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My weight loss diary

Hello everyone:sign0144:

Just started my LL diet. And just thought I need somewhere to write down my thoughts.

So, day one 11th of October 2008

Well, first day of Ligter Life... I knew its gonna be tought, but it seems to me already that its gonna be a rather long journey. In the morning had vanilla shake, which tasted ok, but the texture....
Will have to try it with the instant coffee, hopefully will taste better.

Didnt help, that due to my work I didnt have my soup lunch (basically after my breakfast at 8am I didnt have anything till 5pm). I was sooooooooooooo hungry! And was really close buying s sandwich
But didnt

So, just now had chiken soup! After the whole day without any food it tasted like heaven! I really liked it
But I just feel like eating more. So now I am trying to drink loads of water mixed with flavour stuff (quite yummmmmmm). Will wate a couple of hours and will have my "lunch" mushroom soup and then before going to bed hot chocolate

Just need to keep myself motivated! God, please give me strenght to do this!

Day 2, 12th of October 2008

Well, day 2 of my diet. Actually I am quite enjoying it at the moment.

The most difficult part is being out of the house, simly cos there is food everywhere. We went out with hubby for lunch (well, he-lunch, me-peppermint tea) and it was difficult to watch him eat. Just all those smells
But I resisted, didnt have a bite. At home it is just so much easier. I am able to drink much more water which keeps me full, but outside
There is just not enougth bloody loos!

A funny thing happened today. Usually if I give Daniel a biscuit and he doest eat it I just eat it myslef. So, today I automatically stuffed it it my mouth, then remembered and had to spit it out

Foodpacks- till now I tried just chicken soup, mushroom soup and vanilla shake. I LOVE soups! Just had one and want more
Vanilla shake-hmmmm, on its own I dont really like it. Tried it hot with added coffee - well, not great, but when Ill fancy a latte will do

I dont really have problems with drinking loads of water. The berry mix really helps
Just there is that loo problem!
I am weeing like a horse!
At home its fine, but I cant even drive anywhere longer then 20 mins!
Hope this will get easier.

Emotionally - well, my mind is strong. At the moment its my stomach which demands food. Just need to get throught this first week

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Hey hun! gd luck on first week its def the hardest im on day 5 now...had ups and downs but its been ok!!! join the octobers thread we can all encourage each other on! ohhh and well done for spitting the biscuit out lol
Hey Wombat,

Im at the end of week 2 and am getting on fine, i think the best way to get thru week 1 is keep yourself occupied and picture "the wall" your getting near the top and if you slip up you just have to start climbing again.

Keep up the good work!
Hey wombat,

well done so far and esp for spitting the biscuit out!! I had a similar experience in my first or second week, it was someone's bday at work, so loads of goodies had been brought in, and a tin of biscuits was being passed around. Without a second thought I had eaten one before even realising what I had done! I felt really bad after and was convinced that I would've gained weight at my WI.... but i hadn't and in a funny way it actually made me stronger, coz it highlighted how before I was on LL I wouldn't even think twice about eating something, I'd just see it and have it.... hopefully I will really be able to make good food choices (once I finish abstinence)!!

This is a brill 'diet' and if you stick to it, there is no way that you won't succeed... I have lost 2 stone and 5lbs in 8 weeks... and I'm not even the fastest loser, there are people doing way more than that too!

Best of luck hon, and do keep in touch on minimins... it's invaluable for those low (and high!) moments!!

Hello everyone!

thanks for your replies:wavey:

it really means a lot to me to be supported:eek:

Well, its day 3, 13th of October 2007

All is well! I am drinking loads of water and peeing as much:D

Had to see my counsellor today (probably so she could check if I am still on track) She weighed me (I didint want to look) and had to pee on a stick. She said, that ill be pleased with the result:D

Well, now just have to wait till Friday.

PS: Exchanged all my Vanilla shakes for soups! Much better!
Lol, Last Straw:ashamed0005: 2008:D

No, I am not. My DH's dad and his family lives there. I just love the animal. Call me strange, but I love everything what resembles a piggy (wombats, funny dogs etc.) And me and my DH call each other that name:D I am actually "Little wombat"... But, as I am not that little really I thought just "wombat" will do;)
Just a quick moan...

It is hard! really really hard! Eevening are the most difficult time for me. Usually me and my DH watched telly on the sofa eating something yummy (well, loads of yummy... and then even more yummy)...

