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Nearly there-change diet or stay on Exante?

I notice people going off and doing other diets? I have 10lbs to go , I would have liked to do that in 3 weeks for a big Birthday but think it just wont happen. I upped my ex but it just slowed things down more. I saw an offer on KGB for a weeks diet in a box. I wondered if I would shake up my weight loss if I changed or whether I just accept it has slowed down and keep on exante for another month. I have to buy a new pack and of course thats another £100. Kinda thinking would low cal eating be just as well now?
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Hmm good question. I have stalled by switching to Atkins with still over a stone to go, but not gained. It can take some people a while for the metabolism to catch up which is why Exante recommend you go through the refeed process. I guess it depends on how quickly you want to lose that extra 10lbs. I don't have a particular date so I'm happy and enjoying cooking and eating :)


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There is no reason why that last 10lbs should take you more than 3/4 weeks - I haven't heard of it slowing down the lighter you get - it could just be that you are having a slow week/few days and therefore you feel like you have plateaued.

If I were you - which I am not, obviously - I would keep my head down and keep going on Exante. You can't 'not' lose weight and you are already in the zone... once you crumble, it is very very hard to get back into it properly (it has taken me two years to get back on track!).

It is bound to feel boring and dull, especially as you are probably feeling fab about yourself as it is, wearing smaller clothes etc - but it's only 3-4 weeks - nothing in the greater scheme of things. You can do it - just keep on glugging those packs down and you'll be at goal in no time! :) x x
I'm with Kitty here. :)

I can only speak for myself but I still have around 7-10lbs to lose in an ideal world.

I haven't exactly switched to another diet though, I have been refeeding using my own modified version of the Exante book, and increasing my exercise at the same time. I've phased in foods and calories, going through 800, 900 and 1000 calorie per day weeks - I'm now up to about 12-1400 and all is going well I think.

I'm still losing weight overall, although I'm now losing slowly so I'm only weighing in monthly (although I still weigh more or less daily just to see how what I have had has affected me if at all - I have been a serial weigher throughout :eek: and can't see that ever changing). I'm fairly certain that this is because being on TS for over 3 months has affected my metabolism somewhat so I am (hopefully!) giving my body time to catch up and recover.

Another thing to remember is the once you get below BMI25 you shouldn't really be on TFR any more - VLCD is not suitable for you now and could cause you harm in the long term. Your body no longer has enough stored fat and this is where you are in most danger of losing lean mass as so many of the "scare stories" about VLCD like to warn you.

Again I can only really give you my own personal feelings but for me "goal" is not just a number on the scales. My ultimate goal is to have a body fat percentage of 25% - I can't really translate this into stones and lbs yet but at the moment it's around 33%.

I have learned so much about my body, my own nutritional needs, my emotional eating habits and nutrition in general over the last 7 months. It's now time to put that knowledge into practice and show that I am in control when it comes to food.

I am aware that I can probably never have a "normal" relationship with food for the rest of my life, but I also know that I don't want to be "on a diet" for the rest of my life either. So my other goal is to get to know what foods suit MY body and how I can continue to enjoy food both as a fuel for life and as a social tool without letting it take control the way it did before. :)
Thanks. I didn't know it wasn't suitable under BMI 25. I think you are right Anna I am getting bored and keep looking at recipes. I like your idea of introducing more calories bit by bit Yambabe. I think I will just start having a meal in the evening. It's probably time I ate with the children again! The trouble is I quite like exante stuff ?-it is so easy! I'll keep on the bars and soup for lunch for the next week or so and see what kind of loss I have . I would very much like to ne 9 stone something before my birthday- 5lbs to go to that.

I didn't really think about bodyfat but that is a good point -my scales bust and the new ones don't do body fat so I don't know?

I guess you think if you get to a BMI of 25 it will all be perfect but reality is although I look great in clothes and am getting lots of brill comments -we are all the same, like to pick fault with outselves.-I still see a blamange stomach but then I have had a number of children who lovely as they are were super big babies and may be to blame?
I am still on a mixture of packs and food. :)

At first I did 2-3 packs and a small meal, now it varies according to my mood.

On a typical day at the moment I will usually have a shake or soup, a 300ish cal light meal, a 4-500ish cal main meal and 2-3 100ish calorie snacks. That's not set in stone though, it really does depend how I feel on the day!

I'm still fairly light on the carbs (don't eat bread, potatoes, rice or white pasta yet but I do have sweet potato, sweetcorn, wholemeal pasta, couscous and cake lol!) but I'm not listing my daily eating and calorie-counting it at the moment cos this month's experiment is to see how I get on with "by eye" portion control. So far I'm maintaining..........:) which means I might have to start counting properly again next month to make sure I'm not overdoing it, but also means that I'm getting somewhere I think!

I too have some flabby bits (belly, arms, thighs, neck :( ) but I have come to accept that at my age that's a given and that I could TFR myself to a standstill and they probably still wouldn't improve. So instead of stressing about it I am pampering myself with skin creams, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and buying some decent lycra underwear! :D

I'd love a perfect bod. Wouldn't we all. But I'm realistic enough to know that the damage I have inflicted on myself over the years means that I can't have one. Well maybe I could with surgery but that's not an option for me - terrified to the point of fainting of both needles and pain lol!

So instead I'm tying to concentrate on the good things. I've lost 5 stone, or 1/3rd of my starting weight if you prefer. I'm fitter, healthier, and feel better in myself than I have for years. My self-confidence has soared. I feel good about myself, and people keep telling me I look good too so who am I to argue? :D

Losing weight hasn't solved all my problems and given me the key to a perfect life, I still have a stressful job, my fella still irritates the hell out of me sometimes and the dog still craps in the kitchen on occasion! But it means that I have a much better chance of making it to old age, and what's more enjoying the journey there.

So yeah, sorry about the rambling there! :eek: I think what I'm trying to say is that to succeed at this diet in the long-term you need to get some perspective and set some non-scales-related goals and targets once you start to feel "normal"...... does that make sense?
oh Thanks both. Yambabe (why are you called that!) That all sounds like a great plan. I am starting add a meal now but sticking to meat and salad and a bar and a soup or 2 for the next 2 weeks and then I'll try gradually your plan and I'll keep up the excercise.

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