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Need advice. Holiday tonight!!

S: 16st0lb G: 12st4lb
Hi everyone. Im 12 days into the CD and im going on holiday tonight with my hubby and 4 children. The first week was OK and found that the excitment of losing weight was helping with the hunger pains. Yesterday however was hideous. I was soo hungry and was a moody emotional wreck. I was so close to having some spicy rice but when to bed in a huff at 7;30 instead. I need some advice so i dont give in on holiday. I dont want to ruin everyone elses good spirit because of my inability to eat sensibly. i have just had a very large black coffee and thats lifted me a little but i cant be drinking that in the evening or id never sleep....:cry:
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i know how you feel being so grumpy etc i would say it will be very hard to stick to cd on a holiday but enjoy your holiday and i am sure you will be busy doing so much and having a good time that you wont be grumpy
enjoy your holiday and try and focus on having a good time doing things other then eating
hope you get this message...i was really grumpy too in my second week. the as soon as my third week started my mood picked up..i could really see the results in face, waist etc....just foucs on how hard those days have been..and how you do not want to have to go through them again!! when your on holiday and your family eating have a massive glass of water ad have your shake etc. buy decaffinated coffee and just think about what a positive effect this is having on your appearance! would you feel more depressed, grumpy and annoyed every time you saw your reflection and thought...eh big fat mess! so for the joy of putting food in your mouth for 30 mins a day is it worth it feeling like crap for the rest of it??

good luck, will be thinking of you...go for long walks and enjoy your slimmer self x x x
S: 16st0lb G: 12st4lb
Thank you so so much that has made me feel so much better. You are right. I dont want to feel this bad again so im not going to give in. I didnt realize it was going to be this hard. I really hope my mood does pick up as even the kids are telling me to eat!:eek:

Im going to go for long walks like you say and sav my shakes for sit down meal time. Ill let you know how i get on xx :D
Hey hun,

I stuck to SS/SS+ last year (when i lost my first chunk of weight) whilst on an all inclusive to Egypt.
1. Breakfast- Either sit there and have your shake/coffee OR stay away from breakfast.

2. If a situation is too tempting..get yourself out of it.

3. Lunch - drink water and your shake - if its too tempting get yourself out of there.

4. Dinner - If you REALLY want to have something with the family, have chicken and green veg - (dont know what type of hol you are having.) If its a self catering - get some salad and chicken in with balsamic vinegar dressing OR if dining out - grilled chicken is good with green veg/salad with no dressing.

BUT - Try and stick to SS as you will feel amazing for it.

I went on a weeks All inclusive, had a little chicken and brocolli some days BUT otherwise stuck to SS. Lost 10lbs that week.

Goodluck hun and i hope you have a fab holiday.

Just remember..you can have a GREAT holiday WITHOUT food - its amazing what this diet teaches you!



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G: 12st7lb
Hiya. I live in Germany but I'm going 'home' to the UK in April for a week. My first thought was 'Well, I'll come off the plan for that week and eat sensibly' but then I knew I wouldn't be able to make sensible choices, and I really am so determined this time to do it right that I have decided to stick with it. We are staying in Travel lodges so all of hubby and son's meals will be eaten out. So, I have already kind of planned it in my head that we'll go to Tescos for their breakfast - they can eat whilst I wander round the shop. Lunch and evening meal - no idea where we'll go but I will find something to amuse myself whilst they eat. Might take my book with me and sit and read somewhere whilst they munch. I will be taking 2 x tetras a day and one bar as I'll have nowhere to prep the powder shakes. If I am finding it obscenely hard for whatever reason I will have some chicken and veg or salad but I am not going to ruin all of my hard work and dedication for the sake of one week - if I do that then I won't have learnt a single thing from this at all, making it a wasted effort.

Good luck with it all xxxx

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