It was like a ritual for us... Every single day... And its not happening anymore...

First 2 days were ok, but Today it is just getting to me:-( Doesnt help that he keeps pestering me "come, lets watch some telly".... I know he is trying to be sweet, but it gets to me. It is hard as it is without his moaning. I know it will get easier in a time, but now its the last thing I need. I just need time to break that link - telly+food.

Its hard.

Just read Blonde Logic's diary... helped a lot. Still have blasted cravings but got my motivation back.

Have one thought in my head: just need to get through the first week! Just ine week and it will get easier. And I want to fit in size 10 clothes. I really do.

Going to take a nice bath now. Something to take my mind of food. And then sleep.
Your first week will soon be over and your weigh in will make the hard times worth it. Just make sure you remind me of this in a few days as I'm starting tomorrow.​


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Hi Wombat,

Just hang in there and get the first week out of the way. It will get easier. And I know you want those size 10's so just focus on those when the cravings start.
Thanks Tange

Well, days 4 and 5!

Amazing, I am still on a diet. Yesterday it finally got a bit easier. I even didnt think about food till about 1pm:D

Not feeling hungry anymore, but my silly brain keeps thinking about all those tasty things I could eat after I finish.... So, it is still pretty hard.

Its is funny how people are addicted to food. The same as to cigs, alcohol and drugs. I guess if something has been a friend, supporter, good company and just tasted nice all your life it is going to be difficult to break the addiction.

I cant wait for my group sessions to start! (Still about 5 weeks left) Will be ineresting finally to start recognizing why food has such an effect on me. Though, I think I know myself. Ever since I remembered myself 1) When I stayed with my granparents food was always used as a reward (ice crea, cakes etc) I never got to have a dessert if I haven't finished the main course.
2) All my life I was bullied as being fat! Ever since I can remember myself. I think, I had that child plumpiness but later I wasnt fat (I understand that now looking at the old pictures) just ahead of other children. Just looked older. And started to develop quicker (I had boobs when I was 10!) So, somehow over the years I strted to believe that Im fat. It never stopped me enjoying life. I always put a brave face on and always pretend that I am not hurt at all.... I was....
3) I was abused as a child by my father... He died when I was 9.... I am glad he did... Don't know if there is any link between my overeating and this.
4) As my mum always had to work, basically I have been a lot by myself. And I had to get my food sorted out. Easier option was to have buns, bakes and all the stuff you dont have to cook. Not necessary the healthiest option. I don't blame my mum. She is an amazing woman and she did what she had to do, but it meant that I had to grow up way to quickly.
5) I just love food. Enything starting from healthy leaf salads and ending up with Mc'Donalds.

So, hopefully group sessions will help me get rid of my problems...

*%£&$%^!!!! hubby is warming up shepards pie!!!!!! The smell is killing me!!!!:argh::banghead:

Have to go upstairs! Otherwise I am not responsible for my actions!:D
Wombat, totally understand how your feeling hun, before I went to class on Monday I was having lots of similar thoughts, how had I got here, was there anything specific. I too had some issues from childhood which although I pretended didn't bother me, obviously have, because I still remember them so vividly. My group session on Monday was fab, and I'm looking forward to the next one.
Minime: Glad your session went well hun:)

Its a shame mine are so long away. But hey, if I manage to last 5 weeks without the session what will I manage with them?:D
Day 6 of the diet, October 16, 2008

Today was hard! Really hard! I have a 1 year old son, who is quite a handful. I wont go into details, but anybody who had/has small children will understand me. Most of the days I have patience, but some days, like today I am at my wits end... And before the thought about nice meal and a glass of wine after he goes to sleep kept me going, but now.... Gosh, it was hard! I was so close having DH's pizza (and italian is my weakness!!!). Had boullion instead (made of ordinary stock cubes....But I thought that having that will be better then eating. And the calories are almoust non-exsistant). Felt nice.:)
Also was having thoughts "is it all worth it to deny myself my favorite foods"? Truthly saying I really don't know...

Tomorrow will be my first weigh-in. Hope I lost more then 3lbs:sigh:
I'm sure you'll have lost more than that. Tomorrow will be a better day all round. My 3 are off for October week just now and my decibals were raised today as they keep pushing their luck.

well done fab start!
You can be sure the emotional experiences earlier in your life will be the original triggers as we have all found out on LL.
I hope you have a good LLC.
Good luck on Monday Minime

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