lb :clap: this is a weight loss of 6lb in 1 week, I am so happy and never felt so determined in my life, I would of been happy with 2 or 3 pound a week so this has put a big smile on my face.

Bring it on!!!
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Well done on the losses, and good luck on your SW journey :)

Michelle :)

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Thanks Ally89 :)

I have changed my weigh in day to friday evening, thought this would be a better day as I would like my treat night to be one night at the weekend when my husband is off work rather than in the middle of the week, you get to relax more at the weekend so its nice.
So I had my weigh in today and I have lost another 4lb :D thats 10lb total in 2 weeks, I have struggled a little bit this week but managed my hunger with fruit, it always hits me harder when I'm cooking the kids tea but I have learnt to have a banana and a brew lol ;)

Michelle :)

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Wow have I struggled this last couple of weeks:wave_cry: the other week I lost 1lb which made me think why bother :giveup:!! then last week i stayed the same. I know i'm not gaining but its hard to think its fair so this week i have had 3 takeaways:break_diet: which i have felt so bad about but have behaved during the daytime and not eating any other junk but I haven't eaten any fruit really or yogurts either just a brew for breakfast a sandwich for lunch and then dinner, with it being easter I have decided to have easter sunday completely off as a free day:eat:.

I weighed in today with a loss of 2lb but i think this is due to doing some exercise:whacky068:. I wonder how much more I could of lost if I hadn't had those takeaways:ashamed0005:!!!

More willpower for next week needed I think, wish me luck :girlpower: