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Names.... inspired by Lady F.....

I like my name! But if I wasn't me I'd like Eliza. :)
And this thread should be titled 'OK, you have a username, probably a perfectly good one, but what other username would you like to be called when Susie chooses to ignore your proper name wot you spent aaaaaages choosing, and pluck one out of thin air for you?' :D
In which case I'll go for Linzi actually. :)


Clean green leafy machine
LMAO I can't help it, I'm just quirky like that :D:D:D

My parents nearly called me Diane after my sister who died when she was born (two years before me) - 1) ewww and 2) I'm SO not a Diane.

Happy with Susie, but have often hankered after something European - Isabella, say :)


Clean green leafy machine
Oooh me too - hopefully he'll come along soon haha :)
Ooooooooooo, a french accent I do like. :D

Your ideal man may well exist, up a hill in Connemara or somewhere Linz - keep looking!
And then make him even more perfect by making sure he gets his man-flu shot EVERY year. :D


Clean green leafy machine
LOL - or it could be an Irishman who emigrated to NZ...lost his hair, got a tan, plays rugby - it fits :)


Clean green leafy machine
Well I like being a Jim, but Hey I can't dance, I'm bald, very well tanned, have a hairy arse and love rugby. :D
hairy arse LMAO (note to secret santa - i hope you sent some waxing strips ;) )

I too like isabella but as a great fan of all things roman and Greek i think i should have been called something along those lines. (now Zeus though!)


Clean green leafy machine
LOL so much information there Jim :)

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