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  1. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    Hello!! :)

    So my name is Jodi, I'm 22 years old, I live in plymouth with my fiancé and our daughter, I have tried literally every diet and diet pill going, slim and save, Cambridge, *, phentermine, orlistat, slim fast etc etc... so I thought I'd try weight watchers and i LOVE it, really wish I had tried it sooner!

    i go to the meetings each week on a Tuesday evening, I find the meetings extremely helpful and look forward to them every week :)

    i started weight watchers on the 6th of May and weighed in at a shaming 18 stone 5.5lb and had my first weigh in last night (Tuesday 13th) and lost 3lb!! I was amazed and so pleased as I didn't feel hungry once during the week and still ate pretty much anything I wanted and used almost all my pro points each day so I was one very happy lady!

    I have also re joined the gym with my sister and do spinning classes and body combat classes which I really enjoy, very challenging but also very worth it :)

    Me, my fiancé and our daughter have a lovely family holiday to haven booked for the 19th of September so that's going to be my first goal which I'm hoping to lose at least 4 stone before we go :)

    I track my food and exercise every day on my weight watchers app but i will also be posting here every day with my food and exercise as I think it will help!

    Hope everyone on weight watchers is enjoying them selves as much as I am and good luck to you all :)
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  3. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    So, there's another day done!

    seriously LOVE weight watchers so much!

    Very much looking forward to my next weigh in and meeting on Tuesday :)
  4. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Here to follow your journey!
    Didn't realise we lived near each other! I'm near liskeard in cornwall!!
  5. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    Hey!! That's so strange!

    Do you so meetings or online weight watchers?
  6. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    I used to go to a meeting in manamead!!
    But I'm doing it at home on my own this time using the ultimate value diary app xx
  7. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    Haha I live literally 5 minutes from mannamead! That's so weird!

    I go to the meetings each Tuesday, find it a really big help, plus I look forward to someone else weighing me x
  8. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    How crazy! I loved going to meetings but struggled to find someone to go with who could commit 100% so now I do it at home and hubby weighs me every week. X
  9. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    Thats fair enough! I didn't like the idea of going to the meeting by myself either so now my other half and daughter comes with me, there's a nice park right next to where my meeting is held so we always say to my little girl if she sits nice and quiet then we will take her in the park after wards, and it's worked so far! Lol plus it's lovely having them there with me :)
  10. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    What a lovely idea to take them with you!
    How olds your daughter? My little girl will be 4 in July. X
  11. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    It is lovely :) .. My little girl will be 4 in October, growing up far too fast! x
  12. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    So, were on to another day already!

    Have found that since going to my weight watchers meetings each Tuesday, it has made the days and weeks go so fast!

    So far for food, I have had my usual cereal with skimmed milk and fruit for breakfast, going to have a ham and tomato omelette with half a tin of baked beans for lunch and I made a gorgeous chicken stir fry with a big side salad for tea yesterday which I quite fancy for tea again tonight!

    I've also got my big 1.75 litre bottle filled up with water ready to drink through out the day :)

    good luck to everyone!! :)
  13. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    I know where does the time go! My daughter starts school in September!!
  14. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    How lovely! Bet she will look adorable in her little school uniform! .. My daughter doesn't start school until next September which means she will be one of the oldest in her class, but I'm sure that will come around so fast lol x
  15. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    It will be here before you know it! My son's 8 in August only 3 years away from big school eek!!

    How are u getting on foodwise? I'm feeling so hungry today after eating out last night!
  16. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    it really does go so fast doesn't it?!

    Im finding it all pretty easy at the moment really but I think that's only because we haven't had the money to go out for any nice meals or order in any nice take aways but it's pay day tomorrow so I'm scared!! Lol
    I am sure it will all be fine, just going to have to be careful and not let anything too bad tempt me! Easier said than done.. Lol x
  17. Nessa29

    Nessa29 Gold Member

    Lol I'm sure u will be fine u seem in a really good frame of mind. Maybe put £20 away towards all the new clothes u will need soon rather than having a take away? Xx
  18. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    So I've had another brilliant day today :) lovely sunshine so that put me in a good mood :)

    got paid today instead of tomorrow so went shopping and was very pleased with myself, we avoided all junk and come away with lots of weight watchers food, chicken, fish, salad and lots of healthy soups :)

    my new love - light laughing cow Dunkers .. Only 2 points in a whole pot and there 4 pots for a quid in morrisons so bought a load today :)

    heres to to another brilliant day tomorrow!!
  19. georgina2930

    georgina2930 Silver Member

    Hi hun am here to follow am also a tuesday weigher 5 30 I go glad ur findin ww good x
  20. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    Hey hun :) I go at 6.30 on a Tuesday! Always look forward to my meetings :) hope your finding it good!
  21. Jodibradley

    Jodibradley Full Member

    Can't believe how fast the days are going!!

    It's so strange, I've only lost 3lb so far but I feel so much better, healthier and lighter!
    feeling very refreshed when I wake up each morning where as I use to feel horrible, defiantly think it's because I can't remember the last time i actually ate any junk food!

    Very excited as I'm going to renew my gym membership tonight and my brilliant other half is treating me to new gym clothes and trainers tomorrow! .. Very weird that I'm excited over gym trainers!! Lol would normally ask for chocolate or a takeaway as a treat but I just don't feel the need to even want to eat that any more!! :) .. Got my spinning class on Monday evening with my lovely sister, I have done spinning before, was so so hard but I loved it!

    Love weight watchers huge amounts and really can't wait for my next meeting/weigh in on Tuesday evening!

    So far today I have had my usual breakfast of cereal and fruit and a nice big glass of water :)

    plans for the rest of the day are ..

    LUNCH -

    Healthy living tomato and basil soup with 1 slice of weight watchers bread - 4 points
    light laughing cow cheese dippers - 2 points
    banana - 0 points

    TEA -

    weight watchers pitta bread x2 - 5 points
    weight watchers extra trimmed unsmoked bacon x2 - 2 points
    cherry tomatoes - 0 points
    cucumber - 0 points
    little gem lettuce - 0 points
    Heinz light mayo - 2 points

    and then I normally have a pack of weight watchers crisps and a hot chocolate in the evening :)

    good luck to everyone!!

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