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My wobbley SW food and body magic Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Vickyt89, 10 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    So here goes! I've just finished the 6 week count down I started when joining slimming world.. A Whole 13.5 lbs lighter and now i'm starting to struggle..my 1st week enthusiasm has long faded, along with my desirer to try new exciting food!! Well I still want to but cant seem to gather the energy to do so. As for my body magic well that stopped after week one...im so lazy... I think ill start another countdown on Tuesday, if I pay, ill go..Hate wasting money!! And start a FIT log, if I'm working towards an award maybe ill try a lot harder to get off my butt...

    As for my food diary, here goes today!!
    A small orange
    Than eggs, mushrooms, (in frylight), beans and rashers (fat removed)
    Lots of water
    Lunch: Müller light- raspberry with dark chocolate ( I've never been a dairy fan so probably eating more calcium now i'm on slimming world)
    I'll snack on some fruit once I pop to the shop, fruit bowl is currently empty..
    Dinner: I always have dinner late, everyone is home than and tonight's choice will be beef stir-fry, lots of veg, peppers, sugar snap peas, onions, chilli, mushrooms, lots of spices and soy sauce..im not a noddle fan so maybe ill have some rice but id happily not have it..
    As I haven't used my Healthy Extra's.. tonight if and when I get hungry I can have some cheese on wholemeal toast with lots of tomato puree. Amazingly lovely, my perfect pizza substitute..
    I usually drink, water, oranges squash and diet coke.. I could not live without diet coke, it's my fix..
    As for syns, I'm a crisp addict so maybe ill treat myself to them.. usually 6 and a half syns
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  3. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Welcome! :)

    Diaries are a great idea for keeping on track, my best advise for getting your enthusiasm back (which I've had to do SO many times!) is do an online grocery shop with a few new bits, this always gets me back into swing because you want to try stuff and you get excited waiting for it to arrive - even if it's just a little one, plus if it's all healthy you'll feel so virtuous! 15.5 is brilliant, are you seeing a difference?.

    What kind of exercise did you do before? I hated exercise when I started, but really enjoy it now, think finding one you like is the key :)

    Also, if you're a crisp addict (me too!) there are some good lower syn options about - some as low as 3.5
  4. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member

    Good luck with your diary, your food looks delish for today.

    Off to rummage for some lunch, my fridge is looking a bit bare, so I'll have to be inventive!
  5. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    Oh what crisps are only 3.5syns?! I need these
  6. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    .. Space raiders. Ringos. Aldi cheese curls ( are 3) to name but three... I love crisps and really savour them.wen.I have them now and still.within syns x
  7. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    So I've had a wobble.. I ended up eating cocktail sausages while cooking my little sisters tea, I did cook them in the airfryer with no oil added so could have been worse but ill just count up my syns and forget about my crisps tonight... :(
    I did however get out for a good 20minute walk but it rained and retreated home.. I am not an all weather girl!!
    'til tomorrow ill try be good and start fresh again in the morning :)
  8. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    Good luck hun. X
  9. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    So I started today off kind of late and had than had some spaghetti hoops on wholemeal toast(HEB). I had a apple and orange too about morning and a mug of tea, one sugar(1syn)and dash of milk (half a syn).
    For lunch I had some baked salmon, roasted Mediterranean veg, mashed carrot and parsnip (no butter) and potato (no butter), I did have some white sauce with it (2syns). I am so full..
    As always I had my water and diet coke to drink too..
    As for evenings tea, I think some salad will be all ill have, ill add my (HEA) here too.
    Snacks.. maybe some fruit and a Müller light..
    Body Magic, I went for a 5min walk, 5min run, 5 min walk.. So surprized I fitted it in but it was while helping out on the family farm, so 'two birds one stone' as the say!
    I've to do baking tomorrow for a fundraiser, I love baking but it will be a challenge not to sample the goods!!

    Best of luck everyone, I'll let ye know how I get on! xx
  10. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    Well done on starting a diary.

    Ps just to let you know I'm a crisp addict too and my favourites are the Tayto Velvet Crunch only 4 syns a bag !
  11. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    Good luck on the baking hun x
  12. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    So I haven't being on the past couple of days!
    My baking day was great, I made loads and tested them too..
    So had it as a flexi-day and started fresh today!!

    Breakfast: fruit and Müller light
    Lunch: Family roast, only syns in my gravy!made some lovely roast potatoes, just par-boil potatoes,, drain, pop on baking tray with frylight, pepper, paprika, and a pinch of sea salt and into the oven.. Even my dad liked them more than our usual ones!!
    Evenings tea:using my Healthy extra's had a wholemeal bread, cheese salad sandwich and a big bowl of grapes.

    I than went off the rails and had a tiny slice of pizza, and a little piece of cake.. I say I went over my syns so I have some salad made if I get peckish later..

    To try counter-act my sinful ways I'm going to try a green day tomorrow.. I think I'm eating to much meat lately so this might help. I made out I list that I've stuck to my fridge for the morning..

    'Til Tomorrow xxx
  13. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    Hey Vicky, good job on starting the diary - I find it hard to keep mine up to date but I'm always better behaved when I keep posting to it! I don't know where you are based but I took a trip to Asda at the weekend and I got some Tayto lights - 5 syns a bag and yummy. I also love Moshi monster crisps from Aldi - 4.5 syns.
  14. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    So I've had a pretty good day!!
    Breakfast: Lots of fruit throughout the morning, plums, apples and oranges.

    Lunch: Had chicken and veg stir-fry with a small portion of noodles.

    Dinner: Beans, wholemeal toast, rashers, mushrooms and two cocktail sausages(3syns)

    Syns: Sugar(2syns) and 10cal Jelly(half a syn)
    To drink, I had water, mi-wadi ,tea and diet coke.
  15. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    Whats.mi wadi?
  16. sus_murf

    sus_murf Silver Member

    It's diluting juice
  17. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    Ah ok thanks
  18. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    So last week I was down 2 and a half pound and was super happy because I got my stone award.
    This week however I was up half a pound and it sucks. Letting my frustration go I started to food optimised my butt off again..
    ignoring being sick, (a viral chest infection that with antibiotics and steroids seems well under control) I will lose for next week.
    I'm all re-energised and doing great so far!
    I'll try post a bit more this week and keep myself on track!
  19. Vickyt89

    Vickyt89 Full Member

    Hi so my bank holiday isn't too bad...
    My sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding and gravy went down well and I've my snack a jacks for later.. for 4.5syns I love them :)
    Lots of water and squash but no more diet coke..
    It is so addictive I've decided to give it up and I miss it so we'll see how it goes

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