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Has anyone tried this website? I just joined up cos I was interested to find out what my BMR was. It was about 1,400 calories a day which I was quite surprised about as I thought, dunno why, that it would be higher. So I bunged in what I'd eaten today, including tonights dinner, and it was pretty much spot on......I guess that's why my weight is staying exactly where it is. At least now I know! I honestly thought that I was being quite restrained, perhaps it's my age:eek:

It's good cos you put your exercise in as well as what you've eaten and it calculates everything for you and breaks it down into protein, carbs, fat etc. It also remembers what you've had/done before. It seems to have an awful lot of foods on it's database.....I'm thinking of using it instead of counting ww pp's.
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Sandra, yep I've used myfitness pal since finishing TFR. I find it fab for doing quick spot checks as you have done. It is interesting to use it to work out your daily requirements depending on whether you are maintaining or trying to drop a few pounds. I wouldn't get obsessive about calorie counting but I do love that site. Their iPhone app is fab and one of the top rated downloads from iTunes.


maintaining since June'09
Oooo crumbs - that says I need to have 1200 cals a day to lose 0.8lbs a week :( so maybe what I'm getting is about right, slow and frustrating as it is!! xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jan, I know we don't like to obsess on cals but at the end of the day no matter what plan any of us follow calories in must be less than calories burned in order to lose weight. So it is useful to check calories now and again.


maintaining since June'09
I've just been right through the questionnaire on that site to get to their recommendations ... right at the end in little grey print it says it costs 2 x 5.00GBP ... bit naughty, it should tell you before you start!!! x


Dance the positive spin..
I used to use foodfocus until I switched to WW. It's purely calorie based and worked for me - no free fruit there lol. Word of warning tho, it allows you to go down to 1000kcal for max weight loss so u need to adjust your desired loss accordingly! - wudnt advise under 1200 at a minimum... x
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I'm just trying to eat healthily and exercise to lose weight and I absolutely love the my fitness pal iPhone app! It's helping me loads to keep track of what I'm eating & how much I'm burning through exercise as I find when I try to cut portions I end up not eating enough, I must admit I'm a little addicted to it now though lol :)


Dance the positive spin..
As a matter of nosiness and cos I love a good iPhone app, I did get the myfitness one and cross-calculated my pp versus cals for the last week ... Quite interesting I thought..,

I shall both copy this to my thread and also update my menus with kcals so its easier to see what was eaten on that day - and not just pp's comparison (needless to say, I didn't do Tuesdays cos of the binge-fest!

Thursday 3rd - 27pp; 1099kcal
Wednesday 2nd - 23pp; 1349kcal
Monday 31st - 32pp; 1454kcal
Sunday 30th - 29pp; 1210kcal
Sat 31st - 28pp; 1175kcal

Hmmmmmmm - 28/29 pp plus reasonable fruit appears to equate fairly well with 1200'ish calories - not that u can see that from here, cos u can't see my laptop screen with food lol. Will pop over to thread and and amend menu infi's

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
That's interesting. You probably need to hover around the 1200-1300 cal mark in order to lose weight or do you know what calorie level you need for weight loss? I know I need to be about 1300 a day for a pound a week loss. Definitely, if I go over that for a couple of days I have a STS or a small gain that week!!
Mine's roughly the same Molly, somewhere between 1300 and 1400 calories a day to lose a lb a week......just done two hours of exercise and had a salad for lunch as I want to cut carbs a bit before doing tfr on Sunday.......need to see how it works out....

Interesting to see how your pp's translated into calories Vanessa....
hiya sandra, i use fitnesspal, love it! i started using it with my OH i started using it when i was on tfr it has the lipotrim shakes and stuff in it, its brilliant (im addicted!!) it really does deter my OH eating rubish at night as he says he couldnt be arsed logging on to track the calories!!! he lost 13lbs in 3 weeks by just cutting down and increasing his water intake!!!( he has 3-4 stone to lose, says he couldnt hack lipotrim!)

Are u going back on Tfr sandra??
I love mfp, it's my new best friend! I like being able to put my exercise in and I like the little pat on the back at the end of the day when you've eaten your target calories or less......

I was going to do tfr this week but can't really face it, i was freezing cold and is it really worth going through all that grief just for a week? I'm deffo going to do two tfr meals for most of the week though and see what happens on the scales. Perhaps I'll change my mind?
ya im a bit disappointed in myself remember i asked u wither to refeed this wed or last well i started last week couldn't face another week tfr but now im thinking with a full tummy lol, i shudda stuck out for another week (thats heinsite cant spell it!!! ) i'd be closer to target! i wonder if my chemist will let me back on tfr for a few weeks to reach goal after my break that is!!! rant over
Hindsight (!!!!) is a wonderful thing! I dont think that the pharmacies are supposed to supply LT if your BMI is under 25 as you're no longer technically overweight! At your height and weight Lou why don't you concentrate on simply maintaining? Do you really want to be a size 6?:eek:
no not a 6 just a bit more comfortable in my 8's! ya i was thinking that but because im on the maintenance programme thought they may let me go back on for a week or 2, ur prob right though!

question for ya, i have nearly like a weeks worth of shakes i wonder can i substitute a meal for a shake an odd time when im not too hungry?
An 8 is tiny enough for anyone!

Yeah I'd use the shakes up as and when, maybe after a piggy day:D
Perfect i'd rather not waste them damn €65!!! WI tomorrow after refeed week, god only knows ive been dodging the scales!!!!

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