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my weightloss (hopefully) diary

I am writing this as a way to keep me busy and out of the cupboard full of the kid's christmas chocolate. I have been and signed up to SW today and it is my first ever time of following SW. My class was this morning so have followed the plan all day and found it easy and shockingly felt full. I am however a comfort and boredom eater so while the kids are tucked up in bed and the hubby is at work I am trying to find things to do. Hubby will be finishing soon so will be cooking his tea then, keeps me busy even if it is food related.
I have joined SW as I am the largest I have ever been and am very unhappy. I have an unhealthy relationship with food and rely on it far too much in both bad and good times. I am determined to change and would like to be a happy size 14 by next christmas. That is my overall goal but I have what I believe to be realistic goals set for along the way.
I know this is going to be a long hard journey and I'm prepared for that as long as I succeed.
Anyway enough rambling I have no doubt I will be updating tomorrow and will probably have found it a lot harder.
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:welcome2: to minimins good luck losing the lbs :)
Thanks valerie

Well its day two and I've done well, only had two and a half syns so far but now is the time I struggle, kids are in bed chris is at work and I'm bored. Would normally hunt for food but I'm going to try and resist but if I do make sure its something free.
I have felt full for the majority of today although feeling a bit under the weather as well which I think is contributing, but all help is welcomed hee hee.
My best friend and my mum have been on tap today for a whinge and a natter and that's helped specially seeing as they're both doing sw too.
I'm going to treat myself in an hour or two to a red hot bubble bath with my book and then probably will slope off to bed ready for tomorrow.
hi reptara i am also a comfort/boredom eater if i can keep busy i don't think about food, evenings are my worst time but find if i come on here for a couple of hours it keeps me occupied and motivated, i have a pkt of low syn crisps in the evening and sometimes a cereal bar either as a h/e b or synned it feels like i'm having something naughty when im not. if u feel ur motivation is slipping read a few of the diaries on here and look at the b4 and after photos they r amazing that could be u posting ur photos in a few months time, keep up the good work valerie x
Thank you I have been on here since the kids went to bed to keep me busy hee hee

Today has been a good day in general. I haven't felt hungry at all and haven't eaten as much as the last couple of days. However, I went to my grandmas she cooked for the kids and I said I wouldn't have any I would cook for myself when I got home. While the kids were eating I ate a piece of garlic bread which I have put on my food diary and synned as 5 syns. These are the only syns I have had for today but for some reason I feel really guilty and keep beating myself up about it. I don't want to feel guilty as I will only get disheartened. Bah.
Ah well tomorrow is another day and I promise to only use my syns for something I really want not something I have picked up out of habit and shoved in my mouth.
I have done about twenty minutes of walking today, mainly uphill as I have for the last two days as well but if the snow isn't bad tomorrow I am going to try for half an hour.
hi reptara sometimes i eat "something" that i think i shouldn't and syn it but then i go on a binge cause i think i should n't have had it in the first place :eek: i have followed the plan 100% this week and its surprising how many times i have gone to put something in my mouth for the sake of it sometimes its only something like tomato that i'm cutting up for my o/h sandwiches it wouldnt hurt me but i want to get out of the habit of eating for the sake of it, i hope u have a good weekend xx
I know exactly what you mean the garlic bread was my only slip up and everything else I've planned or needing to snack I've grabbed fruit or a muller light.

Its weigh in day tomorrow and I'm nervous, I have this fear that I will have lost nothing, I have stuck to plan 100 persent this week so there is no reason that should be the case. I just don't want to be disappointed. The weekend was busy as usual but found it easy to stick to sw. Even at work I took fruit with me so if I felt the need to snack instead of grabbing crisps I had fruit, get me.
Today though I'm starving but haven't gone off plan, just think I need to eat more superfree foods.
Tomorrow brings the truth I guess, wish me luck.
hi hun i have everything crossed for you
let me know how u do xx
Went and got weighed this morning and lost four pounds. I'm pleased but slightly disappointed too as I wanted to lose more. But never mind it's still a loss and a good one. I have stuck to plan strictly today although I am feeling hungry tonight. Going to have some more fruit in a bit and still have my healthy extras to have so going to have some laughing cow (extra light) and crispbreads.
Need to stick to this and hoping to at least lose two pounds next week to be well on my way to half a stone.
oh god don't be disappointed thats a great loss well done :happy096: just think thats 8 packs of butter keep up the good work x
Hi Well Done on your 4lbs loss!! :D

Just like to point out that syns are there to be used and you shouldn't feel guilty for using them! At the beginning of your journey it'ts best to use your 15 syns fully, so that as your weight loss gets to a plateau theres something you can do about it (ie. reduce your syns). You wont lose any faster without using them!

Maybe so you don't feel "guilty" you should plan them into your day, for example tonight I have planned to have an options hot choc (2 syns) and a curly wurly (6 syns).

Good Luck with your 2lbs target this week :D
thanks ladies

Been a busy week so haven't had chance to get online.
Went and got weighed yesterday and lost 2.5lbs and got slimmer of the week so I was very pleased.
I have come on today so feeling very shitty in general but I am not wanting to stuff my face which is unsual for me but I am seeing this as a good sign. I really feel that my habits have started to change as I'm not overly thinking about chocolate at all and will happily go straight to the fruit bowl for a snack. I am however already stressing about a friends engagement party the second weekend in february. I know it's still a long way away but I am worried that I will undo all my good work. I am gonna eat before I go so that I am not tempted by the buffet but I am going to be drinking as me and hubby don't often get to go out together so I want to make the most of the babysitter. I am thinking the best alcholic drink is probably going to be vodka and diet lemonade or diet coke. Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggh why do people have to have functions when I am on a roll?
Aiming for another two pounds next week and then I will get my half a stone and be well on my way to my next one.

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