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Naughty dream

Mrs Taurus

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I feel so ashamed as last night I dreamt about.... no not Simon cowell swapping Sinitta for me, nor even Mr T turning into Ray Winstone...worse I was tucking into a huge buffet and enjoying every mouthful. Think its because Mr T and Master T had cake yesterday and I just had a coffee when out.
Is it me or has anyone else had food fantasies........I've always said I prefer chocolate to t'other!xx
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Gone fishing
LOL. I had a lot of food dreams when I was on CD :D

I remember having one where Cambridge decided I had lost enough weight and another CDC on the forum was instructed to deliver a cooked breakfast for me.....the works! She was so cross, that she posted it through the letter box :D


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I do have "Foodie" dreams lol I thought we were gonna have a saucy dream email hee hee.

KD love that dream you had.

I have found that since i have been on CD i enjoy cooking for DH more and bake and make new recipes at every opportunity. I always resist and this makes me stronger but DH thinks i should stay on CD forever as i make better food, i think because i enjoy seeing him enjoying good home cooked food. I am making him meat the and potato pie today the meat has been slow cooking all night and home made apple crumble with apples from one of my customers orchards.

I am not a pastry person unless it was a spur of the moment greggs purchase so it doesn't bother me.

Hee Hee its bizarre how this affects you x


Can hug her knees :)
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I think I have pizza in almost every one of my dreams even if they are not purely food related :) lol xx


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Funniest food dream account for me is KD's cooked breakfast, how weird was that, lol?! What would Freud have made of that one?

No food dreams of late but was feeling quite keen to get out of a pub yesterday evening, it served food and people at adjoining tables were getting delicious looking grub.

But nothing tastes better than being slim x
have in general much weirder and more vivid dreams since being on CD but think thats cos I normally drink wine almost every day before bed (prior CD!) so didnt remember dreams before. Have had several food dreams, one where i ate toast with butter and started crying thinking i had ruined CD!! One time actually woke up in the morning feeling mad at myself and gutted, was convinced that I had actually eaten food!

Mrs Taurus

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S: 18st2lb C: 17st11lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0st5lb(1.97%)
Hi Blingbabe and Mrs S,still can't rep either of you! Anyway just wanted to tell Mrs S I was very relieved I had not had a real life binge, much better to have a virtual one with all the taste but none ot the calories.
Blingbabe I love the saying that nothing tastes as good as being slim,I used that motto to get me on track at the start...it is also very true x
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gutter for the lack of sauce in this thread *leaves* hehe

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