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Natalies Slimming World Journey Diary!!

Hey there well i started slimming world again for the 3rd time last night and i am determind to stick at it this time! i followed the class with a 30 mins swimming session managing 22 lengths in that time. My food diary for today is

Breakfast - 42g of all bran (HEB) with chopped banana (free) and semi skimmed milk (HEA)

lunch - nothing (wasnt very hungry today)

Tea - Home made tandori chicken with vegetable rice (free)

snacks - grapes (free), 99cal Toffee crisp (5syns)

not really felt to hungry today so not eaten that much i hope that doesnt go against me at weigh in for not eating enough! i've drank a litre of fluids today so only another litre to go! keep tiddling though which is annoying but just keep telling myself im peeing my weight away lol! Been on my EA active today restarted my 30 day challenge! need to keep motivated as i bought it and only used it twice before i got fed up lol! Feeling rather tired today not sure what to put that down 2 as i had a good sleep last night probablly the shock of excersise to the system lol! :D
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Day 2 - Still going strong!

Well its saturday and day 2 on SW extra easy. Had a beautiful breakfast this morning syn free pancakes with strawberrys (free) 1 tbsp golden syrup (2.0) :eat:

For my dinner i had tuna pasta mayonaise made with pasta 1 tbsp light mayo (2.0)
chopped cucumber, sweetcorn and tuna all mixed together!

and for my tea im having x2 toast (HEXB)
beans and x2 cheese triangles melted over the top mmm (HEXA)

snacks i have Toffee crisp 99cal bar (5.0)
strawberrys, Hartleys low cal jelly with necterines (0.5)


i do my syn free pancakes, 3 eggs...seperate the yolks and the whites, whisk the whites to a mirangue type consistancy, beat the yolks and mix with the whites mixture, add a couple of drops of vanilla essence a tbsp sweetner mix together then fry like pancakes using fry lite! then you can have with anything you like! very tasty! mm :p
Day 3-Wanting chocolate now!

Well its day 3 now on SW plan and i have a massive headache today im convinced its my lack of chocolate intake or regular intake of crap! Does anybody get this or is it just me :sigh: Looking forward to my 1st weigh in now just want thursday to be here! so it least i have a loss to shout about! Not had time to do the blackberry things today but have a free house tomorrow so will be trying new things then....even bought quark to sample with! My diary is as follows

Breakfast - Bacon and fresh tomato on x2 wholemeal bread (HEXb)

Dinner - Large Yorkshire Pud (13 SYNS):eek: filled with beef mince, mushrooms, sweetcorn and garlic.

Tea - Slimming World Chips ;)

Snacks - Muller light Yog, x2 satsumas, apple
Hiya, are you following the EE plan all the time?
Good luck, i'm back on the wagon from today, doing EE.
I have made a diary too, so maybe we could give eachother some inspiration and motivation x
Day 4: 3 day till WI

well coming close to my first weigh in now and im quite excited actually. start back at work tomorrow so this is a test on my diet really as this is where i get most cravings! i have just bought some roasting vegetables to mix with some cous cous to take with me for my dinner tomorrow and also some melon. may have a go at some slimming world crisps but not sure if they will keep until tomorrow if i make them tonight???

Breakfast- omelatte made with x2 eggs cheese (HEXA) and Bacon and a side of tomatoes.

Dinner - slimming world chips, mushy peas, brown bread (HEXB)

Tea - Quorn sausage x2, garden peas, slimming world chips, onion gravy (1.0)

snacks chocolate orange mousse with orange segmants (2.0)

mmm nomnomnom :D


Sounds yum, I'm sure you will be fine at work hun.
So what are the quorn suasages really like? lol
Never tried them but I do like a sausage sometimes.
Hope you have a good day x
The quorn sausage arent to bad really and there on offer at asda at the minute a box of 4 is a pound so worth a try either way hun. half way through the work day now and really not doing as bad as i thought i would x
Day 5: Why am i sooo excited about first weight in??

Well this is day five now and ive not wavered at all today though i could just eat a big fat choccy bar but who couldnt lol! First day back at work today on the 'diet' as i was off for a week when i started it and it hasnt at all been to bad. was a bit worried that i would waver a little bit as this is my usual snacky time as there is a choccy machine in the staff room.

Breakfast - 28g of bran flakes (HEXB)
Milk (HEXA)

Dinner - Roasted vegatble cous cous with beef bits (Free)
Hartleys LF Blackcurrent Jelly with blackburrys in (1.0)

Tea - Beef strir fry made with fry light
muller light yog (free)

Snacks Tangerine, Apple

Ive also had today 2 litres of fluid woo hoo but i keep going to the toilet! every fricken 20 mins! think i need a catheter haha be a whole lot easier. not doing much tonight really gonna have a nice relaxing bath and wash my hair and have a rest today but first when i get home EA active is waiting... :sigh:
Day 6: Bowl movement

well im on day 6now feeling slightly excited about weigh in tomorrow just to see what i have lost. i tried the cheats rice pudding with choco orange...not very nice! but anyway! i am slightly worried as i havent been to the toilet bowl wise in a few days and praying i go before weigh in! :eek:

Breakfast - 28g bran flakes (HEXB) Milk (HEXA)

Dinner - x2 milk roll (7.0) Beans (Free)

Cheats rice pud (spoon full)

Tea - Beef Stir fry, muller light

Snacks apple, x2 satsumas ;)
1st weigh in!

well iv just had my 1st weigh in and made up that i have 4 lb! woohoo!not to bad for a 1st week hoping for a 3lb loss next week to get my half stone award! really motivated now and hoping for another good week! xx :kissass:
thanks ryans mummy really pleased! been trying lots of new things this week recipes and such from the website so was a bit nervous but please now! climing snowden this weekend so hopefully boost the week for a 3lb loss! xx

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