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Naughty Weekend...

I'm expecting a gain this week and i'm not sure if i should go to class or not?

It was Gav's (My partner)'s birthday on Sunday and the whole weekend kinda went out the window.
Instead of a pasta dish i ended up having pizza at the meal. Then we went out and I was on the vodka and diet cokes to start with... but i got very drunk and just ended up drinking whatever was put in front of me, with all the sugary shots and mixers :-(

Then Sunday I was so hungover we went to the pub and i ended up having chicken nugget things, chips, a creamy pasta bake and a lot of chocolate.

I do feel really bad about it but i can't change it now.

I'm back on plan this morning and will be tomorrow but i don't know if i should come to group.
Only because i know i'm going to gain but if it's made official and written down i'm going to feel so bad. That's why half of me would rather just come back next week...

I don't know what to do.
Weekends are such my downfall and i knew this weekend was going to be tough with Gav's birthday.
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Hi Britt,

I often have a bad couple of days / whole weeks - but I ALWAYS go to class the following week. 9 times out of 10 what I put on comes off the following week anyway.

For me, I know if I don't go because I know I've put on that's where it will start to go wrong.

It might not be as bad as you think - but I would say go to class and see what the damage is, then get it off next week.

Good luck x
I think it's so important to still go, This weekend I had Chocolate and fish shop chips (not together) and generally fell off plan. I will still go as if I have put on I will understand the damage cheating does and the effects of it mentally on me. It's hard to stay on plan 100% of the time but if we cheat and have gained, we have learnt a valuable lesson.

Take care



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the truth needs to faced young lady - get thee to the class and look ashamed of yourself for paying attention to the devil on your shoulder.:D
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Not going to class is just a slippery slope you don't want to go down. Ok so you miss class this week then what about next week?

There will always be times when you'll have a gain for whatever reason, you can't keep missing classes just because you may have a gain.

Go to class that way you will find out whether or not you've had a gain & if so how much. This keeps everything in perspective & also on track.

I think a lot of us find weekends hard, I use most of my syns at the weekend on wine & chocs & had a shock myself to find out the Revels I'd thoroughly enjoyed were 15syns a packet:eek: thats on top of the choc I'd already eaten.


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I'm in the same position this week... it was my OHs and mine anniversary this weekend and although i'd stuck to plan all week he prepared this big non-SW friendly picnic and then took me for a meal where I ate god knows how much :( I've stuck to plan since then but now it's my totm and I know I always gain when I'm on.

It's my first weigh in as I only started class last week despite starting the diet 2 weeks ago. Very frustrating!

I think I'm going to go anyway. I don't want to get into a habbit of skipping my classes and hopefully, seeing the gain will push me harder next week! I think you should go too, even if you've gained I'm sure it happens to everyone and the support at the group will make you feel more positive for the week after.

Good luck either way!



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Had a horrendous weekend myself (probably cause I have lost 1lb in two weeks). Saturday I had M&Ms (11 syns, argh!) then thought stuff it, and had Fish and Chips from the chippy, then I had a thornton's choc, then yesterday continued in the same vain.

I weigh in Saturday morning (going it alone at home) and therefore had a new week of syns. Once I'd clocked up the syns from Sat Sun last night, I'm at 73.5 with 5 days to go. PRETTY good effort.

At the end of the day, these things happen. Life happens, and you wouldn't be carrying weight if you had amazing control with food (I'm talking about myself here, as much as I am talking about you). As everyone says, go to weigh in, you may be pleasantly surprised, or you may have gained - either way, you can't avoid it.

Don't beat yourself up over it - today's a new day. :D
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I went to my cousins wedding this weekend, ate loads and drunk loads, and had such a great time and you know what for once I don't regret any of it. I am on a healthy eating plan for life. But that doesn't mean that I'm not aloud to let go and enjoy life and on special occasions let loose a little, so afraid that I might put on one or two lbs. (which i did) I don't mind ...because I have got straight back on the plan today and feel great and I know that I will lose it again. I love slimming world so so much. It's my way of life now!

As long as you can pick yourself back up again the next day, and carry on and look after yourself and after eating so much rubbish you find that you don't feel great anyways and that your body isn't used to it anymore ( well mine aint anyways, I couldn't wait to get back to 100% today) and realise that our bodies love being healthy and eating healthily.

I'm sooo looking forward to my salad for lunch ;) x
hello!! had a pig out this weekend feel really bad for doing it with all the drinks I had and the takeaways as well! :( I'm still going to go to class if I don't I think I will give up completely....so go!!! you always got a week to get back on track and lose the weight for next week....
Good luck either way!

kayleigh!! x
You know you gotta go Britt, and you also know we'll tell you to go too :)

Having a bad week is part and parcel of this weight loss journey and facing up to it at group is also part of it too.

If you enjoyed it then it's worth a gain, if you didn't then you won't do it again!
Look at it this way - if you go to class and get on the scales, you will weigh XXX pounds. If you don't go to class and don't get on the scales, you will weigh - guess what? XXX pounds!

Not going won't change a thing. Something is not more true just because it is written down.

To quote a well-known fridge magnet - "if I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be an awful warning" - go to class and tell them what you did and what happened as a result. They will respect you for it.


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hey brit, i would defo go hun, chances are that you may not have a huge gain, you may have sts. And the support you will get at class will make you leave feeling motivated and ready to get on with it xx


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I would go

I had a big night out on Saturday for a friends birthday, lots of food at the buffet, cakes, and lots of drinks and shot, but got weighed tonight and lost 0.5lb, i'm still in shock.

You might be surprised


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Yes - I agree with the above. Class is a perfect opportunity to draw a nice bold line under the weekend so that you can have a fresh start for this week (absolved of all your Syns). x


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If you don't go, there's a temptation to pig out because it will be over a week until class, so a little extra now won't hurt and that's the start of the slippery slope.

I would prefer to know this week, even if you have gone up, because otherwise if you are really good all week and then sts (because you didn't weigh in when you should have gone up) that makes me even more disheartened.

Life happens. Sometimes we go off the rails but the trick is to cope with it so it doesn't get out of hand. Do skinny people never eat pizza or drink a few vodkas?


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hi britt i agree!! go for your weigh in! your teling me u had a bad weekend?! i had a baaaaad week! i was totally off track but tomrow is weigh day im going to get on them scales and wotever the result ill be back on sw so dont give up girl part and parcel of weight loss!! ps ill let u know on my gain tomrow xoxo:break_diet:
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draw a line under it, theres gonna be times like this, uve just got to move on


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That's good news - that will soon go if you stick to plan this week. I'm sure you are glad you went now as I bet you were thinking it was going to be a lot worse than that!

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