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Nasty LL Counsellors

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I am furious. My counsellor is 30 miles away, but I've not been there for a few months. I wondered if I could try the newer counsellor closer to home and contacted her. Well I wish I hadn't. What an attitude. She was blunt and unsympathetic which left me in floods of tears. She suggested that I came to the refreshers group rather than start again from Foundation, but I would have to pay £260 in one payment for 4 weeks in advance. I explained to her that I could not pay that sort of payment in one, and that I could do it weekly as normal, her answer was, you can't come back then. That was that. Call finished. I can't believe this woman is a qualified counsellor.

I am kicked in the teeth. I had a back injury earlier in the year which started me off binge eating as I was at home all day doing nothing, well I went back up from my post LL weight of 9st 4lb up to my current weight now of 13st. I feel like sh*t and can't believe I let myself go. I made the decision to come back to LL, hoping I could start from scratch with the 14 week foundation to relearn the basics. I am pretty upset as it is, I didn't need someone I thought I could turn to pushing my right over the edge.

Even though its twice the journey, I think I would be better off going back to my original counsellor who lives in the real world and who doesn't penalise you for being not so well off. It made me feel that I was too poor to come to her groups.
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I am sorry to hear you had such a negative experience. I would be inclined to contact LL and make a complaint if I was you. That was down right rude and not remotely helpful.

Kat xx
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I think you should contact LL too and make a complaint. Her attitude was appalling.

I'd go back to your old LLC despite the distance as you know her.
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I did phone LL, immediately, they were sympathetic, but not very helpful. I will be going back to my orignial LL counsellor, even though the distance can be heavy going on the fuel cost, I like her and trust her. Better the devil you know scenario.

Whether LL actually say anything to this counsellor I don't know, but they really ought to. I'm quite a strong person and not easy to tears, but I when I phoned the counsellor this morning I was expecting a sympathetic ear and some good advice, but instead I got the complete opposite which hit me for 6.

Anyway, I have packs left from before, I am now drinking a banana shake and will be going back tonight to get more. I will be doing my own 14 week foundation, and I hope I can lean on you guys here for support, you were brilliant 2 years ago when I initially did LL, really helped when my will faltered.
That's awful and i am so sorry for you.

Maybe some counsellors get complacent after a certain length of time and forget their roles as the ultimate support system.
That counsellor doesn't deserve the position.

It's even sadder that you say LL were not to helpful either.

I hope your old counsellor is more encouraging, and good luck with your weight loss. xx


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yes sad news but u do what u needs to do to get to the place u wants to be. It took money to get the weight on. so use the added cost now to get u where u wants to be. best wishes
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I find it appalling that a counsellor would have such an attitude! If I were you I would most certainly take the matter further. Good luck on your journey.

Laura Croft

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Hope you don't mind me barging in. A friend of mine on LL wanted to do the returners course and was also told she had to pay the 4 weeks up front too. She was in Manchester at the time. Maybe that is a standard thing for that course to get people to commit? Of course that doesnt' excuse her rudeness or giving you another option!
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I'm in refreshers and paying by the week. I'm also on my 3rd go but LLC didn't mind about that and gave me the choice of refeshers or starting again. I'm telling you this because I think it really does depend on the counsellor, and if you don't like how the nearby one operates, then you are much better off (for your own peace of mind and the effectiveness of the counselling) going to the far away one.

I really would write or email to LL about this counsellor, it's worth getting these things down on paper. It'll help get it out of your head and might be taken more seriously by LL. Also, consider copying the counsellor in on the letter, then even if LL don't do anything about it, she'll be aware of your feelings. Who knows, may even trigger a little guilt, and she might be nicer to the next person who walks through her door feeling vulnerable.

Good luck on your journey.


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You've certainly got to report it at the very least. Also, let the word get out! They don't last long without clients and if they aren't doing what they're trained, (and paid by you, I don't believe all the money goes on the food packs!!!) to do, they fail and others won't be treated badly too.

I wish I could share my fabulous councellor down here with you. She's the best thing and so supportive whatever combination of the diet I'm doing!


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I suggest you vote with your feet and try another VLCD. LL is THE most expensive VLCD out there and at £66 a week, I would expect the royal treatment from everyone I spoke to. You are paying a premium price and anything but the best service should not be tollerated.

My sister has been very successful on LL but I also did CD which is significantly cheaper and our monthly weight loss was almost identical.

I think this is absolutely disgusting and would definately write a complaint. With all the negative press surrounding LL in the media of late - then I'm sure the big wigs at LL would not want a customer (who they make vast profit margins on) to be feeling this way. At the end of the day LL know you will still end up going to another LLC and they will still get their money - so I am not at all surprised that they weren't very helpful.

Whatever you choose to do - all the best on your weightloss journey - hope it goes well:)


Is back in the saddle!
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Also, the price is going up in January.
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Have you thought about looking for a cambridge councillor nearby?? Tey will generally come to you, i know you will have done your CBT and you know the trigger of your weight gain. The cost is less too around £36-£38 a week it may help you have longer to do it too because the cost is less.

Can't believe the LL councillor dealt with you in this way i wouldn't just phone LighterLife i would also put this in writing to them i believe they are mean't to be councillors and perhaps more sympathetic and constructive to someones situation.

Good Luck honey and that weight will be off in no time xxxxx
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Foxtrot - do you know what the price is going to be? I better hurry up and ditch this weight...

Jo B

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It's going up to £70
oh my god, that is terrible. I have a dilemma about the counsellor I use too:sigh:. I find her completely lacking in any skill for facilitating the group and for applying the CBT and TA work:(. Every week she spouts out the same old stuff about not 'stuffing yourself like a pig' and 'be careful your jewellery will get loose'. I love the other women in the group and the best conversations are when the counsellor is getting our packs. I am progressing well despite the counsellor, not because of or with. I am very new to this forum and have been amazed at the lovely responses to me and the helpful supportive conversations going on with each other. :D I do plan to feedback about my counsellor at some point, but am too focused about my own needs/journey right now. it is absolutely right that this is very expensive (worth it but expensive) and we should be treated very well, positively, with respect and when talking to one of us individually as if nothing else in the world matters at that point in time. Is that too much to ask?

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