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My weight loss pictures

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Inspirational Pictures' started by LadyKate25, 27 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Hey all
    Here are some pictures of me starting at 17 stone to 11 stone 7 lbs.

    Hope it helps anyone who wants to lose weight it can be achieved on VLCD !

    I never thought I would be where I am now and feel so much better in myself.

    Only have a stone more to lose then I am done hopefully and then it is on to the gym and swimming being healthier and maintaining well.

    Oh and happier xxx



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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations and well done:happy096:

    You look amazing:wow::wow::wow:
  4. Remira

    Remira New Member

    Well done!!! I can't wait to get rid of all my excess weight..
  5. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Ah thanks mini ;) x
  6. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    You can do it :)
    Thanks. X
  7. Felix

    Felix Gold Member

    Wow you look amazing!!! I love seeing pics like this it really inspires me. Well done xx
  8. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Thank u. Yeah me too. It's good seeing some. Helps u along ! Xx
  9. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    how long did it take you, Lovely?
  10. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Hello ;)
    I started on lipotrim on the last day off June last year and have done refeeds and come off and back on till now. Only got a month or less depends if I can shift this last stone then I am done hopefully in February some time. So not even a year xxxx

    Very happy

    How u doing ? How much u wanna lose ? X
  11. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    oooh that's really good :D well done!

    I've just done my first week of slim and save and actually really happy with it :')
    I wanna lose, pretty much half my body weight :| first stone nearly dropped though :)

  12. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Thanks Hun ;)
    Well done on completing your first week. Also getting a stone off. You can do it just got to keep positive and if u fall off get your mind straight and back in it. It is hard. But u need to be in the right frame of mind for this. I have fallen plenty of times but got back on. So much happier never thought this time last year I would weigh what I do or feel like this!! It is so worth it. Good luck ;)

  13. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Full Member

    Thanks for sharing your photo's, very inspirational.
  14. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    That's ok. Took a long time to post was nervous !
    Thank u ;)

  15. slimmer bridezilla

    slimmer bridezilla Full Member

    thanks so much for the inspiration to get back on track you look fabulous
  16. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Ah thank u very much :)
    Good luck. You can do it just keep a positive mind as much as possible. I have got loads of photos of myself through my journey and I look over them to remind myself and seeing is believing. Xx
  17. nyssa88

    nyssa88 Silver Member

    Wow fantastic and very inspirational, you have made me even more determined to keep going x
  18. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Ah thank u. That is good to hear that I have made someone more determined ;)
    U can do it. I never thought this would work out for me but it has and still can't believe it even now!! Go on u can do it. Go for it all the way. Xx
  19. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Some more pictures all

    Now weighing in at 11 4lbs


  20. katierosesmum

    katierosesmum Member

    I've only just started and came to have a browse at people pics for some inspiration...and wow :) You look amazing, such a difference!! Well done, and thank you for sharing your pic :) x
  21. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Thank u :)
    Good luck on your journey. It is hard I won't lie but so worth it when you come to the end!
    Your welcome. I done the same when I started and it's amazing seeing photos. Seeing is believing !! ;)

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