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My weight loss plan

Hi there. I'm Chris/18 from Scotland. I am embarking on a weight loss/fitness campaign from tomorrow so I can lose weight and feel happy.

About 1 year ago I was 5ft 7 and weighed in at 11 stone 12 pounds at my lightest, I was happy back then. Looked nice, thin, felt healthy.

Then, I started smoking, became addicted and for some reason I just stopped exercising and eating good food.

1 year later, I stand at 5ft 11 and I weigh in at 15 stone and 11 pounds. (4 stone weight gain in a year).

I am planning to do the following to drastically reduce my weight :

1) Quit Smoking to improve breathing, making exercise less of a chore.
2) Eat A healthy breakfast (inc. 1 portion of fruit), a healthy lunch (inc. 2 portions fruit) and a healthy dinner (inc 2 portions of vegetables. All my meals adding up to no more than 1300 kcal per day.
3) I am going to purchase a bike tomorrow evening and attempt to do 1-2 hours of cycling Monday-Thursday, rest on Friday and Saturday and 2-3 hours on a Sunday

In doing this, I hope to lose 3-4 stone in under a year.

Do you think this is possible and do you have any tips to improve this? Or does it sound good.

P.S - I object to paying a gymnasium £35 a month just to get fit - I would rather purchase equipment or get fit manually (push ups etc).

Thanks :D
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Do it :clap:

you seem motivated enough, it may be a little too much hard graft at first, with the bike AND a drastic reduced calorie intake :whip:

do a food diary?
Food Focus is a real nice website to journal food/exercise. They have suggestions for how many calories you should eat to lose weight in a certain timeframe, it's kind of nice. You should be able to track everything, including exercise, very easily - and it's free.

I agree with totty, though, you may want to start out a little slower. I hear quitting smoking (which I have to pat you on the back for - good for you!) is real tough, combining that with the new eating pattern plus exercise may burn you out fast.

Best of luck :)
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As you're so tall you can probably up your daily calorie intake to 2000 a day and still lose weight, especially if you're doing lots of exercise. You should remember that reducing your calorie intake too much may be counter productive to your goals, as if your body doesn't get enough food then it goes into starvation mode and hoards all it is given. So eating plenty of lean meat, complex carbs and oodles of fruit and veg (no need to stop at 5 a day) are ideal for a healthy balanced diet.

Men should be aiming for 2000 calories a day and women 1500 in order to lose weight, although this increases with both height and weight.

You sound really motivated, so good luck and let us all know how you get on!
Thanks for showing your interest guys, will be sure to keep you all posted.

Small update - This plan has been delayed due to a chest infection, although I have lost 3 pounds in 1 day due to it, so not all negative lol!

Feeling better now, been clean off the smokes for 2 days and feeling so much better and richer for it. The weight loss and exercise starts tomorrow!

Current weight now 15st 8lbs.
Well done giving up the weed and planning how to be more healthy.

I think an hour or two cycling may be a little heavy to start with, especially every day (even with Fri/Sat off) You may need to build up to it !
Quite annoyed today. Had a night out last night, clubbing. Seem to have put 3lbs on... :( Quite annoying and disheartening, but i'm not stopping what im doing. I think once I can start exercising every day, the weight will just fall off. I'm staying confident. :D
Stick to weighing in once a week and stick to the same time of day - your body weight will fluctuate by up to three pounds normally anyway, so weighing yourself daily won't give a true reflection of how well you're doing.


Personal Trainer
Quite annoyed today. Had a night out last night, clubbing. Seem to have put 3lbs on... :( Quite annoying and disheartening, but i'm not stopping what im doing. I think once I can start exercising every day, the weight will just fall off. I'm staying confident. :D
step away from the scales :whip: LOL

that weight will all be water retention, it will drop back off ;)
Thanks guys for all the kind help!

I weighed myself this morning, lost 2 of those 3 pounds (need to stop boozing so much at the weekends) lol.

Next weigh in won't be until next monday! Heres hoping :D
There's a website called www.fatsecret.com, where you can record your weight loss and it shows your progress on a graph. It sends you reminders when it's your usual weigh day too - so it's quite a handy tool if you're following a diet on your own. As it's free it might be worth a look. It's always nice when you see your weight loss line heading downhill!!
You've done the very best thing you can in stopping smoking. You've only smoked for such a short time anyway that I doubt if you've done much permanent damage so DO NOT GO BACK THERE!!;)

Look for ANY exercise you can do cheaply and in the fresh air. As you say, you don't need to go to expensive gyms to get fit.

Don't weigh yourself more than once a week and I honestly don't think you need to count calories - that is SO boring.

I don't think there are many people who are not aware that healthy eating is lean meats, fruit, veg etc and water is good for you!! Bad things are fatty foods, high sugar and loads of processed junk. It really is that simple.;) So pile your plate high with all the good stuff, tell yourself you don'd need all the rubbish food and get yourself out in the fresh air with those smokefree lungs of yours. Well done!!:D

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