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Need Advise,alittle gross...

Around 6 years ago i had a huge boil on my back and never went to the doc just lived with the pain till it burst and healed.Ive been left with a lump under the skin anda horrid scar.
A couple of years later i noticed it got bigger and braced myself for another week or2 of pain like never before but it never happened.Its still there around the size of a 50p and dome shaped.I noticed ive got another lump (no boil just a simalier lump) There not painful and ive had them over 1 year and they havnt gone away.
Should i goto the docs?There not bothering me just ugly.
Anyone know what they could be?
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Ro Laren

7st 11lbs down ...
They sound like subcutaneous abscesses, and because you've had them so long they will need a minor surgery to remove - not only the contents but the sac too. It's a local anaesthetic job which can be done at your surgery.
i would definitely go to the doctors! if it looks ugly then there's gotta be something wrong with it.. and to be fair.. they shouldnt be there in the first place. there could be an extremely easy solution to get rid of them so best go docs whenever you can x
I'm with Ro Laren, sounds to me like its a cyst, basically a build up of dead skin cells and fluid, they're said to be harmless and not malignant, not tumours or anything. My dad had two or three removed last year, local anaesthetic and they just lanced them..
I too suffer from these and usually just before TOTM. About 7 years ago I had to go as I had one under my arm, and it was sheer agony. I ended up having to have a minor operation at the hospital under general anaesthetic as the sac was quite deep. Basically they cut it out and then it has to heal from the inside out. I had to attend the nurse every day to get it packed and dressed, but there was no pain. Best thing I ever done.
Good luck and I hope you get them sorted out soon. I still suffer most months, but not to the degree of the one I had years ago.

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