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Need a chat, OH away, kids out (thank goodness!)


has started again!!
The kids have driven me absolutely mad this week and this weekend. I am now convinced I am a really cr*p mother, cant cope with (mainly) an 8 year old daughter, and cannot stand the fighting between her and her 13 yr old bro. They have had me screaming like a banshee, and regretfully ssent me running to food, far too mant times. Talk about emotional eating... I ended up in tears in the staff room on Friday, how wet was that?? Thankfully, I have lovely colleagues who cuddled me and reminded me that this is their job, kids a re programmed to wreak havoc with their parents!!! (I'm still not convinced, mine have been nightmares, and I think Supernanny would def blame the parents....aka SEZ, as they dont seme to do it to their Dad.)

Any hoo, they have gone to the neighbours to play, so I had a peaceful spell watching my all time fave film, Phantom of the Opera, with my Dolby 5.1 enhancnig it, bliss!! Did all the ironing whilst watching too. Made some pickles for Xmas, got their dinner ready and just popped on for a natter. Its raining now, ands a bit chilly, so really wanting some comfort food. Better make myself a LL muffin & a cuppa, until they return....

How are you all today?
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I'm sure we've all felt like cr*p mothers from time to time. I've often felt really bad about putting my DD4 off because I'm doing Uni work or something ... yesterday I packed her off to the library with her cousin (bus fare and a packet of crisps in hand) so I could get on with writing poetry! A decent mother would have gone along too and spent quality time with her little darling.

I definitely don't do as much with my youngest as I did with my other three but then I didn't have as many demands on me all at once: I'm ripped between pillar and post at the moment.

I think the bottom line is that we're not saints or superwomen - we do what we can when we can and nobody can expect more of us than that. :)


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Hiya I have four kiddies too, 3 girls aged 8,3 and 2 and a boy 5. At the moment my 8 year old is just a mini teenager other half calls her the crazy frog because thats what she sounds like when she gets going. The younger two are half and half they get on well one min then are biting or scratching the rest of the time. My boy has learning difficulties and is very hyperactive so looking after him is like looking after a whole nursery full of kids. It can be very stressful at times but I love them and wouldn't change the little monsters for the world. I am glad the summer holls are over and they are back at school it gives me a bit of time to catch my breath.


has started again!!
Glad its not just me then! Just discovered daughter has lost/mislaid yet another school cardi.... GRRRRR!

At what age are they responsible with their things? (BTW I am still waiting for age with Son!!)

LOL!!! (Manically!!!!!)

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