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my weight-loss journey!

Well this is strange, i feel like im talking to myself! Anyway here goes,
Having put on 3 stone in less than a year thanks to a generous new boyfriend taking me out to the cinema and restaurants at least once a week, i've decided nows the time to do something about it! Were due to go to Florida in January and want to lose at least a stoen before then to avoid any photos like those of our last few holidays! I dont want to stand next to mickey and be the same size as him! So, ive heard writing a food diary helps you to keep motivated, stick to it and help you realise anything your doing wrong ( a lot, probably, as ive never been to a meeting and im doing this alone with the help of minimins!) so that is what i shall do.
I've lost 6 and a half pounds so far :eek: and want to lost another 3 and a half stone.
Any tips/suggestions will be greatly appreciated as i know im not doing it exactly right! :(
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Well done on the loss so far - it really does hellp to keep this diary. Its good for looking back at good weeks and where you wen twrong and also for reading other peoples ideas and recipes, successes and slip ups. think of it as image therapy online!

Rach x
thanks for the replies, seems im not talking to myself after all! :)

So today I had:

B: 2 Weetabix and semi skimmed milk

L: Chicken fried with frylight and 3 tablespoons of sweet and sour sauce (not sure how many syns!) with steamed veg and savoury rice.
strawberries and raspberries with toffee mullerlight.

Havent decided on tea yet as just finished work and cant be bothered cooking yet!
Will probably have cheese and broccolli pasta and sauce and more steamed veg!

Total syns - However many are in sweet and sour sauce!

Can someone please give me some help in regards to healthy extras? i know i count my cereal and milk as healthy extras but which is a and which is b?! and how many of each am i supposed to have a day?



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For Extra easy you can have 1 HEA and 1 HEB.
HEA is milk and cheese. you can have 250ml semi skimmed milk and 28g full fat cheese or 42g low fat cheese ( there are more but thats the general gist)

HEB - your 2 weetabix are HEB
2 alpen lights are on the list, Hi Fi bar, kellogs fibre plus bar, 5 scan bran
again there are more but thats a few
well i had the dinner i planned in the end, added some quark to the pasta instead of the usual butter or milk because it looked too watery and it turned out great!
Unfortunately i gave into a timeout which brigns my total syns for the day to 4.5 and whatever the sauce was :p

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