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need a rant :(


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i don't know why i bother sometimes...
had one of those days yesterday where i was in a training room at work and people started asking about my diet... thinking they were interested i told them...

then i got the:

"oh that is dangerous!"
"you can't have such a small amount of calories a day!"
"i bet you're only supposed to do that for 1week at a time, not how far you're taking it!"
"bet your consultant has no medical training!"
"your doctor wouldn't be impressed if he knew!"

and i am one of these people who hate confrontation so i just didn't say anything, and it makes me sooooo angry that i can't stick up for myself!

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I know the feeling it totally sucks!!! I just havent told anyone around me other than my bf. I always get the same responses:

Thats dangerous
You dont need to lose weight
You'll put all the weight back on and more

I can go on and on. Its like they think I haven't researched it and looked into if its safe and how to cope with coming off the diet. I dont need a lecture I need support. So my resolution is that I just dont tell people who just arent educated about the diet.

Hope it gets better for you goolian *hugs*


Fab & Fit For Florida
thanks chick, i just wish i had stood up for myself :(


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People who don't do the diet or haven't heard of it will always put it down, unfortunately thats because of the bad press VLCDs have had in the news over recent years.

Take no notice of them, they are uneducated peanuts who only want to put people down. :)


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And these people should of heard pauline of birds of a feather talk about LL same diet same results , she said she feels great being on a vlcd and also doctors are coming round to the idea of the diet too , you know you did the best thing but not saying anything back ... I have this from people all the time , and you know just keep going on the diet .... well done and just think your not alone when you hear this !


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thanks chick, i just wish i had stood up for myself :(
Goolian you did stand up for yourself, by not rising to them and ignoring them :) Let them think what they want, you know whats right for you and thats it.

Chin up, negative people exist everywhere, even among friends, Im experiencing it all around me. Just smile and nod, not giving a reaction is just as good if not better, then giving one. Put your energy into being positive, and reaching your goals, dont waste it on knowitalls who in fact dont know a whole pile!



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Aw Hun don't worry you don't nee to worry about them you are doing a fab job just by sticking to this diet. Dr have start prescribing vlcd as it has now been proved it is a cure for diabetes type 2! U are doing the best for your body! Hugs xxx


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Tell your colleagues its NICE guidance recommended (look it up) an your doctor would jump for joy when you're no longer obese (not you, but people in general). Xx
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